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Top 8 Cheapest Small Dog Breeds To Keep As Pets

We know that keeping a pet is an expensive proposition, especially a pet dog. But even people on a limited income want to experience the benefits of having a dog. For these people, the Cheapest Small Dog Breeds are just what they need to get started.

Some of the lowest-priced breeds of dogs are suitable for people on a budget. The type of dog and breed that is least expensive to care for depends on a number of factors, including size, health, and grooming requirements.

A dog’s cost of ownership begins before you even adopt your new four-legged friend. Considering adopting a puppy from a breeder? 

The cost of adopting an adult dog from a shelter is much higher than that of this option. In addition to the costs associated with owning a puppy, you’ll need to pay for vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and other expenses related to getting a puppy.

The price of owning certain breeds will also differ. A lot of veterinary work will be required for some breeds due to their health issues. 

A groomer who grooms high-priced dogs will quickly run out of grooming supplies and services. Here are a few cheap dog breeds to consider if you’re on a budget.

What Are Small Cheap Dogs?

Small cheap dogs are famous for their purse-sized and pocket-friendly maintenance costs. They are the best dogs for people living in small spaces, apartments, or condos. 

The average size of these small cheap dogs lies somewhere between 6 to 15 inches and weighs 30 pounds or less. Here are some cheap and small dogs that make perfect pets:

  • Rat Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Dachshund
  • Pug
  • Puggle

The above pets are considered cheap as they cost around $30 to $40 grooming and care expenses per month and are inexpensive compared to other breeds like Samoyed and English Bulldog. 

Top 8 Small Cheapest Breeds That Stay Small/You Can Keep as Pets

Chihuahuas are the cheapest and smallest dogs with low maintenance, have fewer health issues, and make great pets. 

Other dogs down the line are Dachshund, Rat Terrier, Puggle, Pugs, and much more. We have prepared the list of the top 8 cheapest small dog breeds below. 

Let’s discover how much these dogs cost, their temperament, appearance, eating habits, and grooming requirements. 

Small Cheapest BreedsSize (smallest to larger)AppearanceCost
Chihuahua6 – 10 inchesApple-head, long and shiny coat$500 – $1500
Dachshund9 – 19 inchesLong & Paddle Shaped body with stubby legs$400 – $1100
Bichon Frise9 – 11 inchesRound skull with curly, dense coat$250 – $2500
Rat Terrier10 – 18 inchesShort dog with smooth and shiny fur$600 – $1200
Puggle13 – 15 inchesBlack muzzle with smooth double coat$800 – 1200
Schipperke12 – 14 inchesSmall-sized dog with pointed ears$700 – $1100
Bolognese10 – 12 inchesSquarish body with white coat$1000 – $2500
Beagle13 – 18 inchesResembles like a Foxhound$500 – $850
Size, appearance and price comparison chart of cheapest small dog breeds
Dachshund and Chihuahua cheapest small dog breeds
Dachshund and Chihuahua cheapest small dog breeds


Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds that are intelligent, affordable, easy to handle, and care for.

Until the early 20th century, Chihuahuas were a rare breed that wasn’t registered until 1904 by American Kennel Club, as per Wikipedia

They are the easiest dogs to maintain and groom. You will need a good shampoo, conditioner, brush, and ear cleanser to groom your dog properly. 

Chihuahuas don’t eat a lot but require premium quality food ranging from ½ to 1 cup in 24 hours. 

Hypoglycemia is one of the most common health issues in Chihuahua and, if left untreated, it can fall into a coma. 


Dachshund is an inexpensive, playful, and patient dog breed that has long-body and stubby legs. 

According to Wikipedia, American Kennel Club ranked the dachshund as the 12th most popular breed of dog in the United States in 2018. 

A puppy Dachshund needs three meals every day, and two meals are enough for an adult one. 

They need frequent trimming and baths at least thrice a day because their coat can pick up dirt quickly. 

You adopt a Dachshund from Adoptapet.com at prices as low as $100 and puppyspot.com to buy this dog at affordable prices. 

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise breed of cheapest dog
Bichon Frise breed of cheapest dog

Bichon Frise is a low maintenance and moderate-energy lap dog that weighs approximately 10 to 12 pounds. 

According to Wikipedia, this bichon breed is considered a French dog but is originally Spanish, where it was used as a herding and sailing dog. 

