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Top 8 Small Hairy Dog Breeds (With Photos)

Dogs are the best human companion, and every dog breed is unique in its own way. When we talk about fluffy small hairy dog breeds, they make our heart smile and are filled with love. There is a wide range of hairy dog breeds that will make you fall in love with their cute and sweet faces.

Are you wondering which hairy dog breed is suitable for your home or apartments? Actually, small hairy dogs can live in a small space like a condo or an apartment.

Here in this article, you will see the top 8 small hairy dog breeds. The breed info and comparison will help you to decide your perfect fuzzy companion.

What Are Small Hairy Dog Breeds? 

Hairy refers to things that are fluffy or furry and covered with hair. When we talk about dogs, the hairy ones have thick and many layers of hair. Dogs can either have a furry coat or a hairy coat.

Dog breeds can have long or short hair, but they differ in size. Here we have listed hairy dog breeds that are small in size. 

Generally, the average size of a dog is 20 inches to 25 inches. But, here, we enlisted the shorter breeds that are 6 inches to 15 inches in size.

Top 8 Small Hairy Dog Breeds 

Below we have mentioned the size, price, and lifespan of the best small hairy dog breeds. Check them out and decide the best-suited one on your own. 

Breed Adult sizeLife expectancy Price
Bichon Frise9.5 inches to 11.5 inches12 years to 15 years $1,000 to $1,500
Shih Tzu9 inches to 10.5 inches10 years to 16 years$500 to $1,600
Pekingese6 inches to 9 inches12 years to 15 years $2,400 to $6,000
Lhasa Apso10 inches to 11 inches12 years to 14 years $900 to $1,300
Yorkshire Terrier 8 inches to 9 inches13 years to 16 years $800 to $1,500
Japanese Spitz12 inches to 15 inches10 years to 16 years$1,000 to $2,500
Maltese7 inches to 12 inches12 years to 15 years$1,000 to $3,000
Toy Poodle10 inches to 15 inches12 years to 15 years $1,200 to $2,000
size, average lifespan, and price comparison of small hairy dog breeds

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise small hairy dog breeds
Bichon Frise breed of small hairy dog

The Bichon Frise breed is known as a French breed of dog. Though this breed type is Spanish, used as herding dogs, sometimes also sailing dogs, the French converted them into a lap-dog variety. 

The Bichon originated from the water dogs, and they are descended from the poodle dogs and both the Barbet or water spaniel types of breeds.

There are four categories of Bichons, such as the Maltese, the Tenerife or Bichon Frise, the Havanese, and the Bolognese.

The small Bichon Frise has curly hair and a white hypoallergenic coat, with velvety or plush to the touch. With rounded hair on the head, they have dark black eyes and black leathers of lips and nose.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Bichon Frise is a merry and curious breed, which is mannered, playful, affectionate, and sensitive. Since ancient times, these canines have been known for their intelligence, charm, and beauty.

As you know, Bichon Frises have coats, which need a strict grooming schedule. It will help to prevent dead hair and remove loose hair. Their coat should be combed to remove hair from mats and other corners of the home.

Bichon Frises are 9.5 inches to 11.5 inches in height. The average price of a puppy is $1,000 to $1,500. The price is quite fair according to the personality of this breed.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu breed of small hairy dog
Shih Tzu breed of small hairy dog

The Shih Tzu originates from Tibet and is known as the Asian toy dog breed. The dog is popularly known for its furry hair, round eyes, short snout, and small size. The ever-stout, floppy ears, growing coat, and short posture are very famous.

The name Shih Tzu came from the word “lion” (Chinese language word) because this kind of dog was bred to resemble the lion

The Shih Tzu dog breed has furry hair over the body. You need to comb their hair at least once a week. 

They are small in size but love to play, have fun, and are notorious by nature. With a calm personality, this breed has a friendly temperament. It is an independent dog, which can adapt to many situations.

This is a kind of adaptable breed of dog. They can adjust to any city and don’t worry about where they are living. You can say they love to play in the backyard and are house dogs. This breed needs 20 minutes of walking every day. They are heat sensitive, so you must make an air-conditioned environment for them.

Their height is 9 inches to 10.5 inches. The price of a puppy can be $500 to $1600, but the normally charged price can be $850.


Pekingese breed of small hairy dog
Pekingese breed of small hairy dog

The Pekingese is a breed with DNA proof confirming it as one the oldest of dog breeds. The Peke is supposed to have lived in China for as long as 2,000 years. It is named after the capital town of Peking (now Beijing).

The Pekingese’s thick coat mats easily, especially in friction points, such as between the collar rubs and the rubs. When you brush your dog, it removes loose hair before it gets its way over your clothes or furniture.

Pekingese dogs are adaptive to apartments and indoor. These dogs like to romp and run; you should have a focus on them. They prefer to walk or exercise. They are human-friendly and happy dogs.

Pekingese dogs can’t live outdoors. They have small noses that are sensitive to heat, so you must give them an air-conditioned room.

