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Squirrels as Pets: A-Z Types, Care, Diet, Lifespan, and Tame

Squirrels are present in all continents except Australia, and you can see them scurrying across your compound and nesting on trees.

Can you keep squirrels as pets?

Squirrels are cute little critters, but many people think them to be destructive.

These creatures indeed cause severe damage to our plants, and their vast appetite can make them quickly eradicate a fruit tree and food crop garden.

That’s the bottom line of squirrels, but there are many interesting facts about these critters that you probably didn’t know, which makes them adorable pets.

I encourage you to be patient as there is much to learn in this article.

Can Squirrels Become Pets?

Can squirrels become pets?
Can squirrels become pets?

If you wonder if squirrels can become pets, then this is the right place for you to get the answer. The debate about domesticating squirrels and having them as pets is infinite. Peoples’ opinions are tremendously different.

I want you to remove doubts about keeping squirrels as pets, and that’s why I had to go deep into researching and produce this article for you. Yes, squirrels can become pets; in fact, more and more people are keeping them.

Unfortunately, not all states allow raising exotic animals like squirrels as pets, among others, as pets. A couple of pets are familiar to us, including dogs, farm animals, and cats, but unusual animal pets like squirrels are exotic.

In simple terms, exotic pets include several different wildlife species, including reptiles, birds, fish, etc. Before deciding to domesticate a squirrel, you need to confirm your state if they allow pet squirrels.

If they authorize it, be sure to get all the requirements, and then you can comfortably own your squirrel. You will even hear people confessing how beautiful domesticated squirrels can become. This is not a lie but a noble truth.

Squirrels as Pets History

Squirrels As Pets History
Squirrels As Pets History

Today, finding people with pet squirrels is quite challenging, but early in the 17th to 19th century, squirrels were pretty popular pets. You would hardly visit an American house and miss spotting a squirrel.

In ancient times, the colonial Americans are famous for keeping different types of animals as pets, but squirrels are indeed the most popular. The playful nature of squirrels and the fact that they create a joyful atmosphere captivated many children.

That is why an American home with children could barely lack a pet squirrel. Back in the 17th century, you could find squirrels in the market and the wealthy peoples’ homes. Also, children from affluent families had squirrels’ portraits.

Squirrels are dear friends to these ancient people. For instance, in 1722, we see Benjamin Franklin mourning a squirrel by the name of Mungo that dies a tragic death. He even goes ahead and writes a eulogy for the pet.

In the current world, finding a person reaching the point of even having their pet squirrel eulogy is close to zero; it’s a pretty rare event. The popular squirrel species during this time include American grey squirrel, red squirrel, and flying squirrel.

By the 20th century, people begin to see squirrels as lousy, and there arises a shortcoming to keeping them as pets. Many people started to view squirrels as wild animals, and with time they refer them as pests.

Surprisingly, in California in the 1910s, the state is seen declaring a public attack of these adorable little critters. They no longer consider them as pets like before.

From the 1920s-1970s, many states adopted exotic pet laws, and this judge against domesticating squirrels. Currently, even a squirrel expert can warn you against having a pet squirrel due to their scratchy claws, finicky diet, and demand for a large space.

Can Squirrels Be Tamed?

squirrels can be tamed
squirrels can be tamed

It’s possible to tame squirrels, and if you are dedicated, this is a reasonably simple task. Taming a wild squirrel is pretty simple, but it demands a lot of patience from you. Squirrels are way much smarter than you might think.

Fun fact: you do it wrong when it comes to keeping squirrels as pets

Don’t think today you meet a squirrel, and tomorrow you expect it to trust you; they aren’t that stupid. But with patience and perseverance, the squirrel will get used to you and approach and get closer without fear.

Most people who tame wild squirrels do this by placing food around their property; they wait and allow the squirrels to come and have a bite. They are cautious not to startle the squirrels as they will flee away.

With time, the squirrel will notice that you are a good person, and after a couple of weeks or even months, it may gain courage and begins to approach you closely confidently. See how easy it’s to tame a squirrel?

However, although you are dedicated to taming squirrels, there are a couple of things you need to know which can guide you to whether you should tame these creatures or not. Beware that squirrels are parasite carriers.

After getting confident with you, squirrels may spot a place in your home to build a nest, especially an attic. From there, they begin to chew wires, boards, pipes, etc. And this can result in problems like property damage. 

How can you successfully tame a wild squirrel? Let’s find out.

