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Do Squirrels Like Water? Do Squirrels Like to Bathe?

Do squirrels like water, both to drink and to bathe? Let’s find out.

All living things both plants and animals require water to survive. Even as water is a necessity for survival, every plant and animal needs a certain amount of water at certain times to remain alive.

While some species of plants and animals can withstand or survive for a long time without water, other species may die if deprived of water. This is particularly true about aquatic plants and animals.

Since squirrels aren’t aquatic in nature, you may wonder ‘do squirrels like water?‘ Besides liking water, do squirrels like bathing frequently? If at all they like water, considering their habitat, where do they get access to water in the wild?

It can be interesting to learn more about squirrels, especially if they are your backyard visitors. Most people find squirrels within their backyard or even keep some as pets. Have you acquired a squirrel as a pet recently?

Once you get to read through this article, you should understand more about whether a squirrel likes water or not. Apart from that, you will also understand if squirrels like to bathe. Keep reading!

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How Do Squirrels Get Water in The Wild?

Water is essential for all animals. Squirrels are, therefore, no exception to that fact. However, have you ever asked yourself where a squirrel gets its water in the wild? Rivers would be an obvious answer for most people. 

Rivers and streams are good places for squirrels to get water. However, squirrels must be extra careful when approaching such sources. Most predators are easily found in such areas, and so a squirrel needs to be extra careful.

do squirrels like water? yes, they do
Squirrels drink from any source of water available.
They drink from streams, lakes, and fountains and even rivers. But they must be careful and alert.

Apart from rivers and streams, squirrels also get their water from squirrel feeders, bird feeders, fountains, and lakes. Such water sources may be ideal for a squirrel, especially if it is safe from predators.

Squirrels need to be extra cautious to avoid predators such as bobcats, minks, weasels, and foxes that may be waiting to pounce on them as they drink water. With so many predators, squirrels need to exercise a lot of caution.

Squirrels will also get water from the underside of leaves. Dew forms on the underside of leaves every morning, making it convenient for squirrels since they do not have to leave trees in search of water.

Do Squirrels Like Water?

Without water, no animal would survive on this earth. That would also explain why the earth’s surface is 71% water. Without water on earth, the land would be inhabitable for all living things, plants and animals alike. Is it safe to say that squirrels like water?

Yes, it is correct to say that squirrels like water. Squirrels do take a lot of water. They can live without food for about eight days but need water every day. They get water from bond or fruit.

A thirsty squirrel begging man for water

Squirrels need a lot of water daily. A squirrel takes water at least two times a day. That shows how important water is for squirrels. Several factors also determine the need for water.

One being warm weather. During warm weather, a squirrel will need lots of water daily. Apart from warm weather, lactation is also another factor that increases the need for water in squirrels.

When a squirrel is feeding its young ones, it needs a lot of water since most of it is lost during lactation. Pregnancy is also another factor that will make a squirrel have more need for water.

Can Squirrels Swim? Do They Get Drown?

a cautious squirrel drinking from a river
Squirrels enjoy drinking more than swimming. Although they can swim, but only as a way to escape from predators.

Have you ever seen a squirrel swim? Most people would give no as the answer to that question. That leaves the chosen few who are confident of the answer. Yes, squirrels do swim.

If a need arose, then a squirrel would easily swim. However, squirrels may not enjoy swimming as they are not so good at it. Swimming requires a lot of energy, making it unfavorable for squirrels. Squirrels get tired quickly.

Like most animals, squirrels will dog paddle for them to swim across bodies of water. The tail also comes in handy as it is good for steering in water. However, squirrels opt to swim if faced with no other option.

Squirrels swim when looking for food or if chased by a predator. Can a squirrel drown? Yes, a squirrel can drown. Despite knowing how to swim, squirrels get tired quickly.

If a squirrel were to fall in your pool, it might have trouble getting out due to the slippery surface on the side. A pool net would help you get the squirrel out of the pool to avoid drowning.

How to Bathe A Squirrel?

When you want to bathe your pet squirrel, you have to make sure you do it correctly. The bathing process is not complicated, but it needs to be done carefully and correctly.

Your pet squirrel may need a bath because it has an unpleasant smell. If your pet squirrel has a funny smell that is not pleasant, it becomes crucial to bathe it. Dirt is also another reason to bathe your squirrel.

If your pet squirrel has dirt on its fur, you should think of how to make it clean. However, the bathing process should not be done anyhow. It needs care since you do not want to make the squirrel uncomfortable.

There are several steps involved when bathing a pet squirrel. By following the proper steps, you are sure of achieving success. Be sure to read through these important steps that will guide you through the whole process. 

#Step 1: Heat Some Water 

You will first need to heat the water before you can begin the process of bathing your pet squirrel. As you heat the water, remember that it only needs to be lukewarm. Do not use a water heated to a 100 degrees Celsius.

You should only use lukewarm water. Water that’s too hot will damage the fur of the squirrel. Be very careful as you do not want to injure your squirrel. Always use lukewarm water.

#Step 2: Use A Cloth to Wash the Squirrel.

While bathing your squirrel, be careful enough not to let the ladder gets to its eyes. [source: JoshRuble75]

Once you have a bucket full of lukewarm water, the next step would be to have an item of clothing used in the bathing process. An item of clothing is convenient as it will keep the squirrel from feeling uncomfortable.

Apply soap to the cloth and wash the squirrel while holding it in one hand. You must have a good grip on the squirrel, either with your right or left hand. Have a good grip of the squirrel before starting.

The other hand should then gently wash the squirrel using the piece of clothing. Gently rub against the squirrel to wash off any dirt that may be present on the fur.

#Step 3: Rinse the Squirrel

After the squirrel is clean, you have to make sure it is well rinsed. Gently pour water over the squirrel’s body to rinse it clean. That means you need to have two separate basins of water ready.

One set for the washing and another for the rinsing process. Carefully rinse your pet squirrel and make sure no foam is left on its body. Always be gentle when handling the squirrel as it is small.

It would be rewarding if you were extra gentle since you are handling something relatively small. If it’s your first time bathing a squirrel, you should expect some signs of resistance. Squirrels can seem uncomfortable at first and so be extra gentle.

Once you’re done bathing your squirrel, ensure you gently rinse the foam off its fur. [source: Bubbles The Squirrel]

#Step 4: Dry the Squirrel

Once the bathing process is complete, you have to keep your squirrel dry. Use a dry towel to keep your pet squirrel dry. Put the squirrel in the middle of the towel and rub against it.

That will help in ensuring the squirrel is dry within a few minutes. Rub the towel against the squirrel several times to ensure it is well dried. Once that’s done, you should have a clean squirrel that will also smell good.

The entire process should be done within a minute or two. Please do not take too long when bathing your pet squirrel, as it may be uncomfortable throughout the process. However, once used to bathing, you should have no issues.

Wrapping Up

Squirrels like water. Apart from just liking water, squirrels need water. This article has been apparent that squirrels cannot live a single day without water. It would, therefore, do squirrels a lot good if you could help them out.

If you have squirrels visiting your backyard, be ready to provide them with water. You can set up a squirrel feeder with water next to it or put water where they visit most.

When bathing squirrels, always remember to be gentle. Handle squirrels with a lot of care as they are small animals. After following all the afore-mentioned steps, you should be able to bathe your pet squirrel correctly.

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