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Small Fat Dog Breeds: The Cutest and Cuddliest Canines

Many people look beyond cuteness when purchasing a pet dog. But only a few love to pet different varieties of dog breeds. Well, dogs can be classified on the basis of color, breed, size, fluff, long-haired, short hair, small fat dog breeds, and many more.

If you are considering buying a dog then, you have many options to choose from. And a small fat dog breed is one of them. But first, you need to make up your mind to take great care of your dog.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the 6 small fat dog breeds that you could buy. You will see a comparison between the characteristics, price, and sizes of dog breeds. 

What Are Small Fat Dog Breeds?

Small fat dogs are those breeds that are below 15 inches in size, and their weight is more than 30 pounds. Usually, a fat dog breed has no waist between stomach and chest.

This type of breed tends to be lazy and obese. With a fat dog, you may also notice while walking they pant and walk slower than before, or take naps more than another breed of dogs.  

Dogs are similar to humans; too much food and too little exercise can lead to weight gain.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Zorba (English Mastiff) is the heaviest dog with 343 pounds of weight.

TOP 6 Small Fat Dog Breeds That You Can Keep as Pets

Below is the list of the top 6 small fat dog breeds. Here we have mentioned their size (minimum and maximum), appearance, and cost. 

Small Fat Dog BreedSizeAppearanceCost
Beagle13 inches to 15 inchesPudgy small body and adorable eyes$500 to $850
Basset Hound13 inches to 15 inches Wrinkled forehead, large heads, and hanging ears $600 to $1,500
Pug10 inches to 13 inchesCurled tail, short-muzzled, and wrinkly face$600 to $1,500
Yorkies8 inches to 9 inchesV-shaped ears and small head $800 to $1,500
Chihuahuas6 inches to 10 inchesLuminous eyes, rounded apple head, and erect ears $500 and $800
Daschund13 inches to 14.5 inchesLong backs and short muscular legs$200 and $3,500
Size, appearance and price comparison table of small fat dog breeds


Beagle small fat dog breeds
Beagle small fat dog breed

The Beagle dog breed has its origins in England. 

William the Conqueror came with a St. Hubert Hound and a Talbot hound to Britain in the 11th century. To give them stamina and speed in Britain, both the strains were hybridized with Greyhounds.

The Beagle dog breed is 13 inches to 15 inches in size. Their weight is from 20 pounds to 40 pounds and sometimes classified as a small hound breed.

Beagles are naughty, sweet, and gentle by nature. They are best known for their pudgy little bodies and adorable eyes. They are friendly in nature and like being around other dogs and people.

They need a moderate amount of exercise. This dog is outgoing, determined, inquisitive, and likes to play. Because of their small size and short hair, they can live in a small house or an apartment.

You must give them training at an early age so that they learn how to socialize. They are a low-maintenance breed of dog.

You can buy a Beagle breed at a low price, from $500 to $850 (for a puppy).

Basset Hound

Basset Hound breed of small fat dog
Basset Hound breed of small fat dog

The Basset Hound may be known as the Hush Puppy dog; however, they are more than just an advertising icon. The word Basset comes from the French word bas, which means low. And the structure of Basset Hounds is generally low to the ground.

The Basset Hound has a muscular body and heavy bones; they usually weigh approx 50 to 65 pounds. They are considered a small fat dog breed.

It is short-statured and has a placid personality but a noble appearance. This breed is well-known as a family companion and for its slow pace.

Like every hound, Bassets are difficult to train as well as stubborn. You need to have patience when training your Basset Hound.

Obesity is a major problem with this breed. Bassets love to eat food, and sometimes they overeat. They could have back and joint pain problems due to being overweight.

Despite the weight and size, the Basset is known to be a lap dog. They love to be pampered and surrounded.

Basset Hounds can be 12 to 14 inches in height. You can buy a puppy for approx $600 to $1,500. 


Pug breed of small fat dog
Pug breed of small fat dog

In the 16th century, the Pug dog breed was brought to China from Europe. 

Pugs originated in 400 B.C, and they were the Chinese emperor’s treasured pet. In ancient times, pugs were kept as a companion for ruling Chinese families.

Pug dogs have barrel-shaped bodies. They are thick, stout, and short. So, the adult pug dog always has a fat kind of body; even when the pug is fit.

Pugs are popular as sociable companions and gentle dogs. The dog breed has a glossy coat that includes many colors like light brown (fawn) or black and a compact body.

