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Ball Python Killer Bee: A complete Guide with Pictures and Facts

Ball pythons are the best snake pets bred by many snake pet owners. They are shy and come in many colors depending on the kind of morph.

In this article, we will talk about a rare morph known as ball python killer bee. Even though killer bee is one of the most beautiful morphs, only a little information is available.

For this reason, we will give you a complete guide and facts about the ball python killer bee. Keep reading!

What Is a Ball Python Killer Bee?

What Is A Ball Python Killer Bee?
What Is A Ball Python Killer Bee?

The killer bee ball python came as a result of cross-breeding a pastel and bumblebee. The babies come with a spider web pattern with a faded purplish tone and a yellow background.

As the killer bees grow older, the purplish color turns more into a lavender or grey hue. But the background color remains the same.

Their beauty makes them one of the most sought-after ball python morphs. Killer bees can hatch either a bumblebee or a pastel when bred to a normal egg.

The Identification Guide for Ball Python Killer Bee

The Identification Guide For Ball Python Killer Bee
The Identification Guide For Ball Python Killer Bee

There are varieties of ball python morphs. Identifying one morph from another can sound complicated. However, a little knowledge about their colors and size can help you to identify your morph easily.

In this part, we will be talking about how you can identify a ball python killer bee. Several factors can help you identify a killer bee from the rest of the ball pythons. These include:

Overall Color

One of the significant factors that make one morph of ball python different from the other is their colors. Ball pythons come with a variety of colors. These colors include white, yellow, green, brown, among others.

For bee killer ball pythons, they have a yellow background color and a purple tone that turns to lavender or grey hue as they mature.

However, it can be challenging to differentiate the killer bee from a fire bee. They all have the same colors, but the killer bee has a light yellow background color than the fire bee.


The other way to identify a ball python morph is by their patterns. Different morphs come in different patterns.

For instance, a ball python killer bee has a spider web pattern that makes it attractive. Thus, if you would be keen on ball python patterns, it becomes easy to distinguish a ball python killer bee from the rest.

Suppose you are having a hard time distinguishing the killer bee pattern from the fire bee. In that case, you can consider looking at their background color.

Eye and Head Color

Identifying a ball python killer bee by observing their eyes and head color is never as evident as you would expect. Even though it’s possible to notice a little difference in their head, it is never an easy task for beginners.

However, most morphs will have a different eye and head colors. For the killer bee, they look so similar to fire bees, but they are slightly different in their head colors.

Here is a video you can use to differentiate the two.

Can I Have a Ball Python Killer Bee as a Pet?

Can I Have A Ball Python Killer Bee As A Pet?
Can I Have A Ball Python Killer Bee As A Pet?

Yes, you can have a ball python killer bee as a pet. Ball pythons are the most famous snake pets, even for beginners.

They are naturally docile and easy to manage. There are varieties of ball python to choose from, and the killer bee is one of them.

Where to Buy 

Ball pythons are popular pet snakes. Thus, it’s not hard to get most types of morphs. However, some are rare and, therefore, quite expensive.

Luckily, they are popularly available in most pet shops and local breeders. Let’s look at some of the online breeders that you can buy from.


They are modern exotic reptile pet sellers.  They operate in the USA, South Africa, and Europe, but they also ship pets all over the world.

They have varieties of morphs, so all you have to do is find your favorite morph and they deliver it to you.

XYZ Reptiles 

They have been in the market for more than three decades.  They  have varieties of morphs, including ball python bee killer. Their prices are also competitive, and they can deliver you a healthy ball python bee killer to your doorstep.  

Snakes at sunset 

They have been in the market for more than fifteen years. They supply snakes and other reptiles to hobbyists and breeders with healthy animals across the globe.

Whether you want to become a ball python killer bee pet owner or breeder, they will supply you with the best and healthy morphs.

There are plenty of breeders and pet stores that can supply you with the best ball python killer bee. We have given you our best three suppliers. But feel free to do your research correctly before making that purchase.

How much 

The price of one ball python will differ from one breeder to another. Thus, it’s all on you to get yours from the breeder with the best price.

The price can also depend on the shipping fee. Thus depending on where you want your ball python killer bee delivered, you might have to pay the extra shipping fee.

However, the price of one ball python killer bee ranges between $179.99 for males and $229.99 for females. Females are more expensive compared to males.

What accessories to own a ball python

Owning a ball python or any other pet comes with responsibilities. Thus, it is essential to have ball python accessories to mimic their natural habitat and stimulate their mental health.

Here is a list of must-have accessories you will require to add in ball python’s terrarium before bringing it home.

Heavy water dish 

Ball pythons are heavy, and they tend not only to drink the water from the dish but also to soak occasionally. Thus, it is important to add a heavy water dish in their enclosure for them to thrive in captivity.


Ball pythons are nocturnal animals that spend their day hiding. Thus, it is inevitable for you to include at least two hides in their enclosure. 

Lack of hides in their enclosure can cause them substantial stress that can affect their overall health.

Since ball pythons are terrestrial and crepuscular, you should ensure that the hides are cramped and dark.

You would probably think that your snakes hide should be spacious enough for them to be comfortable. Well, you are wrong. 

Ball pythons and most other snakes prefer small hides that make them feel squished. Squished hide helps your ball python feel safe and less stressed. 

