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7 Reasons Why Corn Snakes Are Good Pets?

Have you been asking your self why corn snakes are so good as pets? You are out there and have an extensive interest in pet snakes and not just any of them, but corn snakes.

Feel at the right place as in this article, we have researched why corn snakes are good pets.

Understanding why people choose corn snakes as pets over other species makes it ideal for you to make an advised choice.

As such, we thought we should have this article on why corn snakes are good pets.

There are various reasons as to why corn snakes are good pets for you to keep.

Whether you are a novice keeper or a lifetime breeder, it is the “go to” species. From its size to the fact that it is easy to handle, corn snakes are pleasant for all.

  • Corn snakes are naturally docile, which makes them perfect for handling. 
  • Even when mature, they do not grow large. They grow up to 6 feet in length, which is a perfect length for regular handling. 
  • Additionally, they do not require extensive space for their cage as a 20-liter gallon terrarium is enough. 
  • Corn snakes are adorable and ornamental due to their skin appearances and morphs. 
  • These snakes live up to or more than 8 years, which is ample time for a keeper to have had their snake. 

It is even made more appealing because they enjoy being handled as well. Therefore, these eight years of their lives will involve proper engagement between you and your pet snake.

What actually makes corn snakes good pets for you? Why Corn Snakes Are Good Pets?

Corn snakes make great pets even for beginners for a number of reasons:

  • They keep rodents away.
  • They are extremely docile.
  • They are very easy to care for.
  • Unlike ball pythons and boa constrictors, corn snakes do not get very large. Hence, they make great choice pets for all categories of hobbyists, including beginners.
Why Corn Snakes Are Good Pets?
What Actually Makes Corn Snakes Good Pets For You?

1. Docility

Docility entails a lack of aggressiveness, which makes engaging with an animal easy and enjoyable.

As a result, when you interact with a docile pet, they rarely show signs of agitation.

Therefore, it is ideal for a pet keeper to ensure that their pet is docile, which adds to the ease of handling.

Among the first advantages of corn snakes’ goodness is that they are docile and lack temperamental tendencies. In most cases, corn snakes won’t strike out, and they can tolerate human attention for long periods. As such, if you are a fan of snakes as pets and like holding and interacting with them, corn snakes make good pets.

When handling or interacting with corn snakes, you do not need to worry so much about the risk of being bitten. For a corn snake to bite anybody, it requires extensive provocation. The snake becomes comfortable with frequent handling after at least some interaction each week.

Nonetheless, do not forget that these are still snakes and can get irritated or scared, hence, striking out at you. However, if this even happens, corn snakes are less likely to cause serious injuries. Note, the bite may cause a little bit of pain. 

On the rare occasion it strikes and bites you, place it back in its habitat and allow it to rest. In the meantime, you must clean and sanitize the wound to prevent infections. Luckily, you do not need to worry much about venom as corn snakes are non-venomous. In case, the wound is deep you may need to seek a doctor’s attention.

2. Small Size

Snake sizes vary widely and if you need to have your family petting them, they have to be of reasonable size. Corn snakes are small pet snakes. They are not only easy to handle but also economical on feeding. The smaller species, the less amount of food for corn snake require at a time.

Image result for corn snakes
Corn Snake

The small size of corn snakes makes them adorable and eases to handle for the family. An adult corn snake reaches about three to six feet in length. Similar to human beings’ length, it can vary significantly, but will typically be within that range.

It is common among most snake owners who consider it the ideal size due to the smaller snakes’ ease of handling. However, do not worry about them being too small. The size is just perfect for you to handle comfortably. Hence, don’t worry about the possible squishing or mishandling of the snakes.

The corn snake’s small size also means that you do not have to invest in a large reptile terrarium as it is common with most large snake breeds. A 20-gallon glass cage has ample room for the snake and it is also comfortable. Space makes it possible to comfortably place a water bowl, a hide box, and a needed substrate.

On the other hand, please note that his small size makes the snakes escape artists. They can fit in small openings. Please ensure that all lids are well secured, and the terrarium used as the housing has no large ventilation openings. That notwithstanding, it adds as to why corn snakes are good pets. Check our best snake cages for more detail

3. Attractiveness

When considering what a good pet is, attractiveness comes at the top of the list. A snake should also fall into this category, and while attractiveness varies from one person to another, there is a general rule that seems to govern people on this. Colors and patterns on the skin of a snake are what makes it adorable, and corns snakes have all these in plenty.

Image result for corn snakes
Corn Snake Morph

A typical corn snake has a pattern that consists of large patches or bands of red or orange colors. These bands or patches have black bands that are followed by smaller dull yellow bands. That notwithstanding, corn snakes come in multiple morphs that vary in colors and patterns, which make them extremely appealing.