Taming Tip #1: Area Identification

The first and most important thing to do when planning to tame a wild squirrel is to identify an area in your home where you can place food for them. You have to be careful when it comes to selection.

The best place to spot is one filled with trees as you can easily find squirrels here; feed them from this position. Make sure to section off an area specifically for feeding these target animals.

Taming Tip #2: Look for Ideal Feeders

The next task is to have the feeders for feeding. You can use bird feeders, purchase feeders exclusively meant for squirrels, or create a platform area. Fill the feeders with food and leave them.

Although you do not see the squirrels at first, the truth is that they do see you putting the food. Remember that the squirrels are not far away but are on the trees, just around there.

You can choose to buy foods such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, or squirrel food blend for the squirrels to eat. Feeding the squirrels every day would be best for them to get used to you leaving food.

The more you feed them or leave the food, the more they start to see you as a good person and will not fear approaching you. More and more squirrels will start coming to your feeder and also in your yard.

Interestingly, sometimes you may even see them coming at the back door and remind you it’s time for more supplies.

Taming Tip #3: Talk to Squirrels

By now, the squirrels no longer fear you like before. It is recommended to talk to them and produce squirrel noises when you are around the feeder.

This might seem awkward, and it’s not that squirrels understand you, but it’s one way to attract them. The squirrels stop seeing you as a threat. To appeal to them more, make sure to also hold a peanut in your hand.

If you didn’t know, squirrels are social creatures by nature. Besides being instinctively timid, they are curious about a human. At least one squirrel will be brave enough to be curious about you as you make their noise and come.

Ensure you take notice of the brave squirrel that comes closest to you. Within a few weeks, as long as you aren’t threatening and are patient, the squirrel should get closer, a few feet from you.

Taming Tip #4: Hand Feeding

hand feeding a squirrel
hand feeding a squirrel

While the squirrel is a few feet from you, using a peanut in your hand, encourages it to come even closer. Bend down and give the peanut to the squirrel.

Note, it can take several days or weeks before the squirrel eventually accepts the peanut from your hand. Here, you are trying to show the squirrel that you aren’t dangerous, and it will get a cool treat when closer to you.

The other squirrels will be staring at the brave one watching what is happening. In the end, a few of them may build up courage and also try to take the nut from your hand.

Taming Tip #5: Bonding

Finally, some squirrels will start accepting the nut from the hand, resulting in a more adventurous move with them.

You can sit down and start offering the nut to the squirrels, but this time, allow them to climb up on your lap to accept it. Put the nut on your shoulder and have the squirrel climb to get it.

At this stage, the squirrel will no longer perceive you as an enemy but a great friend. Now you can agree with me that taming isn’t complicated, right?

List of Squirrels That You Can Keep as Pets.

Squirrels are legal pets in some municipalities, and keeping them is a huge commitment. We have about 200 species of squirrels in the world, but they fall under three classifications: ground, tree, and flying squirrels.

If you are confident that your municipality allows you to have pet squirrels, the big question will be which squirrel species is ideal to choose? That is a reasonable concern as not all species can make excellent pets.

Moreover, each single squirrel species has different requirements when it comes to living space. Therefore, it is wise to know which squirrel species you are dealing with and whether it can be a legal pet.

So, what is the list of squirrels that you can keep as pets? Let’s see them.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrel can be kept as pet
Ground squirrel can be kept as pet

When it comes to cuteness, ground squirrels are on top, but that doesn’t mean all of them can make good pets. Another thing about these critters is that they require utmost care and a large space.

Generally, ground squirrels are often challenging to handle and sometimes become pretty aggressive. And this proves that this is not the best species for children. Let’s see the species of ground squirrels that can become pets. 

Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

Richardson's Ground Squirrel
Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

Richardson’s ground squirrel, also called gopher, is increasingly becoming a popular pet in many parts of the world. As pets, these animals need extensive gentle handling right from their young age, usually at four weeks old.

It helps the squirrel to become tame and familiarizes with handling. You can get a gopher from a breeding center as some are bred in captivity.

Gophers resemble prairie dogs and rock squirrels; thus, you need to be sure you are buying a Richardson’s squirrel. And this will ensure you give appropriate care to the right species.

You can house them in a multi-level cage and provide standard pet store bedding.

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog

A prairie dog is another species of ground squirrel and is famous as a pet. A couple of states authorize the keeping of prairie dog pets. Interestingly, these squirrels tend to be exceedingly intelligent.

