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Do Squirrels Eat Mice? Yes! But Let’s Learn The Truth

You may have asked yourself if do squirrels eat mice out of curiosity.

Everyone knows squirrels have a love for nuts. However, have you ever thought of them eating mice? Anybody who finds mice to be unpleasant will want to find a good solution once and for all. 

It will, therefore, be to your benefit if you found out that squirrels within your surroundings are going to serve that purpose. Keep reading to find out if squirrels eat mice.

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Do Squirrels Eat Mice?

One very surprising fact about squirrels is that they are omnivores. Most people think that squirrels only feed on nuts, but that is not correct. Squirrels do actually eat mice.

Squirrels can kill mice
Squirrels can kill mice

Any animal that is an omnivore will require to occasionally eat a diet rich in protein, fat and carbs. You should, therefore, not be surprised when you find a squirrel eating a mouse.

That should not, however, mean that a squirrel will always feed on mice. That is quite the opposite. Squirrels do not regularly eat mice. They tend to eat mice when they are very hungry.

Apart from eating mice, squirrels can also eat small snakes and insects. That implies that a squirrel will always seize the right opportunity when it presents itself. The environment will always present challenging conditions from time to time.

That is why a squirrel may opt to attack a mouse, as it will be a reliable source of food when experiencing food shortages. However, that is not to mean that squirrels will attack large animals.

At What Age Can Squirrels Eat Mice?

You may be interested in knowing the exact age that is ideal for a squirrel to eat mice. For example, a wild squirrel can eat mice at any time so long as it can attack mouses.

Squirrels will always enjoy fresh food. It is, therefore, necessary for the squirrel to find a mouse to attack as it will act as a fresh source of food for it.

The age of squirrels will not hinder it from eating mice. That is because the harsh times of the year can force a squirrel to look for alternative food sources such as mice.

However, that’s not to say that a baby squirrel that has not started weaning can eat mice. Just like human babies, baby squirrels have to be introduced to solid food first.

Age will not determine if a squirrel is ready to eat mice or not since harsh conditions can force it. Even though a squirrel prefers to get protein from plant-based foods, it may be forced to adapt to its current surroundings.

Do Squirrels Like Mice?

After discovering that squirrels do actually eat mice, you can wonder if they are a favorite meal for them. Nonetheless, the answer may come as a surprise to you. Squirrels do not actually like eating mice.

Squirrels do not actually like mice
Squirrels do not actually like mice

Is that a surprise to you? Well, it should not. Squirrels take to eating mice when there is no other option for them. A year has different seasons, and each has its unique conditions.

During difficult times, a squirrel would prefer to eat mice than starve. Squirrels are well known to be quick in adapting to the environment. That means that a squirrel will be fast when it comes to making decisions involving its diet.

However, that is not to mean that squirrels prefer to eat mice. In any case, squirrels will always prefer plant matter to animal matter. When food is in plenty, you will hardly see any squirrel eating mice.

Scarcity of food is the main drive behind squirrels eating mice. In most cases, if you see a squirrel with a mouse in its mouth, the high chances are that it lacked plant matter to feed on.

Can Mice Kill Squirrels?

What really happens when a squirrel attacks a mouse? You may wonder how the encounter is like bearing in mind that both squirrels and mouse are small animals. In reality, squirrels are quite intelligent.

Expect a squirrel to target mice that are small in size—the size of the mouse matters compared to the size of the squirrel in question. Squirrels first take time and analyze the size of a mouse before pouncing on it.

Also, squirrels will use their sharp vision to observe mice. The squirrel will take time and observe their prey from far before making any move. Once ready, the squirrel will ponce on the mouse at the perfect time.

That, therefore, implies that a mouse can hardly kill a squirrel during their encounter. A squirrel will always identify the perfect target before making any moves.

If the squirrel was to eat a poisoned mouse, what would happen? In such a case, the squirrel is in big trouble. Eating poisoned mice would result in the death of the squirrel

However, it is unlikely to happen as squirrels like fresh food. Squirrels prefer to attack a live mouse as part of their meal. However, a poisoned mouse that is alive can act without inhibition and may get closer to its predators than usual, making attacks more likely.

Will Squirrels Eat Dead Mice?

Now you know that squirrels do kill and sometimes eat mice, you can wonder if the same would happen if the mice were dead. In most cases, a squirrel would prefer a plant-based meal. 

However, if harsh conditions present themselves, the squirrel may not be left with plenty of options. A squirrel is always driven by survival. That means a squirrel will try its best to survive by simply adapting to the current situation.

If a squirrel fails to get its protein and fat from plant-based foods, it will turn to the closest alternative. That means a squirrel will turn to eat mice even if it is not a favorite. 

In this case, what will the squirrel do if the mouse is dead? As stated above, squirrels adapt quickly to the environment. The squirrel will prefer to eat the dead mouse than die.

The most important aspect for a squirrel is to survive. It will, therefore, do anything possible to stay alive. However, if plant-based foods are in plenty, you would never see a squirrel eat a dead mouse.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, a squirrel will eat a mouse. The big difference is that a squirrel turns to eat a mouse when there is no other food option. Squirrels are known to store their food in preparation for harsh conditions ahead. 

However, once their supply has run out, the squirrels are left with no alternative. Squirrels will turn to mouse hunting for they quickly adapt for survival purposes. 

It may come as disbelief to many who have always considered squirrels to be cute nut-eating animals. However, after understanding their strong desire to survive, it all makes perfect sense why they have to eat mice.

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