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12 Indisputable Reasons Why Crested Geckos Make Good Pets

Crested geckos are relatively easy reptiles to keep, and it is a perfect pet for older children and adults alike. Are crested geckos good pets? We will talk more about that as we go on.

You may be wondering why cresties are getting more and more popular in the pet trade. This is coming from a species that was once thought to be extinct before it was later found.

Some of the reasons why crested geckos make great pets are stated below.

Are crested geckos good pets?

Are Crested Geckos Good Pets?
Are Crested Geckos Good Pets?

Crested geckos are a perfect pet for everybody, from beginners to adults due to several reasons. It comes in a wide range of colors and morphs, and you will surely find one that suits your style.

Another reason is that they have a relatively docile temperament but can be skittish when handling them. This is because they do not like the handling and may try to jump away from you.

Furthermore, it is easy to cater for them as their diet is easy to get. They will also stay in a moderate-sized tank, and you don’t need to set up a huge terrarium to make them happy.

12 Reasons Make Crested Geckos Good Pets

12 Reasons Make Crested Geckos Good Pets
12 Reasons Make Crested Geckos Good Pets

Some of the reasons why crested geckos will make a great pet are

They Are Soft And Velvety To Touch

Although many people assume that cresties gecko will be scaly or slimy when they see their picture. However, crested geckos are soft to touch, so they are nicknamed the ‘velvet geckos.’

Their head and back in between their crests are usually smooth.

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Cresties Can Change Color

If you are looking for a reptile that can change color but it is not difficult to care for like a chameleon. Crested geckos are the perfect reptile to go for. Apart from changing colors, they are cheaper, friendlier, and with lower maintenance.

Your crested gecko can fire up (more vibrant) their color or fire down (duller and more muted) their color. You can learn about firing up and down of crested geckos here.

Crested Geckos Can Make Stunning Decoration In Homes

Although cresties are not action-packed and adventurous like other pets, they will make a mind-blowing décor for your home. A crested gecko’s terrarium is similar to an aquarium but without the water.

If you add accessories like jungle vines, humid hides, fancy backgrounds, plants, etc. Your friend will not only admire your gecko, and they will admire the setup itself.

They Are Phenomenal Jumpers

A pretty cool thing about crested gecko is their ability to jump long distances. You will be surprised to find out that cresties are fearless when it comes when and where to jump.

Another interesting thing about them is their extra skin under their arms, which helps them to glide in the air.

Easy To Feed

In captivity, crested geckos can eat a paste-like substance that is similar to their diet in the wild. They can also eat a variety of fruit and insects. When feeding with a supplemental diet, it comes in powder form, and it is easy to mix.

When feeding cresties with crickets, you do not have to feed them every day. You can simply include insects in their diet as a treat and give them once or twice a week.

Crested Geckos Do Not Smell

One of the things, why parents do not buy pets for their young children, is smell. Most pets like hamsters and even snakes can be messy and dirty while giving out smelly excrements.

However, cresties do not smell at all, and you can go for a month without cleaning their enclosure. You do not even have to wash geckos to keep them clean. Using a good moisture-filled substrate helps to absorb poops in their terrarium, and it should not be smelling.

However, you will need to clean their tank once it starts to smell.

They Stay Small

Several people are afraid of large and intimidating reptiles. With a large reptile, you will need a large enclosure and can also frighten kids and women.

Everybody in your household will love cresties as their average height is around 9 inches from nose to tail.

Cheap To Keep And Maintain

Crested geckos are cheap to buy if you opt for the popular morphs available. Everything that you will need to set up their enclosure is usually cheap from the terrarium to the food.

Crested geckos will be satisfied with little food, and you do not have to go out regularly to get their food. Another thing is that they rarely get sick and you don’t have to worry about the vet visit most times.

Cresties Possesses Prehensile Tails

Another interesting thing about cresties is that they have prehensile tails. They can use their tail like an extra limb. The tail helps them hang upside down from branches and catch branches when they are about to fall.

When handling them, cresties can even wrap their tail around your finger. I don’t think you will find a higher feeling of trust than when your crested geckos wrap its tail around your finger.

New to crested gecko? Check out the crested gecko care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about crested gecko as pets. Check it now!

Crested Geckos Are Available In A Wide Range Of Colors And Patterns

The varieties of markings and colorations on crested geckos are known as morphs. Morphs is important as it makes crested geckos unique and fascinating to look at. You can also use their morph as a reference to explain what your gecko looks like.

Here is a guide about crested geckos morphs that are available.

They Are Beautiful Creatures

Once you set your eyes on these creatures, your mind will be blown away by their appearance. Even people that are terrified of reptiles usually call cresties adorable and beautiful once they set their eyes on them.

Although lizards are expected to be scaly, intimidating, and unattractive, crested geckos are far from this. Apart from their magnificent colors, they have a delicate and soft body with intricate patterns, adorable eyes, fragile tails, and little padded feet.

They Have A Long Lifespan

Although smaller creatures like mice and hamsters have a short lifespan. You will be surprised to hear that crested geckos can last for about 20 years. Their lifespan is like big pets like dogs, and you should be able to keep your gecko for around 12 years without any issue.

Crested gecko as a childhood pet can be something that grows up with you and even see you through adulthood.

Bonus Tip: Tip To Tame A Crested Gecko For Children

Bonus Tip: Tip To Tame A Crested Gecko For Children
Bonus Tip: Tip To Tame A Crested Gecko For Children

One of the first things that you will like to do after getting your crested geckos is to pet and cuddle it. However, transporting crested geckos can be stressful to them, and you will need to wait for about two weeks before handling them.

You can help make their settling in period easy by replacing their food and water late afternoon when they are sleeping. You will need to change their paper towel weekly while you can slowly add handling into their routine.

Some of the tips that can help while handling crested gecko are

  • It is best to handle jumpy gecko during the day because they will be alert and ready to run at night.
  • Start handling your gecko over a soft surface if they leap off of your hand to prevent injury.
  • Start to handle your crested geckos when cleaning their terrarium slowly. You can start by putting them on a branch instead of just trying to grab them.
  • Use a hand walking technique for handling your gecko. This technique involves allowing your gecko to run or jump from one hand to the other.
  • Start handling your crested gecko for a minute or two every other day for weeks before increasing it to around 15 minutes.


Crested Gecko As Good Pet Pinterest Pin
Crested Gecko As Good Pet Pinterest Pin

Crested geckos are amazing pets that you can keep at home due to their docile temperaments. They can also tolerate handling fairly well, and you will not regret getting one. With the reasons stated above, I believe that I have changed your mindset about geckos.

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