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Top 6 Most Beautiful Small Hunting Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

If you are a hunting lover, then having a dog might benefit you. It’s believed that dogs and humans are good companions in hunting. And this bond is from the beginning of canine domestication, before the period of agriculture.

Do you know small hunting dog breeds use their top-notch hearing and intense sense of smell to flush out, track down, and recover games besides their owner on the hunting task?

So if you are seeking small hunting dog breeds for petting, then we can ease your research. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 6 small hunting dog breeds. It will help you to understand their characteristics, price, lifespan, and other features. .

What Are Small Hunting Dog Breeds? 

Nowadays, hunting is a sport, not a necessity, for humans; however, dogs are still the best animal for hunting. Dogs have a historical record in hunting for their owners.

When you teach your dog correctly, they are capable and more resilient hunters than humans as they have acute hearing, athleticism, and sense of smell.

In ancient times, hunting was the need for survival. There are some skills that every hunting dog should be familiar with. It includes receptiveness to training, a strong prey drive, athleticism, and endurance.

Of course, all dogs are not hunters, and all hunter dogs are not created equal. In other terms, don’t pick up the wrong breed of dog for hunting. A Chinese crested dog, Bichon Frise, Pugs, or Yorkshire dog breeds can’t help you in hunting.

So, this article will help you to choose the best-suited small hunting dog breeds for your tasks. 

Top 6 Small Hunting Dog Breeds

As you know, dedicated hunters usually search for small hunting dog breeds designed for the task. If you are performing any task-related to hunting, then you need to have a look at our list of the top 6 best small hunting dog breeds.

Small Hunting Dog BreedsSizeLife ExpectancyPrice 
Beagle13 inches to 15 inches12 years to 15 years$200 to $400
Fox Terrier13 inches to 15.5 inches 12 years to 15 years $800 to $1,500
Jack Russel Terrier10 inches to 12 inches 13 years to 16 years $800 to $1,300
Australian Terrier9 inches to 11 inches12 years to 15 years$1,000 to $1,500
Boykin Spaniel15.5 inches to 18 inches 14 years to 16 years $900 to $1,500
Dachshund13 inches to 14.5 inches 12 years to 16 years $200 to $3,500
small hunting dogs size table



The Beagle has its origin in England. William the Conqueror brought the Talbot hound and the St. Hubert Hound to Britain, in the 11th century. In Britain, both of the strains were then hybridized with Greyhounds to provide them stamina and speed for deer hunting.

Beagles are the same as the extinct Southern Hound and the Harrier, though smaller in size.

Dog’s nature 

Beagles are sweet, gentle, and naughty. The Beagle breed needs early training for hunting or socialization. It will help to assure that your puppy will grow up to a well-rounded breed of dog.

Care level

A Beagle puppy needs to be supervised and trained well at an early age. They are naughty in nature, so make sure to keep an eye on them to avoid their escape. You can leave your dog to roam in a fenced backyard.

Adult size and price

According to the American Kennel Club, there are two types of Beagle. The first is 13 inches, and they don’t exceed over 13 inches. And the second one is a 15 inches variety, which can go up to 15 inches.

You can buy a puppy for $200 to $400, which is quite cheaper than other breeds.

Fox Terrier


John Caius, an English physician, explained the English terrier type in work English Dogges in 1577.

At the end of the 18th-century, hunting became famous in England. The hunters said  they require a dog to help in the “bolt” and “go-to territory” of foxes to take them out of their homes or places. Then the Fox Terrier breed was developed.

Fox Terriers have entertained  people in film and circuses, won more Best-in-Show awards, and became the companions to kings than any other dog breed.

Dog’s nature

This breed of dog is lively, smart, and alert. Fox Terriers are vigilant In nature, which makes them a good hunting dog. They are friendly toward family members but not towards other dogs. That means, you can’t leave them out in a dog park.

Care level

Being small in size doesn’t mean they are perfect for small houses or apartments. They need a yard to play and exercise. Fox Terriers are perfect for chasing cars, cats, or rabbits.

Undoubtedly they have strong chasing and hunting instincts. Also, this breed fights a lot with other dogs. So to grow them as a well-rounded dog, you need to train them at an early age.

Adult size and price

Their height is 13 inches to 15.5 inches. You can buy a puppy at $800 to $1,500. They are costly but worth buying.

The Beagle and Fox Terrier small hunting dog breeds
The Beagle and Fox Terrier hunting dogs

Jack Russel Terrier


The Jack Russell Terrier has its origins in England. This small terrier is popular for fox hunting. It is rough or broken-coated, smooth and white-bodied, and can be of any color.

Small white and tan terriers generally belong to other breeds that are sometimes popular as “Jack Russells.

Dog’s nature

The Jack Russell Terrier breed is an energetic dog with a small body. They are loving, amusing, and devoted to owners. They don’t like to be jailed and love to play on the field.

This breed is intelligent but hard to train because of its willful nature. They are friendly toward owners and other family members. Without thinking twice, you can use them for hunting.