The size of Pekingese is 6 inches to 9 inches long. You buy a top-breed Pekingese dog from $2400 to $6000. The average cost of a puppy is $700.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso small hairy dog breed
Lhasa Apso small hairy dog breed

The Lhasa Apso dog originated in Tibet and it is a non-sporting breed of dog. In the early time, it was used as a guard dog. Lhasa is the city of Tibet and Apso is a word from the Tibetan language.

The texture of their coat is hard, straight, heavy, neither silky nor wooly, and dense. It comes in a wide range of colors consisting of white, black, gold, and red with various shadings.

They are complex, smart, and confident; Lhasas are best known as family comedians. Be careful with the dog because it is non-familiar with unknown people. It is a 1,000-years-old breed of dog that used to be found in the Himalayas.

Another important thing to note is that, the Lhasa Apso breed of small hairy dog needs a room with an air-conditioner or a cold environment. You should brush the hair of a dog at least once every seven days.

The height is 10 inches to 11 inches approx. The price of the puppy Lhasa Apso is $900 to $1300.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier breed of small hairy dog
Yorkshire Terrier breed of small hairy dog

The Yorkshire Terrier originated in Yorkshire, England, in the 19th century. And it is the smallest breed of dog.

Yorkshire Terrier is a popular companion dog, with a black, grey, and tan coat. They are known for long hair. It doesn’t have full grey color but has a metallic grey color on the parts of the body. You can see them in blue or silver grey color.

Yorkshire Terrier is a playful and energetic dog. They have separation stress, so don’t neglect them and leave them alone. They need to be pampered and cared for well.

Their size is 8 inches to 9 inches, and the price is $800 to $1500. You can purchase them at a moderate price, yet they require extra care. 

If you compare this breed to others, then it’s a good choice to pet indoors.  

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz small hairy dog breed
Japanese Spitz small hairy dog playing outdoors

The Japanese Spitz originated in Japan. They were developed in the 1920s and 1930s by breeding any other Spitz-type dog breeds commonly.

There are differing standards over the globe as to the ideal size of the dog breed; however, they are always larger than their cousins, the Pomeranian.

The Japanese Spitz has a white double coat. They need regular brushing; otherwise, their hair will fall on your floor, clothes, and furniture.

It is a playful and cute breed of dog. These dogs are fluffy to touch and are a low-maintenance breed. Japanese Spitz are intelligent, loyal, and active and known for their courage, affection, devotion, and amiability.

The Japanese Spitz need a well-balanced diet, and you can feed them twice a day. They need care and love because they are sensitive by nature.

Japanese Spitz is 12 inches to 15 inches in height. Also, the average price of a puppy is $1000 to $2500.


Maltese small hairy dog breed
Maltese small hairy dog breed

The Maltese are the most important breed of dog in the toy group. It originated in south-central Europe. It doesn’t have any scientific and historical connection to the island of Malta

They have long hair, and the coat is glossy, dense, shiny, and silky. And their beautiful hair needs to be brushed at least twice a week.

The Maltese dog has a natural ham and a lively personality. They are so people-oriented, easy-to-train and reply to positive reinforcements. Puppies of good temperaments are playful and curious, ready to address people and be upheld by them.

These dog breeds love to walk and play regularly outside. They don’t need excessive exercise and are active indoors. 

Their size is approx 7 inches to 12 inches. You can purchase a puppy for $1,000 to $3,000. With great features, they are the right choice for petting. 

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle breed of small hairy dog
Toy Poodle breed of small hairy dog

The Poodle is called the Caniche in French and the Pudel in German. It is a breed of water dog which is divided into four categories based on size, Medium Poodle, the Standard Poodle, Toy Poodle, and Miniature Poodle.

The Poodle breed has been developed in Germany, but it is claimed to have originated in France.

The Toy Poodle has tangled hair, and it needs proper care. The texture of hair ranges from coarse and soft to woolly and wavy.

The Toy Poodle breed is known as highly energetic, sociable, and intelligent. They need both intellectual and physical activities. It is a kind of reserved dog breed, and they are not familiar with strangers. Also, it is a trainable dog’s breeds, which is obedient.

For better health and appearance, brush their hair twice a week. Also, provide the best possible manufactured or homemade food.  

The size of a Toy Poodle dog breed is 10 inches to 15 inches. You can easily afford this breed; the price starts from $1,200 to $2,000. We suggest petting them if you have enough time to take care. 

Five Important Tips To Take Care Of Your Hairy Dog 

  • Use the right bathing techniques
  • Apply dog-friendly products while bathing
  • Groom your dog’s hair regularly
  • Give them high-quality food
  • Proper nutrient to keep your dog’s coat shiny and attractive

Wrapping Up

You might have got an idea about the best small hairy dog breeds for petting. You can choose any dog breed from the listed names. 

Don’t buy your fluffy dog from any random shop or seller on the internet. These dogs can be available at your nearest local animal shelter. However, the hairy or fluffy dogs are mostly in demand, so first, confirm and fix your visiting schedule to the owner.

When you are in the mood of buying, always check the dog breed and compare them with each other. We recommend selecting one after proper research.

What do you think, which above-listed dog is suitable for your home? Which dog breed is your favorite? Tell us about the best dog breed in the comments section!

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