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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

Bearded dragons will happily munch on various fruits such as apples, pineapple, watermelon, peeled bananas, etc., but can they eat pears?

Fruits make up the smallest portion of the bearded dragon’s diet but supply essential minerals and vitamins. When offering fruits, keep in mind that not all fruits are safe for the beardies to eat.

As a diligent dragon keeper, you will not want to feed any new fruit until you know of its safety, which is good.

In this article, we’ll discover if bearded dragons can eat pears and how often they should eat them, and a lot more.

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Are Pears Nutritious?

Are Pears Nutritious?
Are Pears Nutritious?

The first and foremost thing to think of when looking forward to offering pears to your bearded dragon is to check its nutritional information.

Look if pears have the primary nutrients that bearded dragons need and if they are at a safe level. In particular, check for protein, sugar, water, acid, fiber, calcium and phosphorus ratio, and vitamin content.

Below is the nutritional data for pears:

Vitamin E0.12Mg
Vitamin B60.029Mg
Niacin (B3)0.161 mgMg
Vitamin C4.3Mg
Ca:P ratio1:1.3

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

Bearded dragons can eat pears, but it should only be an occasional treat to them. Remember that fruits should comprise not more than 10-20% of the beardie’s diet, and you should make it that way to prevent overfeeding.

If we look at pears, the calcium to phosphorus ratio (of 1:1.3) shows that it is a better option to offer to bearded dragons.

Following what we saw in the nutritional data above, pears provide a decent amount of vitamin C, and it also has vitamin K. Pears are also a good source of B vitamins, vitamin E and potassium.

These two minerals are essential for beardies in various ways. For instance, vitamin C helps to boost the immune system.

There is still more in pears as they are rich in fiber, thus, enhancing smooth digestion and regulating bowel movement.

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How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears?

Pears are high in sugar since they have about 9.8g sugar per 100g, which is too high for bearded dragons. High sugar intake in the beardies tends to cause stomach issues, tooth decay, and diarrhea.

Also, pears are low in calcium as they only contain 9mg of calcium per 100g, which is insufficient for the beardies. Bearded dragons need plenty of calcium, which has a huge role when it comes to health matters.

So, to ensure that your dragon benefits from pears, you should feed them once a week or every other week.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pears Skin?

No, bearded dragons cannot eat pears skin. The two common downsides with pears skin are that they are a bit rough and may contain chemicals.

Pears are sprayed with pesticides when in the field, and these chemicals tend to stick on the skin.

Chemicals are toxic, and if they find their way into the dragon’s body, it will make them sick.

The skin being rough is dangerous for the beardies as it presents choking issues and can end up killing your beloved pet.

So, if you have the habit of feeding pears skin to your bearded dragon, know that you are risking its health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Pears?

Always remember that canned foods contain preservatives that might be harmful to bearded dragons.

When we talk of canned pears, these fruits tend to be too sugary. You know the danger of feeding sugary foods to your lizard friend.

Besides causing tooth decay and diarrhea issues, too much sugar is also associated with fatty liver disease and overweight.

Some dragon keepers will feed canned foods to their dragons on several occasions due to some reasons.

This is not something I will advise you to do because of the underlying health issues behind such foods.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frozen Pears?

Since you may have pears at your home in the freezer most of the time, you might be wondering if you can offer frozen pears to your bearded dragons.

But before doing that, remember that frozen foods lose most of the essential nutrients during the freezing process.

And this means that your dragon will not be getting all the potential nutrients that pears can offer.

If you can always access fresh foods, that is much better, and giving your dragon what you know might raise some health issues. Frozen pears are less nutritious and contain the denatured compounds which can reduce the absorption of other nutrients from the intestine.

So, don’t use frozen pears, the beardies cannot eat them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pear Seeds?

Talking of the seeds, bearded dragons don’t go well with them, and that is why you need to remove the seeds from most fruits that you are offering to your cute pet.

Seeds tend to be hard in texture and challenging for the beardies to digest, and pear seeds are no exception.

They can cause problems with digestion and risk the dragon to various health issues.

Now you have the whole reasons why you need to keep off from feeding pears with seeds to your bearded dragon. Always know that the beardies cannot eat pear seeds.

How to Prepare Pears for Bearded Dragons

Use the following steps to make pears for your dear lizard and avoid making common mistakes that the beardie owners tend to make.

  • Look for fresh and ripe pears when buying.
  • Wash the pears with clean water to remove any pesticide and then peel it off.
  • Cut the stem and the core and discard them.
  • Slice the pears into small sizes that the dragon can swallow comfortably to prevent choking problems.
  • Include a few pears as a salad topper together with other veggies. Mix the food well in a food bowl and then provide it to your dragon.
  • Enjoy watching the pet as it munches on the meal.

Wrapping Up

It is safe to offer pears to your bearded dragon but only as a rare treat and in limited amounts.

Make sure to remove the skin, stem, and core every time you are feeding pears.

Also, avoid canned and frozen pears at all costs.

Pears juice is also not healthy for bearded dragons to drink.

Always look for pears that are fresh and ripe.

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