Care level

The Jack Russell dog loves people; so, you can keep them indoors. But also leave them in a fenced yard for 30 minutes to 45 minutes of exercise. It will prevent the dog from climbing, jumping, or escaping. They love to chase their prey, so keep an eye on your dog.

Give them quality food at least two times a day. Feed them appropriately; otherwise, they will fall sick.

Adult size and price

The size of Jack Russell’s dog is 10 inches to 12 inches. Their price starts from $900 and can be up to $1,500. This breed is a bit costly but a good hunting companion and pet.

Australian Terrier


The Australian Terrier is one of the terrier dog types. This dog breed is small in size. It was developed in Australia, but the ancestor from where the breed descends is from Great Britain.

The ancestor Australian Terrier was kept to kill rats and mice. The Australian Terrier shares ancestors with the Shorthaired Skye Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and Cairn Terrier.

Also, Irish Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers were crossed into the other dog during the breed’s development.

Dog’s nature

The Australian Terrier is a fun-loving breed of dog. It could be a good companion for a family or any individual. He loves to play with kids and running from one room to another. This breed is easy to train due to its cleverness.

Care level

The Aussie Terrier loves human companions, so don’t leave them alone. When he is playing in the yard, it’s better to keep an eye on them. They are good at chasing and hunting rats, rabbits, or cats.

Sometimes they behave aggressively and bossily. That is why you must train the puppy about socialization. They are quick learners; so, training is easy for them.

Adult size and price

Their height is 9 inches to 11 inches. And you can buy a puppy at $1,000 to $1,500. The Australian Terrier is a costly dog, and they need your time and attention. So, think twice and get ready to spare your time before buying.

An Australian Terrier and Jack Russel Terrier
An Australian Terrier and Jack Russel Terrier

Boykin Spaniel


The Boykin Spaniel is a small to medium-sized dog breed. The Spaniel breed of dog is popular for hunting ducks in the Wateree River and wild turkeys. It is the origin of the United States.

The Boykin Spaniel is known as the state dog of South Carolina. Hunters in the 1900s developed this breed. In South Carolina, 1 September is celebrated as Boykin Spaniel Day.

Dog’s nature

Boykins are small to medium-sized dogs. The breeds are famous for their beautiful brown coat, and their colors range from luscious chocolate to rich liver.

For years, Boykin Spaniel was denoted as a hunter of wild turkey and Carolina waterfowl. They are sweet for family members and owners. However, they can be as strong as a tiger in the field. It is an eager-to-work and easily trainable dog breed.

Care level

You can feed high-quality dog food, whether home-prepared or commercially manufactured, to your Boykin Spaniel. Their diet must be appropriate and approved by a veterinarian.

Many dogs are prone to get overweight so look out for your dog’s weight level and calorie consumption. Don’t forget to provide fresh and clean water to them.

Adult size and price

Their size can differ from 15.5 inches to 18 inches. The price for a puppy starts from $900 and can range to $1,500. As compared to other small hunting dog breeds, Boykin Spaniel is a good deal in this amount.

Whether you want a dog for your home and family or for your hunting task, the Boykin Spaniel breed is the right choice.  



The Dachshund is also known as the badger dog, sausage dog, or wiener dog. It is a hound-type, long-bodied, short-legged breed of dog. It can be wiry, smooth, and long-haired.

In ancient times Dachshunds were used for hunting small animals like mice and rabbits. Also, in the Western United States, these dogs have been used to track prairie dogs and hunt wounded deer.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Dachshund ranked 12th in popularity among the breed of dogs in the United States.

Dog’s nature

The Dachshund breed is considered a lively, courageous, and clever dog. It has a name for being entertaining, fearless, and stubborn. Their personality varies according to coat type, longhairs are quiet and calm, and Smooths are neither quiet nor naughty.

Care level

Dachshund dogs have a lot of energy and stamina. Generally, they like to play outdoors and walk for a long time. They need 2.5 miles of walk every day. Whenever you hold them in your hands, be careful to support their chest and rear.

Use consistency and patience to train a Dachshund dog breed.

Adult size and price

Their height can be 13 inches to 14.5 inches. The price of Dachshund breeds starts from $200 and can be up to $3,500.  Of course, you need to be careful while buying because a cheaper one can be a mixed breed dog.

Boykin Spaniel and Dachshund small hunting dogs
Boykin Spaniel and Dachshund small hunting dogs

Tips For Owners To Pet A Small Hunting Dog Breeds:

  • Do thorough research before choosing a dog.
  • Take them for a walk regularly.
  • Check the weight of your dog at least once a month.
  • Buy hunting gears for your dog.
  • Hunting dog breeds are intelligent, so train them methodically.

Wrapping Up

Petting the best small hunting dog breeds is not as easy as you think. You need to know their requirements and temperament first.

With the training of good hunting, a personal connection to a dog is also important. Your dog will be a better hunting partner if you have a closer bond.

This article might help you to choose the best-suited dog that matches your lifestyle. With care, you should train your dog at the initial stage for making them socialized.

All the above-listed dogs are prey drive-by nature. We advise you to check and compare every breed before buying. Do let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite breed.

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