They can communicate with each other by using a complex system of vocalization. Prairie dogs are friends and bond well with their owners but maybe aggressive to strangers.



Chipmunks are small rodents, but they are simply a species of squirrels. Their small body size makes them need a reasonable enclosure size. These squirrels are affectionate, and they bond well with their owner.

Providing climbing places in the enclosure can make these pets happy, although they aren’t vivid climbers like grey squirrels.

Tree Squirrels as Pets

Tree squirrels, as the name suggests, stay on trees where they build their nests. The following is a list of tree squirrels that people keep as pets.

Grey Squirrels

Eastern Grey squirrel
Eastern Grey squirrel

Grey squirrels are common, and they are familiar to almost everyone. There exist some breeders who raise these squirrels, and you can buy from them. Some people tend to adopt them from the wild.

These creatures are prone to biting, although this is an expected behavior among squirrels. They have sharp claws, so you need to be careful with them and beware that they can cause a lot of damages.

Grey squirrels are known to bond with only one person, and everyone else becomes a stranger.

Prevost Squirrels

Prevost squirrels are tremendously beautiful and make good pets compared to the grey squirrels. Unfortunately, these squirrels are rare and tend to be expensive. If you are lucky to find one, you can buy it for around $1000.

Prevost squirrels, just like the grey squirrels, have sharp claws and are vivid climbers. They enjoy climbing at their owner’s body; thus, you need to be cautious about their claws. They require ample space as other tree squirrels.

Squirrel Diet as Pets

Squirrel Diet As Pets
Squirrel Diet As Pets

In captivity, squirrels need to eat various food to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition—a group of foods to choose from includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, mealworms, and insects.

Vegetables that are edible to squirrels are carrots, green beans, celery, and romaine lettuce. If it is fruit, you can buy bananas or apples, among others. It is necessary to provide a calcium supplement.

Some people use parrot food to feed their squirrels, which is still a good idea. Parrot food contains many seeds, which squirrels will appreciate eating. Provide water at free choice, which is paramount. 

Also, consider giving hard materials like large bones or hard barks for the squirrel to chew. This plays a vital role as the squirrels’ teeth tend to grow continuously.

What Do Squirrels Eat?

What Do Squirrels Eat?
What Do Squirrels Eat?

Typically, squirrels are omnivores, and in the wild, they eat a variety of food including, nuts, buds, berries, fruits, grain, pine seeds, pine cones, bird eggs, fledglings, etc. Squirrels aren’t picky eaters and thus tend to eat many things.

Squirrels are also famous for chewing things; they can nibble almost anything they come across, and this way ends up causing a lot of property damages. They love eating, and that is not a surprise.

Squirrels are flexible and adapt to different foods depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, you will see a squirrel eating food that people discard in their yard or parks, sometimes due to no choice.

Although squirrels tend to eat almost anything, they still have their preference for food. Their diet varies with season, location, and opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few of the foods that squirrels eat, especially in captivity.

Food type #1: Squirrel Blend

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Squirrel blend is formulated exclusively for squirrels, and this ensures they have a balanced and varied diet. Use a squirrel feeder to provide this food.

Squirrel blend consists of 61% peanuts, 0.5% vegetable oil, 15% pine nuts, 20% black sunflower, 2.5% hazelnuts kernels, and 1% hazelnuts in shells. These feeds come in different packages, including 2.5kg and 1kg.

Food type #2: Volkman Seed Squirrel Gourmet Mix

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Squirrel gourmet mix is a healthy formulated diet food, and squirrels will munch it on the spot due to its soft shell instead of burying them. You can buy squirrel gourmet mix from Amazon.

Gourmet food consists of pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, black stripe sunflower seeds, and tree nuts. You can feed this food on a free-choice basis and provide plenty of water.

Food type #3: C & S Products Sweet Corn Squirrelog

 Sweet corn Squirrelog consists of 100% edible logs that contain roasted peanuts and sweet corn. It is consumable and more economical to use.

The food attracts more squirrels, and it gives you peace of mind knowing you are giving the best food to the squirrel. A single Squirrelog replaces 12-24 ears of corn. You can get it from Amazon.

Food type #4: Backyard Seeds Shelled Peanut Pickouts

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Premium shelled peanut food is rich in protein and is 100% consumable. It is also high in calories, oil, and fats. The oil and fat provide energy, while protein promotes growth and good health.

