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Armadillo Lizard Facts: 09 Facts About Armadillo Lizards You Didn’t Know

What do you know or have been made to believe about armadillo lizards? This article aims to expound on some armadillo lizard facts that you must know.

The armadillo lizard is one of the unique reptiles that will surely captivate you once you see them.

Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that they are social lizards when compared to most reptiles. This is why it is a perfect reptile for beginner hobbyists, but it can be hard to get one.

Armadillo lizards are unique species and are named after the bigger armored mammals.

They are native to South Africa, and lots of people have compared them to the Greek ouroboros because of their defensive stance.

However, there are several facts about armadillo lizards that will surprise you.

Some of the facts about the armadillo lizard are stated below.

Do Armadillo Lizards Make Good Pets?

Armadillo lizards are regarded as a perfect choice for beginner hobbyists due to their docile temperament.

Although they have specific care requirements, they are not as extensive like some reptiles kept by advanced owners.

They are a fascinating and unique pet that you can keep at home as long as you provide their basic needs and keep at least two together (a male and female).

Furthermore, it is best to tame them while young to make them willing to be held, but they are not as cuddly like some other pet lizards like bearded dragons.

Armadillo Lizards Facts

10 Armadillo Lizard Facts
10 Armadillo Lizard Facts

Armadillo Lizard Tail Can Grow Longer Than Their Body

Armadillo lizard can grow to about 10.5 cm long and weigh about 8-17 pounds. The best thing about this species is that their tails can grow longer than their bodies and measure 40cm.

They Are Not Related To Armadillos

Although they are named armadillos lizards, they have nothing to do with the armadillo.

Armadillos lizards are reptiles, which is a different class of life to armadillos. Armadillos belong to the mammalian class, just like humans.

The only similarity between the two species is that they have hard armor that covers their bodies and their defensive stance.

Armadillo Lizards Possess Hard Scales

Armadillo lizards have hard scales, also known as armor, and it is their main protection from predators.

Furthermore, the armor changes color from one part of their body to another.

The upper end of the scales has shades of brown, while the scales on the lower body have yellow tones.

The scales found on the armadillo lizard’s lips are brown in color. At the same time, the scales on the chins have black splotches.

Many believe that the different color is used as camouflage by the lizard, and it helps them blend into their environment.

Armasdillo lizards' hard scales
Armasdillo lizards’ hard scales

They Are Omnivores

Armadillo lizards are omnivorous animals, which means they can feed on both plants and animals.

However, they prefer meat, and termites are their staple food. Furthermore, they can travel a long distance just to break a termite nest and feed on the insects inside.

Armadillo lizards can also feed on spiders and other insects. Moreover, they also eat leaves from low shrubs and bushes.

Armadillo Lizards Protects Themselves From Danger By Coiling Up

Once armadillo lizards sense danger, they can curl up into a ball by sticking their tails in their mouths and biting it down.

This helped them show armored scales and hardened spines in all the directions they may be attacked by the predator.

Furthermore, they can stay in this state for a long time until they are sure there is no danger again.

The interesting thing is that they look like a mythical serpent (ouroboros) that eats its own tail in this shape.

They Don’t Lay Eggs

Armadillo Lizard is among the lizard species that give birth to their young ones alive instead of laying eggs.

Female armadillo lizard can give birth to about two babies at a time. Furthermore, armadillo lizard usually feeds their young, unlike most other lizards.

They Have Few Predators

Due to the presence of armored scales and hardened spines, most predators avoid armadillo lizards.

However, their natural predator is the birds of prey. Birds of prey like eagles and falcons can hunt them perfectly fine.

They Are Social Animals

Armadillo lizards are social animals and can live in large groups, usually about 30-60 animals.

This further shows that they take advantage of strength in numbers. You will be mesmerized if you see these animals in the group curl up.

They Face Lots Of Environmental Problems

One of the major environmental problems faced by the armadillo lizard is the wildfires.

However, because of the rising temperatures on earth, which leads to bigger wildfires, it is more difficult to control wildfires.

Furthermore, invasive plant species can affect their food supply, and the lizards may have to eat plant life that they are not adapted to.

It is illegal to keep armadillo lizards as a pet in South Africa.

Illegal To Keep Armadillo Lizards As A Pet In South Africa
Illegal To Keep Armadillo Lizards As A Pet In South Africa

Armadillo Lizards are banned in South Africa but other countries can keep them as pets. Before going and buy one species, make sure you check your legal status about armadillo lizards as pets.

Do Armadillo Lizards Have Specific Requirements As Pets?

It is illegal to keep armadillo lizards as a pet in South Africa.

However, countries overseas can keep them as a pet. The ideal tank for armadillo lizards is about 20 gallons tank with a screen top for air to move freely. Their temperature requirement is between 29-49 degrees C to make them comfortable.

You should also provide them with ample water that can be replaced daily. You can feed armadillo lizards in captivity with crickets and worms.

Do Armadillo Lizards Drop Their Tail?

Although dropping of the tail is among the strategies used by lizards to escape from predators, this is not common in armadillo lizards.

This is mainly because of their unique defensive posture, as they need to hold their tail tightly in their mouth.

Armadillo Lizards only drop their tail as a last resort, but it will grow back slowly.

Wrapping Up Armadillo Lizard Facts

Armadillo lizards are a fascinating and unique reptile that you can keep as a pet. They have an unusual look, and they are usually collected from the wild and sold in pet shops.

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