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Best Blue Tongue Skink Hides: Best Deals and quality

Hides are not just cage decorations. They serve a significant purpose in simulating the natural environment and minimizing stress than merely beautifying the enclosure. One is that they are essential in providing security to skinks. Second, they provide blue tongue skinks a warm or humid cozy place to hide in and shed. 

Your blue tongue skinks will still thrive but with much difficulty and stress if not given hides to stimulate them mentally and physically. In nature, wild blue tongue skinks get underneath rocks, tree barks, and under the shrubs to hide during brumation, sleeping time, when they are scared or threatened, or just for fun.

In captivity, several things can be turned into hides that skinks would love and you can provide it for your skink. Moreover, blue tongue skinks are curious animals that love to explore, they can on their own create a favorite hiding place out of any enclosure accessories that you wouldn’t think is possible.

Being that several reptile product manufacturers have come up with many kinds of hides for reptiles in captivity, choosing a hide that will be perfect for skinks can be challenging but you need not to worry because this article is aimed at making your decision-making process seamlessly easy. 

What you will learn from this article include:

  • Why hides are necessary for blue tongue skinks.
  • What to look for in a good hide for skinks.
  • How to make simple DIY hides and
  • Recommendation on the best reputable brand of hides.

Buyer’s Guide – Why Blue Tongue Skinks Need Hideouts

Why Blue Tongue Skinks Need Hideouts
Why Blue Tongue Skinks Need Hideouts

As earlier stated, the hides in your skinks’ enclosures are not just for decorations but for a purpose. Hiding is an instinct that blue tongue skinks and other reptiles have to conceal themselves to appear unseen by potential predators. 

So your skinks even though captive-bred will feel the need to protect themselves from impending danger by hiding. Hiding is part of their natural requirement for good health. So depriving your skinks some hideouts to hide in because you feel they aren’t disturbed by predators is simply going to make them suffer poor health.

Naturally, by instincts, all reptiles will feel the need to protect themselves. For your captive skinks, the absence of hides will predispose them to stress.

Stress on its own is dangerous to their health. Because for one, it will suppress their immune system such that it cannot combat infections and diseases thus results in illnesses.

What To Look For In A Good Blue Tongue Skink Hide

What To Look For In A Good Blue Tongue Skink Hide
What To Look For In A Good Blue Tongue Skink Hide

There are two kinds of hides in the market designed for reptiles that you can buy. The type perfect for blue tongue skinks and other floor dwelling reptiles is the “terrarium floor” hides (that is hides that are close to the floor and not too elevated).

These two types of hides are made from different kinds of materials and they come in various designs as well. So here are what to look for or consider when selecting hides for your blue tongue skinks.

It Must Mimic Nature

A good hide should simulate nature. Products like half log or cork bark will look and feel more natural for your skinks than artificial or fake animal skulls, docks, and vines. The ideal hide should be able to eliminate stress and make your skinks feel safe and secure. 

However, bringing in logs from the forest or bush is dangerous to captive skinks because the wild-caught logs or source of hides might be infested with mites and ticks or other parasites that will pose health issues to them.

Must Completely Hide Their Body

As the name suggests, the best hide should be the type that can conceal your skinks’ entire body in such a way that they can’t be seen. 

In essence, when purchasing a hide, choose the type that is large or wide enough to envelop the skinks’ entire body with one or more openings large enough to enable them to go in and out at will.

Review Of Best Hides For Captive Blue Tongue Skinks

Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge For Aquariums And Terrariums

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The hide by Penn-Plax is a beautiful, well-balanced resin that simulates the appearance of rocks found in the wild and the product is hand-painted, light-weighted, and easy to fix in your skinks’ habitat.

With its naturalistic look, it adds up to your cage decorations because they blend very well with the environment. This hide also makes for a good climbing accessory for your skinks. Though blue tongue skinks aren’t good climbers, active skinks will love to explore it is sold at Amazon for $14.54.

Key Features

  • Hand-painted with non-toxic paints to mimic the wild and reduce stress.
  • Multipurpose in design. Ideal for hiding, basking, and even climbing.
  • It’s safe. Made of non-toxic poly-resin material (not real stone) so it’s lightweight.

