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Are Green Anoles Endangered? No- Here is Why!

Green anoles or Anolis carolinensis are the common species of lizards that are native to the Southeastern United States. Since brown anoles have dominated that area, people always ask: “are green anoles endangered?”

In other words, in Florida, brown anoles predate on green anoles or there is a fear in green anoles that brown will eat them. Thus, the population of green anoles has become sparse.

Because of friendliness, docility, and pigmentation, people have started petting these anoles. However, the advent of brown anoles and then predation have made people worry.

We have come up with this article to remove your baffling state. In short, this article will explain to you the facts about green anoles regarding the extinction, then list down top green anoles breeders, and finally basic facts that you may have never heard. 

Are green anoles endangered?

green anoles are not endangered
green anoles are not endangered

Green anoles are not on the red list of endangered species. In other words, they are in the least concerned category rather than near threatened, vulnerable, or endangered.

Thus, we can conclude that green anoles are safer or not at the brink of extinction. In other words, your worries and confusions are no longer valid, that fake news had developed in you about the extinction of green anoles.

Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature                                  

Reasons why Green anoles are not endangered.

When you come up with a lot of pieces of news, you may doubt and look for reasons why green anoles are not endangered despite the advent of brown anoles. The following are a few reasons.

Effective captivity

A baby green anole lizard
A baby green anole lizard

Although the wild green anoles are in great jeopardy in Florida, they are safe in captivity. In other words, green anoles have become tremendous pets because of the above characteristics.

Thus, people have started tending for love and affection. In captivity, green anoles receive great care through modernized husbandry practices.

As a result of this proper husbandry management, the population of green anoles has become dense. Now, you can find a greater number of green anoles in the market.

Morphological features

Morphological features like pigmentation in the green anoles help them avoid becoming the prey to predators other than brown anoles. In other words, green anoles become brown to adapt to the environment. 

You know it is an act of camouflage from green anoles, there are still a few variations in coloring, though. Whenever anoles find their predators, they change color quickly and hide into habitats of tall shrubs and trees. Thus, they have survived in some parts of the wild.

In addition to that, their climbing capability has allowed them to outclass their rivals, brown anoles.

How popular green anoles are?

Green anoles are becoming more popular, no endangering
Green anoles are becoming more popular, no endangering

Green anoles are very famous in the US so much so that people have coined the term: American chameleon. Though, it is a wrong word for them because they do not have the capability of large coloring variations like a chameleon.

Its color variation falls between the darkest green to brown. It is pigmentation that has attracted a lot of citizens in the US to make these anoles as pets.

In addition to that, reptile pet markets know these anoles as Carolina or American anoles. In the Eastern part of the US, petting green anoles have become a cult.

In short, the US is the huge market for these lizards.

Top green anoles breeders in the US

Do you know that if you are not living in the Southeastern part of the US, you can still have green anoles? In other words, you can get them through breeders.

In the US, there are many pet breeders of many species of lizards. They also trade green anoles.

You may be in difficulty finding the green anoles breeders because the market is saturated with many breeders claiming the quality, who may be swindlers. Thus, we have made everything easier for you by listing down the top green anole breeders.

We have compiled this list based upon availability, quickness of service, online shipping, friendliness, supplemented services, variety, and quality. Here is the list of the top 10 green anole breeders or sellers in the US.

Other facts about green anoles that you never heard.

  • Green anoles are both carnivorous and insectivorous.
  • Although green anoles look small, they can grow up to 5 to 8 inches.
  • Male anoles are larger than females.
  • Temperature, mood, and stress can turn green anoles into brown.
  • There is a red flap of skin on the throat of males, which is also famous as a dewlap. Males use these colored dewlaps to seek the attention of females.
  • The maximum lifespan in captivity is about 7 years. Whereas, in the wild, they tend to live between 2 to 5 years.
  • Every female lays 15 to 18 eggs in a season. And the incubation of eggs persists for around 7 weeks.
  • Green anoles are diurnal animals, which means they are active in the daytime. When they do not do any activity, they bask under the sun.
  • Females do not care for young anoles for longer. In other words, young anoles become independent from birth.
  • To escape from predators, green anoles can detach their tails like all other species of lizards.
  • Green anoles have a very belligerent nature. When they see a competitor, they start attacking. They can even attack their mirrors.
  • They have very good eyelids that are moveable and independent.
  • Green anoles are semi-arboreal animals, which means you can often find them in the trees.
  • Birds of prey, snakes, and cats are the main predators and sources of threats for green anoles.
  • 20 gallons or larger terrarium with plants can make green anoles live comfortably.
  • The breading or hatching season of green anoles is from late May to early October.
  • Grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, and flies are the main foods of green anoles.
  • Color variation in green anoles is from the brightest emerald to the darkest brown.
  • Microscopic hooks cover the large fingers and toe pads that help them to be agile and speedy.
  • Sexual maturity of young anoles occurs at the age of around 9 months.

Wrapping Up

You should not worry because green anoles are not endangered. It is the scientific era. Thus, incubation has increased a lot of the population.

Since green anoles are great pets, people take great care of them, which results in a greater lifespan in captivity. American people and reptile markets famously refer to them as American chameleons.

There are many breeders in the US market. We highlighted the list of some of the best breeders.

Finally, we enlightened you with some unheard facts about green anoles.

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