As they are lazy by nature, they don’t demand much exercise. You can’t expect them to live in hot temperatures, therefore, they need an air-conditioned room to live in.

The cost of a pug is $600 to $1,500 (puppy). It is recommended as a compact-sized and friendly dog. You can take them on trips with you.


Yorkies breed of small fat dog
Yorkies breed of small fat dog

Yorkshires originated in England. They are small in size but have big personalities. It is a very popular toy dog breed in the United States.

This dog breed is considered a small fat dog. Yorkies might be inconsistent in size, but they weigh more than 15 pounds.

Self-assurance and smartness is the major point of attraction in Yorkshires. They are a playful, energetic, and friendly breed of dogs.

Some Yorkshire dogs are perky and cuddly, wanting nothing but following the footsteps of their owner. While others are into everything, outgoing, and are mischievous.

Don’t leave your Yorkshire dog alone because they could get separation anxiety. All they need is your love and care.

You can buy a puppy for $800 to $1500, which would be a good deal.


Chihuahua breed of small fat dog
Chihuahua breed of small fat dog

After 1904, the Chihuahua breed was registered by The American Kennel Club (it remained a rarity until the 20th century). Chihuahua is a Mexican state, and this breed was named after it.

According to some Kennel clubs, Chihuahuas are one of the smallest breeds. Generally, their weight is 3 pounds to 6 pounds. But a fat Chihuahuas can weigh more than 12 pounds.

The Chihuahua dog breed learns fast, is affectionate, and is intelligent by nature. They usually have luminous eyes, rounded apple heads, and erect ears.

The two types of Chihuahuas are the Long Coat (long-haired) and the Smooth Coat (smooth-haired). Chihuahuas are low-maintenance dogs and need minimal trimming or grooming.

Due to the compact size, the Chihuahua breed is manageable, relatively healthy, don’t need more exercise, and is a trainable dog breed. They can also have a close bond with family members and their owners.

The height of the Chihuahuas dog breed can reach up to 10 inches. The price of a puppy is approx $500 to $800.


Daschund breed of small fat dog
Daschund breed of small fat dog

Dachshund’s name means “badger dog.” 

According to the American Kennel Club, this dog is positioned 12th in popularity among the United States dog breeds.

Dachshunds are small in size generally, 13 inches to 14.5 inches. They have a delicate appearance and are usually between 16 and 32 pounds. Dachshund dogs are more likely to become overweight than different dog breeds.

The Dachshund is called the canine kingdom’s superstar with a famously long, ever-alert expression and vivacious personality. Dachshunds generally come in three coat types of various patterns or colors and two sizes.

These dogs are relaxed and playful with children and family members. It is a clever, lively, and courageous breed of dog. They have personalities according to coats. Longhairs are quiet and calm, while smooths are neither naughty nor quiet.

Dachshunds have a lot of energy and stamina and love to walk and play. If you don’t want them to be obese, then give them 2.5 miles of walk daily. When holding a dog, be careful with the rear and chest also. You need patience and consistency to train them. 

You can purchase a puppy at $200 to $3,500. 

Top 8 Tips To Help Your Overweight Dog

When it comes dogs, almost every dog needs a proper diet and amount of exercise. There are top 8 tips that can help your overweight dog.

  • Make a regular schedule for food and free-feeding your dog.
  • Avoid feeding starchy human foods and table scraps.
  • Make their treats healthy and palatable. Snacks such as carrots or blueberries; instead of cookies or dog biscuits.
  • Keep your dog active all the time.
  • Measure their weight from time to time. Let your vet make a weight-management plan for you to follow.
  • Customize the diet of your dog and keep an eye on it. 
  • Know what the healthy weight for a particular dog breed is. 
  • Talk to the veterinarian for guidance and information.

Keeping your dog fit means no limiting treats instead of regular meal times, safeguarding your leftovers or trash cans, and no free-feeding. Don’t let your dog become a couch potato that doesn’t get proper exercise.

Just a small weight increase on your dog can create a serious health issue. When this happens, you risk your dog experiencing many diseases, reducing life expectancy.

Final Words 

As you know, dogs are a lot like humans, and obesity in dogs is a common issue. Among several factors, obese dogs are really a matter of concern. 

You might have learned about the 6 different breeds of small fat dogs from the above article. We have enlisted the features and best prices for every breed. Before buying one, do compare the price and characteristics of dogs. Don’t let anyone fool you! 

What are your views on small fat dog breeds? Do let us know in the comment section about your favorite dog. 

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