New to blue tongue skink? Check out the blue tongue skink care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about blue tongue skinks as pets. Check it now!


  • Natural-looking exterior that mimics natural rocks found in the deserts.
  • Made from non-toxic poly-resin material that makes it safe for skinks.


  • Barely measures up to 4 inches. The actual size of this product is misleading. It is not up to 7 inches tall as indicated on the product packaging.
  • This product has sharp edges that you might need to smoothen.
  • The actual product doesn’t look as natural as it looks on the online pet supply stores.

Zilla Vertical Décor For Reptiles

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The technology behind this hide is that if a suction cup made to attach to the glass of your skinks’ terrarium. This hide in simple terms is made of flexible plastic or rubber (cups) with some foam attach, using suction as an adhesive.

It is designed to be sticked to the sides of the enclosure. It can as well be mounted on the floor. Either way, ensure maximum firmness and security of your skinks.

Key Features

  • Durable, light-weighted, and sticks firmly
  • It is easy to clean
  • Suction cup stays intact and doesn’t slide randomly.


  • It has a naturalistic look that mimics the wild.
  • It is lightweight, durable, and quite easy to fix.


  • The suction cup doesn’t stick easily to the glass as described on the packaging.
  • Too expensive compared to other products. The materials used aren’t as expensive as other products, it is sold at Amazon for $27.99.

Galápagos (05346) Mossy Cave Hide, 4″, Green

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When it comes to mimicking the natural habitat, this hide got it all.

It makes a good hide especially if placed at the corner of the enclosure.

This hide is made of wires neatly covered inside out in sphagnum moss.

The moss is brilliantly colored with enhanced non-toxic dye which makes it look like the natural environment.

In terms of size, this hide is available in 4 and 6 inches, as well as blonde and green color sphagnum moss to match your skinks’ environment.

Key Features

  • It’s made with coated wires covered inside out with moss.
  • It is color enhanced with a non-toxic dye.
  • This product is specifically designed for floor dwelling reptiles like blue tongue skink, so must be used in a dry environment to prevent the moss from decaying.
  • Excellent delivery. Once you place an order for this product, it comes delivered in a small brown box (maybe some other colors though) with airbags to protect them from decay.


  • Makes a good corner hide.
  • Can hold up to humidity & UV light.
  • Its natural look and feel makes it ideal for blue tongue skinks.
  • It comes in different sizes of 4 and 6 inches.
  • Its brilliant green color adds up to cage decorations.


  • The moss coverings sheds too much and can cause health issues if not death to your skinks should they lick it.

Exo Terra 0015561229319 1 Reptile Cave – Medium

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This hide by Exo Terra is one of the most reliable hides in the market designed with a more realistic pebble coloring.

It is wide enough to comfortably accommodate your skinks and ensure that they don’t top over if they climb on it.

Being that the hide mimics nature, it reduces stress in skinks and ensures sound health. 

The Reptile Cave comes in two sizes (medium and large).

Key Features

  • It makes a perfect hide for skinks because it’s well-balanced, secure for skinks, and gives them a great cover.
  • It has a natural earthy-color that simulates the wild.
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean plastic hiding rock.


  • Guarantees a secure hiding place.
  • Looks natural which helps to reduce stress in skinks.
  • Well balanced and large enough to prevent large adult skinks from falling.


  • I’ve had no issues using this product.

Exo Terra Wet Rock Moisture Retaining Ceramic Reptile Cave

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This hide is designed with hygroscopic properties in such a way that the moist microclimate can aid thermo-regulation, shedding, and hydration in blue tongue skinks.

Its hygroscopic properties also ensure a stable humidity level in the enclosure by absorbing water and simultaneously releasing slowly moisture from the water reservoir.

New to blue tongue skink? Check out the blue tongue skink care sheet now! We had listed out all the things you need to know about blue tongue skinks as pets. Check it now!

This on its own will create a comfortable environment for skinks to thrive without risk of respiratory infections.

Key Features

  • Has an ideal width and length for baby and adult blue tongue skinks.
  • Helps keep the humidity levels constant and reduce the excessive rise in temperatures.
  • Gives a perfect mimic of nature.
  • Available in various sizes.


