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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bok Choy? Is It Harmful to Your Beardies?

A full pack of Vitamin A, Chinese cabbage, or bok choy is a veggie present in every bearded dragon’s food bowl.

Usually, owners add this green and white veggie to enrich the salad bowl with more beneficial nutritions.

They think they are feeding healthy food to the beardies, but their bearded dragons stay sick despite eating healthy. You may face this too. 

If so, we compose this article for you. Find out why this is so and whether bearded dragons eat bok choy.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bok Choy?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bok Choy?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bok Choy?

Bok choy is a superb source of essential vitamins like A, K, and C. Additionally, it has beta-carotene and folate. It is also the source of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and B vitamins.

As you are well aware of the fact that over-consuming of certain nutrition is harmful to bearded dragons. 

Similarly, if you over-feed bok choy and regularly add this into your bearded dragon diet, it must cause health problems. We will discuss all the health problems and the side effects of over-feeding bok choy later in detail. 

Right now, we are finding if bearded dragons can eat bok choy or not. Simple, the answer is “Yes”. Bearded dragons like the diversity of food. They love to taste new flavors. So they won’t dislike eating juicy bok choy.

However, it is quite confusing that what type of bok choy’s part do bearded dragons like? The green part or white stalk part?

Before answering this, I would say it is important to know why bok choy is not healthy in over-feeding. I think you must know all the chemistry and reasons for do and don’ts of bearded dragons. So let’s find out!

Is It Bad To Offer Bearded Dragons Bok Choy?

Is It Bad To Offer Bearded Dragons Bok Choy?
Is It Bad To Offer Bearded Dragons Bok Choy?

Obviously, it is not! If you stop offering bok choy to your bearded dragon, then it means your pet lizard is missing all-important nutrients. It’s why you need to be well aware of what is right for your bearded dragon and what is not, and most importantly, why?

Have a look at the nutrition table of the bok choy below. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides this nutritional chart of 70g of raw bok choy. 

Bok Choy- Nutritional Information:

Vitamin A3127.6IU

Coming to the point, bok choy is bad for your beardie’s health if offered daily. Too much intake of bok choy alternately increases the level of vitamin A and other key nutrients. It contains high vitamin A content that is 30%.

If overfed, It can cause toxicity and lethargy in bearded dragons. If the level of restricted nutrients becomes high, it will cause various health diseases.

Why It Is Bad To Feed Bok Choy?

Overload of bok choy means an overload of vitamin A or vitamin A toxicity.  Veterinarians call this hypervitaminosis A

Hypervitaminosis A is a common disease among reptiles. It affects all carnivores and herbivores. If we talk about bearded dragons, an omnivore, overdose of vitamin A can affect it too. 

Your pet bearded can suffer from laziness, feel a lack of energy and pain in the eyes. Bok choy also contains goitrogens that can affect the thyroid gland. Your bearded dragon may also turn into orange skin. 

That is why reptile experts suggest feeding bok choy in a moderation. You can offer your bearded dragon a bok choy as a treat or add it as a staple food. In fact, bok choy is one of the green vegetables that veterinarians and reptile experts do not recommend feeding as common veggies. 

Can Bearded Dragons Eat White Part Of Bok Choy?

It is complicated to decide what part of the bok choy should be offered. Some bearded dragons like to eat green leaves while some just enjoy the white part. According to a survey, most beardies like the green part. 

Concisely, bearded dragons can eat both parts. It depends upon your buddy’s choice and interest.

Preparing Bok Choy For Bearded Dragon:

  • Cut large slices of the green part. Add these green leaves with other mixed greenies.
  • Chop up the white stalk into cubes. If your pet lizard doesn’t like the white part, just throw it as a waste. 

Can Bearded Dragon Eat Cooked Bok Choy?

We can’t compare bok choy cabbage to the vegetables bearded dragons love the most. Bok choy is not good in taste. Beardies eat them occasionally. They won’t choose bok choy cubes if you feed it each time.

Cooked or boiled bok choy is only exceptional. It becomes tasteless, and most probably, your pet lizard will say no to it. If you want to offer cooked or boiled bok choy, then you have to sprinkle some flavor to boost its taste (use natural flavors not artificial flavors). It will activate the taste buds of your beardie.

What Should We Do If Bearded Dragons Over Consume Bok Choy? 

If you are noticing any unusual traits of your pet beardie, then you must pay attention to it. Your bearded dragon may spend more time in his vivarium or may eat less. This is a time when you should visit your preferred vet. 

It is best to contact vet as soon as possible. Otherwise, your bearded dragon can suffer more from over-feeding.

Wrapping Up

Now, you know whether bearded dragons can eat bok choy, and is it safe or not? And also got an idea about how to offer bok choy perfectly. It’s time to recall key points so that you have an idea of what this article was. You are going to bring out some important information.

  1. Bearded dragons can eat bok choy if and only offered as a staple food in moderation. They can eat raw or cooked bok choy, but mostly they enjoy raw bok choy. 
  2. Bok choy is a superb source of Vitamin A. Over-feeding of bok choy increases the level of vitamin A in the beardie’s body that can cause hypervitaminosis.

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