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Do Squirrels Eat Grass? Do They Even Like Grass?

When you think about a squirrel’s diet, from a layman’s point of view, grass is the last thing that would cross your mind. Most people would argue that a squirrel does not eat grass. But when there is scarcity of nuts and other foods, do squirrels eat grass?

The main reason why people take an interest in knowing if squirrels eat grass is if they plan on planting grass on their lawn. It’s always better to be prepared for everything to get the right outcomes.

After reading this article, you can expect to learn more about whether a squirrel eats grass or not. Please continue reading to find out more about the true nature of a squirrel’s diet and why it is so.

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Can Squirrels Eat Grass?

Squirrels believe in survival over anything else. That means that a squirrel will do almost anything so long as it survives. A squirrel will never allow itself to go hungry, yet there is a supplement in the environment.

It is also necessary to understand that squirrels need a lot of energy because they move almost everywhere in just a short period. Squirrels will, therefore, eat what is easily available to them.

Does that imply that squirrels eat grass? It may surprise you to know that squirrels do eat grass. Squirrels do not eat up the grass blade but instead grass seeds. Squirrels tend to focus more on recently planted grass.

can Squirrels Eat Grass? Yes, Squirrels can eat grass
Can Squirrels Eat Grass? Yes, Squirrels can eat grass

If you have any newly-planted grass and sprouts, you should not be surprised to see squirrels eating them. Squirrels do love eating seeds. Apart from loving seeds, squirrels are always ready to eat what is easily available to them.

Even though squirrels may have a preferred diet, they will quickly turn to what they find easily in the environment. Once a squirrel is hungry, you can expect it to eat almost anything from the environment.

Do Squirrels Like Grass?

After learning that squirrels eat grass seed, you may ask if they enjoy it. Getting the right information helps you in making better decisions.

The plain truth is that squirrels partially enjoy eating grass but love grass seeds more. Not specifically grass seeds but seeds of all types. Apart from acorns and nuts, squirrels will not leave any seed they come across behind.

Augustine grass with seeds
Augustine grass is one type of grass that squirrels love to eat.
squirrels enjoy eating the seeds of these grasses more than the grass itself.

Also, squirrels may prefer to eat grass seeds because it is much easier to access. If a squirrel had to choose between climbing a tree with thick branches or eating grass seeds, you can be sure what they would prefer.

A squirrel would easily feed on grass seeds, for it is much easier than going through climbing a tree with thick branches.

Squirrels tend to take advantage of what is easily available to them. The most important aspect of a squirrel is to survive. So long as anything edible is available, you can expect a squirrel to survive in that environment.

Another reason that makes the grass a better option for squirrels is that it is not harmful in any way. Grass seeds are ideal so long as no pesticide has been sprayed on them.

How Often Do Squirrels Eat Grass?

You may also wish to know if squirrels are going to eat grass frequently. In this case, if squirrels consider grass as part of their regular diet. Different factors will determine how regular a squirrel eats grass.

How Often Do Squirrels Eat Grass?
How Often Do Squirrels Eat Grass?

You will notice squirrels eating grass more often if there is nothing else available in the environment. Squirrels tend to take advantage of what is available in the environment. That means if the grass is available, squirrels will not hesitate.

If there are plenty of nuts on trees, you can be sure that the squirrels will eat to their fill and not even focus on the grass. Therefore, squirrels tend to consider what is readily available for them to survive.

If squirrels were to come across a bird feeder in the surroundings, they would choose it over grass. A bird feeder offers more nutrition to a squirrel when compared to grass.

You can, therefore, expect a squirrel to less frequently feed on grass if a bird feeder is in the environment. The frequency of squirrels eating grass will always depend on what they find easily available to them.

What Are People Saying About Squirrels Eating Grass?

Most people who have encountered squirrels eating grass have been shocked by the said revelation. That is pure because squirrels are well-known for eating nuts. However, the real shock comes when you realize your freshly planted grass is ruined. 

Read the full list of what do squirrels eat to learn what you can feed squirrels.

It has certainly been a huge concern for many who planted their grass only to find everything in ruins. Most people did not expect squirrels to be the main culprits. However, after learning that squirrels were responsible, action had to be taken.

A lot of people reported using a poultry wire fence to curb squirrels from eating grass. Remember that squirrels will mostly eat grass seeds. Once the grass seed has grown, squirrels will not need it much.

Apart from the poultry fence, a bird feeder also comes in handy. By placing a bird feeder within the surroundings, you divert a squirrel’s attention from your grass seeds. Squirrels will take an interest in the bird feeder and forget your grass.

Squirrels find a bird feeder to be nutritious when compared to grass. Although squirrels can interfere with your lawn, many people found solutions that proved useful in managing the situation.

Why Do Squirrels Eat Grass?

A squirrel eating grass seeds
A squirrel eating grass seeds

Lastly, you may wonder why squirrels eat grass. The nature of squirrels has everything to do with why they do so. Squirrels are more opportunistic animals. That is to say; squirrels take advantage of any opportunity that will present itself.

A squirrel will always focus on survival as its primary aim. If the grass is easily available, a squirrel will not wait for nuts to fall from the sky. A squirrel does everything it can to avoid hunger.

Apart from taking advantage of opportunities, squirrels do enjoy eating seeds. Squirrels love to eat seeds of all types. It should not be a surprise when squirrels eat grass seeds as part of their diet.

Squirrels will also turn to eat grass if that is what is within their reach. A good example is when a bird feeder is not available.

A home with a bird feeder discourages squirrels from eating grass. The opposite is also true. If a home does not have a bird feeder but has grass available, then squirrels will not waste any opportunity.

Wrapping Up

Squirrels have surprised many people after finding out that they do eat grass. It is also paramount to remember that squirrels will not eat any grass blades.

A fully grown grass blade is not the center of interest for a squirrel. Only grass seeds or new sprouts will interest a squirrel.

It is also quite easy to keep off squirrels from your grass seeds. You have the option of using a poultry fence or a bird feeder.

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