  • It can reduce extreme temperatures and fluctuations in humidity levels.
  • It’s stable and ensures the security of skinks.
  • Perfect to be placed on the cool side of the enclosure for thermo-regulation.
  • Helps during shedding and prevent stress.


  • Encounters no issues with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Hides For Blue Tongue Skinks

Why Is My Blue Tongue Skink Always Hiding?

Though it is natural for blue tongue skinks to hide for security and relaxation reasons, in captivity several factors can be responsible for this which might not be normal. These include:

Newly Purchased Or New Environment

It is normal for skinks to get scared and stressed thereby resorting to hiding because of a change in the environment. It happens to humans as well. Newly purchased skinks will oftentimes behave hostile to their new owners, always hiding and not wanting to be touched.

If this is the case with your skinks, you only need to give them time to settle in and get used to the environment and people around. Ideally, this should take a maximum of about 2 weeks.

Improper Lighting And Heating

Excessively bright light that tends to disturb the skink will force it to be hiding a lot. Too much heat on the flip side will also make your skink want to hide all the time to avoid the burning heat in the enclosure. 

How do you remedy this? Simple! Proper monitoring of the temperatures and captivity conditions to ensure that the entire enclosure is under correct temperatures will prevent skinks from hiding too much. 

All UVB lighting should be fixed at appropriate ranges away from your skinks to ensure proper UVB levels.


Brumation is that period of the year where blue tongue skinks naturally hibernate (hide and sleep a lot) to survive the cold winter season.

During this period they will desire no food except for water and will sleep most hours of the day. So if it’s that time of the year, just allow your skinks to sleep. It’s necessary for their health.


When blue tongue skinks are about to shed, they not only appear moody and dull in skin color but will also hide most of the time till they have successfully shed.

Gravid female skinks will hide often too. In this case, it is normal, but too much is dangerous.


Hiding a lot is one of the symptoms of sickness. So if all other possible factors are ruled out, it could be that your skink is sick that is why it hides a lot.

What Should I Do If My Blue Tongue Skink Is Hiding A Lot?

First review your husbandry. What have been the major changes in its environment (habitat) that could constitute stress?

Finding out where there is a fault in your husbandry and eliminating it is the first step to ensuring optimal health for captive blue tongue skinks.

What Is The Best Height For Blue Tongue Skink Hides?

Ideally, the size will be determined by the size of your enclosure and the size of your skink. If you have enough space and to spare in your enclosure you can go ahead and purchase a medium or large-size hides.

However, smaller enclosures will need smaller hides. Irrespective of the size of the enclosure, a 4-5 inches hide is perfect.

Tips To Providing Best Hides For Captive Blue Tongue Skinks – Simple DIY Tips

Deep substrates that skinks can dig through to burrow in can make good hides. Skinks are floor dwelling reptiles and burrowing is an important part of their habitat that shouldn’t be joked with.

Substrates made from natural materials or semi-arid DIY mixture are ideal for skinks and are available at online pet supply stores. Brands such as EXO Terra and Zoo Med will give you satisfying substrates.

If you’re on a budget you can come up with a homemade DIY hideout. All you need to start with are small paper bags or cardboard boxes, empty toilet paper rolls, half-cut styrofoam cups, and colored plastic containers with openings cut into them.

But you will need to replace each of these homemade hideouts with new ones after a while. Homemade rock structures also make awesome hides for blue tongue skinks provided that materials used in making the rock are securely glued together with a non-toxic glue.

Firm hides will ensure that they don’t collapse on your skink. Any hide you resolve to use for your skinks can be painted with non-toxic paints to add a nice flair to the enclosure.

Ideally, two hideouts are needed in your skinks’ enclosure- one on the warm side and the other on the cool side. To set up a homemade hide in the cool side, humidify the hide by having some wet mosses inside.


Blue tongue skinks need plenty of places to hide and such places must be provided for their optimal health. As far as quality, security, and comfortability is concerned, Exo Terra hides make great hides for any size of enclosures.

Wild-caught logs and rocks are not completely ruled out as they are great in terms of providing skinks a natural habitat but such items before fixing it in your skinks’ enclosures must be properly cleaned, disinfected, and dried.

DIY Reptiles Cave

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