When do ball pythons shed? Frequency? 04 TIPS to Help Them Safety Shed

Shedding is a normal process for ball pythons and most other reptiles. Shedding in reptiles occurs to help them replace the old skin with the new one to fit their growing bodies.

Even though shedding is a normal process for ball pythons that occurs periodically throughout their lives, it can cause health problems to your ball python.

Thus, we came up with this article to help you know when your ball python is about to shed. And, how often they shed, and how you can assist them during shedding.

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When Do Ball Pythons Shed?

When do ball pythons shed their skin and how often? A healthy and growing ball python sheds its old skin in one piece regularly, usually every 4 – 6 weeks. This is specifically for young ball pythons of age 1months – 10 years. As they age, their growth rate reduces, subsequently, the frequency at which they shed also reduces. Adult ball pythons shed every 4 – 12 weeks. As a ball python is about to shed, the color of their eyes usually change to gray or blue.

When Do Ball Pythons Shed?
When Do Ball Pythons Shed?

Ball pythons shed every 4-12 weeks, depending on their age. Younger ball pythons shed more frequently than adults. Thus, you can expect your adult ball python to shed every 6-12 weeks, and baby and juveniles every 2-4 weeks. It’s rare for ball pythons to experience shedding problems.

Ball python’s humidity requirements are not intensive. Thus, they typically don’t experience shedding problems.

However, if your ball python seems incomplete, you should soak it in water for at least two hours. Also, you can move your snake’s water bowl at the top of the heat source to increase the humidity in your ball python’s cage.

Ball pythons should shed their skin in one piece. Thus, it is critical to check your ball python after shedding to ensure that there is no stuck skin, especially at the tip of their tails and eye caps.

The best rule of thumb is to decrease the enclosure’s ventilation during shedding to ensure there’s plenty of humidity. Humidity helps all reptiles shed quickly. 

How Often Do Ball Pythons Shed?

How often a ball python sheds depends on their age. For instance, baby ball pythons shed more than juveniles and adults. It is because their growth rate is high and thus, needs to replace their skin more often.

Unlike humans, our skin is elastic and can stretch as they grow, reptile’s skin can not.

Thus, new skin grows underneath the old one to replace the outgrown skin.

Therefore, a baby ball python of about 9 – 10 years can shed every 4-6 weeks. As for the adults, they can shed between 30-45 days.

Shedding in adults can also be influenced by environmental factors such as humidity.

It is, therefore, necessary to provide adequate humidity in the ball python’s enclosure.

Can You Help Your Ball Python Shed More Often?

You can help your ball python shed more often by ensuring you provide a good diet and proper habitation.

Malnutrition and inadequate humidity are the primary causes of dysecdysis (abnormal shed). 

Shedding is vital for ball pythons as it helps them to eliminate any collected bacteria or parasite. Thus, it is important to ensure that your ball python is shedding properly.

Here are some of the ways you can help your ball python shed often.

Provide a Good Diet

 A good ball python diet is significant to help ball pythons stay healthy and strong. Healthy ball pythons tend to shed more often than sick ones.

Thus, you should ensure that your ball python is well fed and there is plenty of water to drink in their cage.

Provide a Good Habitation

Improper habitation and sanitation can cause dysecdysis. Thus, it is critical to provide adequate temperature, humidity, and a clean environment for your ball python.

The best temperature for ball pythons is 88-900F on the basking spot, and 76-830F on the cold end.

And, the best humidity for ball pythons should be 50-60%. 

Soak Your Ball Python

If you notice incomplete shedding in your ball python, you should soak it in water for at least two hours to help remove the stuck skin.

Good water bowl can help ball python sheds easier. Check out here

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What You Need To Remember When Your Ball Python Shed

Shedding should be a normal process for ball pythons. However, it can also be a sensitive process that you might need your attention. 

Thus, here are some of the things you should always remember when your ball python shed.

Health Issues

 During shedding, ball python may appear sick. Here are some of the symptoms you should observe during your ball python’s shedding.

  • Opaque blue eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Defensive behaviour
  • Dull scale colouration
  • Wrinkled skin

These are the primary symptoms of a shedding ball python. You should always provide plenty of water during this time to help them shed quickly.

Special Care

Ball pythons hate to be bothered during the shedding process. Thus, it would help if you always remembered to respect your ball python’s emotions.

Also, you should ensure that their cage is comfortable enough to ease the shedding process.

The best way to make them comfortable is ensuring there is enough moisture and temperature in their enclosure. 

Keep In Mind

Always keep in mind that, in the wild, ball pythons tend to rub against a hard course to remove the shed.

Thus, it would be best if you would provide the same for them in captivity. The best rubbing objects can be stones, branches, and any other hard material that can not injure your snake during the process.


Snake is not as necessary during the shedding process as most ball pythons refuse to eat. However, they tend to get thirsty frequently, and thus, you should provide plenty of water for them to drink and soak.

Clean the Cage

When shedding is over, ball python’s cage is always messy due to excessive skin, moisture, and snakes defecate waste.

Thus, it is necessary to clean the cage immediately to help them feel more comfortable and fresh.

You should also provide food as the ball python will be starving after an extended stay without food.

Fully understanding your ball python will help you better take care of them. As a suggestion, we would recommend you to get the best ball python book. Not to become an expert on ball python care but will help you avoid the common mistake in new pet snake owners.

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Ball python shedding [source: Florida’s Wildest]


How long does it take a ball python to shed?

When a ball python is in a shed, the whole process usually takes about 24 hours until the snake is completely shed. During this period, your snake may refuse to eat, it is normal. However, after a successful shedding, it takes between 4 – 6 weeks for the ball python to shed again. How often in general, depends on the age of the snake.

How do ball pythons act when shedding?

One thing to keep in mind is that, when ball pythons are shedding (whether about to, or already shedding) the color of their eyes usually change from “a clear brown and black eyes to blue, gray and cloudy or opaque eyes”. Because of this, their vision is usually affected and as a result, they tend to act aggressively since they can’t see properly.

Can I handle my ball python while shedding?

No, you should not handle your pet ball python while shedding. Your pet may bite you as it tends to act aggressively during this time. The reason for this behavior change is because it can’t see clearly when shedding since its eyes are cloudy. 

You should only attempt to handle your pet during shedding if the old skin refuses to shed off in one piece. You can offer to bathe or soak your snake in warm water or help pull out the stuck shed.

Why is my ball python not shedding?

Several factors can make your ball python not to shed regularly or when it should. These factors include: poor dieting or malnutrition, poor humidity levels, too high temperature, skin infection and other diseases. Of all these factors, the most common reason is always low humidity and high temperatures.

How long after my ball python shed should I feed him?

Ball pythons don’t usually eat during shedding. Therefore, after shedding, they are going to be very hungry. You should prepare to feed your pet python 24 hours after it has completely shed.

Wrapping Up

Most people perceive the shedding process as a painful process for ball pythons. But, that is not the case as the lubricating layer between the new and the old skin makes the process not painful.

However, it is an irritating process that makes the ball pythons sensitive and aggressive. Therefore, you should never try to handle your ball python during shedding.

Instead, you should help it by regularly misting it, and providing a shedding friendly habitat for them to shed quickly.

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