Logs or thick branches 

 It is necessary to include sturdy branches or logs in their enclosures to encourage exercise for your ball pythons. It will help it to occasionally climb and keep them physically healthy and free from obesity. 

In their natural habitat, ball pythons climb the tree at night to hunt. Thus, even in captivity, you should ensure to provide a climbing branch to reduce their chances of being stressed.

Artificial Vegetation 

Vegetation in a ball python enclosure provides more hides for them and also promotes shedding. 

While live vegetation makes the enclosure more attractive, it’s hard for them to withstand the ball python’s heavy bodies during night wanderings.

Thus, artificial vegetation is better than live ones in a ball python’s enclosure.

Terrarium Background

Glass terrarium without a background makes ball pythons insecure in their habitat.

Thus, it is necessary to cover three sides of your ball python’s terrarium to reduce stress in captivity. 

Those are the must-have accessories for ball pythons. Let’s now look at what you should feed your ball python killer bee.

What Do They Eat?

What snakes eat mostly depends on their size and age. Thus, you can feed your baby pythons with large crickets or fuzzies and pinkies. 

However, when they get larger, you can feed them with adult mice and rats. The best way to measure the prey’s size to feed your ball python is by measuring the middle of its body.

A ball python that is one inch in the middle of its body can consume a large mouse. Large prey can cause your ball python to regurgitate or get stuck in its esophagus or mouth.

Facts of Ball Python Killer Bee

Facts Of Ball Python Killer Bee
Facts Of Ball Python Killer Bee
  1. It’s a double gene 

The ball python killer bee is created by breeding a pastel and bumblebee ball python. Thus, it’s impossible to find one in the wild.

  1. They are  exotic 

While regular ball pythons are easy to find, the killer bee is a rare morph that can only be obtained by breeding two morphs. For these reasons, they are more expensive compared to regular pythons.

  1. They are constrictors 

Ball python killer bees constricts their prey. Thus, they fall into the category of boars who are constrictors and other pythons. 

  1. The killer bee is not alone.

While ball pythons are so popular, they have varieties of morphs, and breeders continue to create even more.

Like ball python killer bees, there are also other morphs created by breeding more than one morph. They include:

  • Butterball python
  • Chocolate ball python
  • Fireball python
  • Ghost ball python
  • Bumblebee ball python
  • Albino ball python 
  • Candino Ball python 

All ball python variations have the same characteristics except for color and patterns. 

  1. They lay leather shell eggs.

While other reptiles lay hard, calcified eggs, a ball python, including killer bee lay leathery shell eggs.

The eggs stay in a clutch, and thus they have a zero chance to roll off.

  1. They are wacky genetics.

Since killer bees are the products of pastel and bumblebee ball pythons, there are 50% chances to produce either pastel or a bumblebee ball python.

Thus, killer bees are rare morphs that are expensive and popular. They also have stunning coloration and spider web patterns.

What are the Common Health Issues of a Ball Python That You Need to Know?

Killer Bee Ball Python Pinterest Pin
Killer Bee Ball Python Pinterest Pin

Since sick ball pythons in the wild pretend to be well to avoid being target to predators, it is not easy to tell when your ball python is sick in captivity.

Thus, you should be weighing your snake regularly and record their normal daily routines such as feeding habits, shedding, and behavior.

Some of the most common health issues of a ball python in captivity include:

Respiratory Infections 

Respiratory infection is a common health issue in ball pythons. It is mostly caused by improper habitation, such as low temperatures and humidity, and generally poor hygiene.

You can tell if your ball python is suffering from respiratory infections if you notice some of these symptoms.

  • Lethargy 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Bubbly saliva 
  • Whistling noise when breathing


Obesity is another common health issue in ball pythons. While some breeders mistake obesity with healthy growth, it is necessary to know that obesity is a life-threatening health issue in ball pythons.

It can be caused by overfeeding your ball python, small enclosure, and lack of exercise. Symptoms include:

  • Visible skin between scales
  • Segmented body appearance 
  • Round shape 
  • Fat rolls near cloaca or head
  • Scale folding 


Healthy ball pythons should shed their skin at least once every 4-6 weeks. The shed should be in one skin. To help your ball python shed well, you should provide enough water to soak in to accelerate the process.


Snake mites are black parasites that can infest your ball pythons and live by sucking their blood. The best way to avoid these parasites is by disinfecting the snake products before use. 

Also, you should always wash your hand before and after handling your ball pythons. Symptoms of mite infestation in your ball python include:

  • Rubbing 
  • Lethargy 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Black dots on shed skin
  • Black dots around cloaca and eyes


It is another health issue that occurs when your ball python does not drink enough water. It can also be caused by low humidity and distilled water.

Symptoms include:

  • Wrinkled skin
  • Improper shedding 
  • Cracked eyes 

Those are the most common health issues in snakes. Luckily, most of these diseases can be avoided if you provide your ball python with a suitable habitat. 

Wrapping Up

Ball pythons have been popular since the 1980s.  Unlike before, when herpetologists purchased ball pythons to learn more about snakes, they now try to interbreed them to get exotic morphs such as ball python killer bees.

There are no limitations on the number of morphs that can be bred. Thus, if you would like to create your exotic morph like the killer bee, go ahead and try breeding two different morphs of your choice.

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