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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Peppers? Yes! But as Treat Only!

Green peppers are famous vegetables, and they are incredibly versatile; they have compounds that offer many health benefits. Can bearded dragons eat green peppers?

Several types of bell pepper exist, which differ from each other in color. We have green, red, yellow, and orange peppers, which vary in their nutritional profile. An unripe pepper is what we refer to as green pepper and it spends a short time in the field.

Let’s explore green peppers and see my reasonings about whether they qualify to be safe foods for bearded dragons. We will also cover other essential sections.

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Green Pepper Nutritional Information

Green Pepper Nutritional Information to Bearded dragon
Green Pepper Nutritional Information to Bearded dragon

First, let us find out the nutrients in green peppers, which will tell us about the safety of these vegetables as foods for the beardies.

According to the USDA Nutritional Database, 100g of raw green peppers contain the following nutrients.

Water91% to 94%g
Vitamin C80.4mg
Vitamin A18µg
Vitamin K7.4µg
Ca:P ratio1:2

The standard ratio of Ca and P in the beardies diet ranges from 1:1 to 2:1. Green peppers have a ratio of 1:2 calcium and phosphorus, respectively. That is a poor ratio when we are considering bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Peppers?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Peppers?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Peppers?

Bearded dragons can eat green peppers, but it is recommended to feed them rarely only as a treat. There are so many nutrients from green peppers that will benefit your beloved lizard if they eat these vegetables.

From the above table on the nutritional profile of green peppers, we can see that the peppers are high in moisture, vitamin C and A. Bearded dragons need vitamin C which contributes to fortifying the body’s immunity.

On the other hand, vitamin A has a significant role in supporting vision and eye health. One mineral that should never be lacking in your bearded dragon’s diet is calcium, and you also need to make sure that the foods you give have more calcium than phosphorus.

Green peppers don’t offer much calcium, but still, the beardies will benefit from the little calcium in these veggies if you feed them in the correct proportion. Calcium helps in growth, maintains healthy bones, and takes care of the well-being of the beardies.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Peppers?

Green peppers contain a lot of moisture, making them the best option when you want to hydrate your lizard friend. However, checking at the nutritional value of green peppers is relatively low, which calls for the need to feed them in moderation.

Green peppers have a lot of phosphorus more than calcium, where their ratio accounts for 1:2 Ca and P, respectively. Although the difference is not pretty big, you should limit the amount you offer to your lizard and feed them less frequently.

Ideally, bearded dragons can eat green peppers once a week or every other week. Too many green peppers can be harmful to your dragon because of high levels of phosphorus. 

With excess phosphorus, there are problems absorbing calcium into the bloodstream, as P binds to the latter mineral, calcium deficiency.

Why Green Peppers?

To reiterate, there are several types of bell pepper, and green pepper is among these categories. Other kinds include yellow, red, and orange bell peppers.

All the varieties of bell peppers are safe to feed to bearded dragons but remember that their nutrient composition is not the same. Green peppers are in unripe form as they are harvested earlier before they turn to orange, yellow, and eventually red.

Green peppers that have been in the vine for a short time compared to others tend to have low nutritional value.

NutrientsGreen PepperRed Pepper
Moisture, g 93.992.2
Energy, g2026
Sugar, g2.44.2
Fiber, g1.72.1
Protein, g0.90.99
Calcium, mg107
Phosphorus, mg2026
Vitamin A, µg18157
Beta-carotene, µg2081624
Vitamin C, mg80.4127.7
Vitamin K, µg7.44.9
Ca:P ratio1:21:4

The red peppers have more vitamin C and A and are also rich in beta-carotene, a carotenoid compound that converts to vitamin A and plays a significant role in enhancing vision. Red peppers have 2 times more vitamin C and 8 times more vitamin A as compared to Green peppers.

But if we compare the calcium to phosphorus ratio of the two vegetables, the difference between the two minerals is smaller in green peppers.

Also, green peppers tend to be slightly rich in calcium 10mg/100g, which is a pretty essential nutrient in bearded dragons.

You need to include other food ingredients together with green peppers in your lizard’s diet to ensure a variety of nutrients and a balanced state.

How to Prepare Green Peppers for Bearded Dragons?

There is no doubt in you any more about bearded dragons eating green peppers. The other important thing you need to know is how to prepare and serve these veggies to your adorable lizard.

See the few steps below that will guide you into making a delicious meal containing green peppers for your bearded dragon.

  • You can pick green pepper from your garden or buy them in a grocery. Only choose the fresh peppers. And if you can get the organic variety, they are the best choice to buy.
  • Washing is something you should never skip, even if you pick the veggies from your garden. It is here that you will clean off any unwanted chemicals and dirt from the peppers. Drying is also necessary after washing.
  • Then, take the pepper and cut it to remove the seeds as it is not recommended to feed them.
  • After that, cut the pepper to reduce it into sizes that your beardie can swallow easily. This step is paramount to prevent choking hazards.
  • Take only a few peppers’ pieces; around four pieces are enough since you are including other veggies and greens. Then serve the food to your pet and watch as it gobbles it up.

Wrapping Up

Next time you are feeding your beloved friend, consider offering green peppers. Bearded dragons can eat green peppers but in small amounts and less often.

Green peppers are incredibly rich in vitamin C and K, fiber, and moistures, which benefit the beardies’ body. Always make sure to remove the seeds when feeding and provide raw green peppers.

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