It is enjoyed by squirrels and other wildlife as well as birds. The food is cost-effective at Amazon. Offering the best food to your squirrel will make it happy, and you will also appreciate it.

How Much Do Squirrels Eat?

How Much Do Squirrels Eat?
How Much Do Squirrels Eat?

We have seen that squirrels aren’t picky when it comes to eating. They can eat different types of food such as nuts, berries, etc. There are also special foods for squirrels, which you can obtain from commercial places like Amazon.

Apart from knowing which foods are ideal for squirrels, it is also necessary to know how much food a squirrel requires per day. That is the only way to ensure that you give the right amount of food as demanded.

One squirrel will need to eat just over a quarter pound of food every single day. Thus, you need to make sure you keep that limit, as too much will be wastage, plus you will incur a lot of costs.

How Often Do Squirrels Eat?

Wild squirrels are continually eating, and you will find them munching most of the time. How often a squirrel will feed varies depending on species, age and weight. For instance, Eastern grey squirrels typically forage in the afternoon and at dawn.

Fox squirrels spend most of the time eating, gathering, and storing food. Baby squirrels require special maintenance and will not survive without food for a long time. They need to eat after every 2-3 hours.

At around 12 weeks old, the best time to provide food to your squirrel is after every 12 hours. That means that feeding should happen twice a day, at dawn and in the evening. The same also applies to adults.

Can You Domesticate A Squirrel?

Squirrels can become great pets for us, but they tend to be lousy for various reasons. Although I’m not saying that you cannot domesticate them, of course, you can, and it is the best idea if your country allows it.

You will require a license in some states, while other countries require people to go through wildlife rehabilitator training. But some municipalities completely don’t appreciate domesticating squirrels; it is illegal.

Upon deciding on having a tamed squirrel, it is wise to communicate to a wildlife veterinarian. The vet will guide you on the best care to give to the squirrel. These critters can fit in cages.

Best Diet for Squirrels

Nature provides the best and nutritional food to the squirrels. You should mimic what squirrels eat in the wild and provide it to your pet squirrel, and it will love you for it.

Your pet requires to eat a balanced diet, which consists of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat. It needs a diet with a lot of calcium. Provide a variety of food from each mentioned category.

The amount to feed depends on the squirrel’s weight, ensuring that each animal gets what is necessary. Limit foods rich in sugar, fat, and starches for overweight, older, and less active squirrels.

The feeding requirement for a squirrel in a day is as follows.

High calcium vegetables should be around 5-7 thumb-sized pieces in one day. Such vegetables include arugula, beet greens, cilantro, romaine lettuce, collard greens, chicory, turnip greens, dandelion greens, mustard spinach, watercress, kale, fennel, etc.

Other healthy veggies like green beans, zucchini, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carnations, cherry tomatoes, mushroom, bell pepper, etc., need to be fed 2-3 pieces per day. Give rodent block at about 2-4 small blocks per day.

Feed about 2-3 nuts per day with a shell, fruits two slices in a day, about two live or dead mealworms per day, and make sure to provide unlimited wild food while in season.

Baby Squirrels Diet

baby squirrel eating
baby squirrel eating

Baby squirrel’s digestive tract is pretty sensitive, and they may start to diarrhea or dehydrate when you feed them wrongly. If you don’t know what to feed a baby squirrel, I would recommend you to inquire first.

Never attempt to feed these babies cow’s milk, human formula, or milk substitutes as they can be dangerous. But baby squirrels can do pretty well with puppy milk, and you can buy it from pet food stores or veterinary offices.

You can feed this milk after every two or three hours and provide additional feeding during the night. The amount to feed keeps on adjusting as the baby is growing and varies depending on species.

Juvenile & Adult Squirrels Diet

Juvenile & Adult Squirrels Diet
Juvenile & Adult Squirrels Diet

A juvenile squirrel is above six weeks old, and it resembles a miniature adult squirrel. At this age, a squirrel is ready to begin nibbling on solid food. While still providing milk solutions, it’s good to introduce solid foods gradually.

Juveniles can eat kale, sweet potatoes, grapes, apples, broccoli, hard-shelled nuts without shells, etc. Offering a good quality rodent diet is the best option.

Adult squirrels have full-grown, hard and sharp teeth. They can eat anything, but their favorite foods include nuts, fruits, berries, insects, bird eggs, and the list continues.

Both the adult and juveniles need a balanced diet consisting of protein, minerals, vitamins, and fat. They require plenty of calcium.

Can Baby Squirrels Drink Milk?