Adult Bichons do well on 1 to 2 cups of food per day, divided into two meals or fed in one sitting, depending on their particular diet. 

They are susceptible to certain viral and bacterial infections like distemper, rabies, and parvo that can go away with proper medication. 

Routine grooming is necessary for bichons. Getting a young dog used to regular grooming is essential. Brushing out completely every two to three days is best, followed by weekly baths.

Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier playing outdoors
Rat Terrier playing outdoors

One of the least expensive pet breeds, these small dogs usually cost about $350. $25 is the typical cost of a professional bath. 

Rat Terrier was formerly used as a farm and hunting dog and found commonly at family farms in the 1920s and 1930s, as per Wikipedia.

An appropriate daily amount of high-quality dry food is 1/4 to 1/2 cup per day for a Rat Terrier under 10 pounds; 1.5 to 2 cups per day for a Rat Terrier between 30 and 40 pounds.

Rat Terriers are prone to pancreatic issues, viral infections, hip dysplasia, and patellar luxation. 


Puggle cheapest small dog breed
Puggle cheapest small dog breed

Puggles, especially designer dogs, are actually on the more affordable side of dog breeds. A designer dog usually costs around $1,500. In contrast, puggles cost between $400 and $1,000.

Puggle is a crossbreed that was first bred in the United States from a pug, and a beagle by a designer dog breeders, states Wikipedia

Around eight weeks of age, your adorable Puggle will begin eating a scheduled diet. The recommended number of meals per day is 4. Half a cup to a quarter cup of puppy food will suffice. 

The Puggle does not require much grooming, although they tend to shed a little. As long as the shedding season has not started, weekly brushing is sufficient.


Schipperke cheapest small dog breed
Schipperke cheapest small dog breed

Schipperke is an affordable, mischievous, and energetic dog that weighs only 10 to 16 pounds. 

According to Wikipedia, they originated in Belgium and are considered small shepherds there. 

Schipperke puppies must eat three or four small meals per day, while adults should feed them twice daily.

They are low-maintenance dogs and don’t need much grooming. However, this breed sheds moderately. Weekly brushing them is a good idea.

These are healthy dog breeds that don’t have many health issues but are susceptible to joint and skeletal problems if overfed.


Bolognese breed of cheapest dog
Bolognese breed of cheapest dog

Bolognese are calm and don’t require much exercise. Due to their energy levels and size, they are among the most affordable dog breeds to feed. 

According to Wikipedia, male Bolognese range in height from 10.5 to 12 inches and females from 10 to 11 inches. Weights range from 6-14 lbs.

It is always a good idea to provide your Bolognese Dog with a high-quality, grain-free kibble as the majority of adults thrive on two meals twice per day, which is why we recommend half a cup of dry dog food twice per day.

It takes considerable time to groom and bathe the curly white hair to keep it looking its best.


Beagle cheapest dog breed
Beagle cheapest dog breed

The low care and food needs of beagles make them among the most affordable dogs.

Wikipedia describes the beagle as a scent hound that resembles the much larger foxhound in appearance. Hunting hare was the primary purpose of the beagle’s development.

An adult Beagle dog should require one cup of dry food every day, divided between the mornings and the evenings.

It is essential that you groom and care for your beagle’s coat, skin, nails, eyes, ears, and teeth regularly.

Breeders estimate the average life expectancy of the Beagle at 13 years, but with the proper care, it can live for quite a bit longer.

Why Choose Small Cheap Dog Breeds?

You can save ample money on pet supplies and food with small dogs. They also require fewer crates. In addition, no matter where you take your pet – to the park, to the vet, or on a road trip – small dogs are simply easier to travel with than larger breeds.

Pros Of Petting Small Dogs?

Small dogs have many advantages, especially if you live in a city. As small dogs require less activity than larger dogs, they tend to be more suited for apartment living. The average small dog can get their daily exercise by going for a walk.

Due to their smaller size, small dog breeds typically require less food than their larger counterparts. 

They are usually less expensive than big dogs when it comes to veterinary care. Small dogs will be considerably cheaper to spay and neuter.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to pet animals. However, we have described the top 8 cheapest small dogs in the above article as well as the advantages of owning a small dog. 

In addition to our list of eight dog breeds, we have also included information about their care, size, and maintenance costs.

Other breeds of small dogs you can keep as pets with low maintenance cost include small lazy dog breeds and small calmest dog breeds.

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