When you go shopping for a snake the choice entails focusing on three general guidelines. You can select pattern variation, color variation, and compound morphs. A variety of changes appear on the bodies of these snakes to make them not only unique but also extremely appealing.

Color morphs are all about variations of colors that range from vibrant reds, whites, gold, oranges to snow white. While some of the colors do occur in a natural sense while in the wild, you may need to visit a breeder so as to get a specific color. Breeders have specialized in going the extra mile and producing any possible color variants of the snakes.

Image result for blizzard corn snakes
Corn Snake Morph

Pattern morphs not only have different patterns, but also different colors. The pattern variations can involve multiple alternates including diffusion, motley, and stripes. Coupled with multiple colors, these snakes make them adorable and admirable.

Image result for corn snakes
Corn Snake Morph Red Orange

Compound morphs are combinations of colors and patterns, and the extent to which they are available runs into thousands. It is possible to get a corn snake with any imaginable color and pattern, thanks to the work of breeders, and nature. That’s why corn snakes are good pets for you and your family.

4. Corn Snakes Tolerate Handling for Long Periods of Time

If you love holding your snake and admiring it closely and not just staring at it from a distance, then corn snakes are the best choices. You do not have to only watch them through a glass window in their terrarium. The snake’s docile nature makes them easy to handle but requires proper handling. You need to take time as handling trust is only developed over time and through patience.

When your new pet corn snake comes home for the first time, it is highly likely that it is not used to being handled. It might not be comfortable if you pick it up. However, there is nothing to worry about as over time, you can manage to have your snake feeling comfortable being handled. It is especially the case with newly hatched and young corn snakes. We shared that on “how long I leave my new reptile alone” READ MORE.

As babies, corn snakes do not enjoy handling. As such, you need to get them adjusted to their new habitat for a few days once they are home. It is what will prevent your corn snake from lashing out when you try reaching into their habitat or attempt handling them.

After your snake has had ample time to adjust, you can start handling your snake for a few minutes. Start with 10 then 15 minutes, and so on. This rule applies to both baby and adult snakes. These short handling occasions of the snakes can be done throughout the day. It is vital to ensure that the snake does not get terrified or overwhelmed.

In order for a bond to develop between you and the snake, it is essential for you to maintain this routine for several weeks. One point to note though, do not ever let more than a week without handling your snake. Doing so might end up breaking the trust and your corn snake might become uneasy.

5. These Snakes Live for Almost a Decade

Corn Snakes are good pets because they live for a considerable long time compared to other smaller pets, such as, hamsters. They live for about eight years. Whereas they do not live for as long as some other snake species that can live for more than 30 years, almost a decade is great to have a pet. This snake will be available as your companion for several years.

Image result for blizzard corn snakes
White Corn Snake

There are times you do not want to commit to a snake that will require your attention and companionship for the next 3 decades. In such instances, a corn snake is the ideal pet snake. Adding to this, their non-aggressive nature makes them at ease with all family members. It is rare to have snakes that are cool to handle for children too.

6. Downsides

As with any good story, it cannot lack a few downsides and corn snakes are no exception. However, these are not so much different from what you would get from keeping other pets, and in some cases even other reptiles. 

You cannot play with corn snakes like other pets, such as, dogs. Do not expect it to show affection and engage in games. However, this could be the ideal pet if you do not want to commit to a routine of walking or playing with your pet daily. Do not expect your corn snake to respond to their name or perform any tricks for your friends.

Corn snakes do carry salmonella, which can be deadly to humans. It can spread through direct contact, as well as, indirectly in other instances. The bacterium affects the intestines and bloodstreams among humans. Elderly and children are especially vulnerable, and this is a risk that comes with keeping a corn snake as a pet.

Specific habitat requirements are necessary for corn snakes. There are corn snake bedding, temperature, and humidity needs that are specific for corn snakes. If these are not met, the snake can fall ill and unfortunately die. Cleaning after the snake is needed to prevent bad odor and health issues.

These snakes are also highly susceptible to a variety of diseases. The longevity of your snake requires keeping tabs on its health. It means you can rack up high medical bills from your pet. It is a fairly expensive hobby relatively looking at it. A pet owner has to make a choice on whether these costs are worthy.

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There is a lot that goes into owning a snake, and a corn snake is a great place to start. There are multiple advantages of this type of snake. It can live for several years if well cared for, and you can pull a variety of looks by getting different morphs of the snake to add to the beauty.

Other factors get into ownership and as mentioned, there are several downsides. However, the pros are great and they give you the reason to go for one of these pets. All these combinations are the reasons why corn snakes are good pets.

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