Can Baby Squirrels Drink Milk?

Baby squirrels are in their early development stages; they don’t have teeth and are weak and hairless. A mother has to look after them and nurse them until they are about 12 weeks old.

If you have a baby squirrel, the only food to give is milk since its digestive system is pretty young and sensitive. The stomach can only accommodate light foods, which is milk. Hence, baby squirrels drink milk.

You can use a syringe to feed the milk in the first days and then later on graduate to a feeding bottle with elongated nipples. That is the best way you can make your baby squirrel drink milk.

Squirrel Lifespan

A squirrel has a gestation period of around 29-65 days, and this varies depending on species. During birth, a mother can give birth to 3-5 kittens or more. She nurses them until they are 12 weeks old.

At nine months, a squirrel is considered mature and lives in its own nest. Wild squirrels can live anywhere from 5-10 years or less. They have a short life span due to many challenges they face in the wild.

For example, this can be due to predation, diseases, and human interactions. Because of such threats, wild squirrels may die before they even reach 18 months old.

On the other hand, pet squirrels can live even for more than ten years since they receive highly nutritious foods and are under the best care. Some squirrels in captivity have registered a lifespan of more than 18 years.

How to Care for Squirrels?

Wild baby squirrels are prone to injuries, and you might encounter one that needs your help. At such a position, you need to know how you can care for such a squirrel. Even then, knowledge for caring for pet squirrels is necessary.

So, how do you care for a squirrel? Caring for squirrels involves providing proper food, shelter, and veterinary care.

Make a proper shelter for your squirrel; you can use a cage. Provide a nest box and appropriate bedding materials to provide a comfortable and warm place. Ensure you mimic the conditions of the squirrel’s natural habitat.

Make sure your pet squirrel gets a healthy and balanced diet. Also, be sure to provide water at free choice as this supports good health and the pet’s well-being. Involve a vet in case of any injury.

Another essential thing to consider is encouraging your squirrel to have exercise. Squirrels require a lot of exercise for building their muscles.

Look for A License

To keep a squirrel as a pet, you need to get a license. It allows you to own the pet and obtain medical treatment without worrying legally. In some states, you cannot raise a squirrel unless you have a license.

With a pet license, you can move around with your pet to various places including, legitimate educational classes. You can communicate with your state authority for guidance on getting a license.

Look for Veterinarians Who Will Treat A Squirrel

Squirrel Veterinarians
Squirrel Veterinarians

You need to regularly check your squirrel for wounds and seek medication from the relevant vet. Look for an exotic vet locally and take your pet in for regular checkups.

You can also visit a wildlife rescue center that will guide you on how to get a veterinarian. Before you rehabilitate a squirrel, make sure to contact the rescue for guidance.

Squirrels are wild animals; thus, you need some knowledge to live with them as pets and make sure they receive the best veterinary care.

Buy a squirrel

If you confirm that your region approves keeping pet squirrels and they require you to have a permit, then make sure to obtain it first. You can seek information from your local department of animal services.

Afterward, the next concern will be how to get a squirrel for yourself. Have a list of the local exotic breeders and look for those that are specifically for breeding squirrels.

Look for a breeder with a good reputation or pay a visit and look for breeders with a good stock. Buying from experienced breeders ensures that you buy a captive-bred, domesticated squirrel that you can raise easily.

Proper Feeding

You have to feed your squirrel a healthy and balanced diet, which allows you to raise a healthy- and good-looking pet. The food should consist of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat.

Baby squirrels require special care; they need specific minerals and vitamins. Squirrels are playful animals and engage in many exercises; thus, they need to eat well to replenish energy.

Do Squirrels Need Water?

Yes, squirrels need to drink a lot of water every day for their health and well-being. You can provide a bowl of clean water in the squirrel’s enclosure or cage. Apart from having a bowl, you can decide to use a bottle.

When using a bottle, look for a glass one as squirrels are masters of chewing and chew a plastic bottle. Make sure the bowl is of the appropriate size to prevent the squirrels from drowning.

Some people choose to place marbles at the bottom of the bowl and fill it with water halfway up to the marbles to prevent drowning cases.

Best Toys for Squirrels & Have Fun with Your Squirrels

Squirrels are pretty active animals, and thus, providing them with toys is healthy for their entertainment. You want your pet to be happy and appreciate living in a home away from its natural habitat.

Small stuffed toys that children use to play can make excellent toys for squirrels. Be keen to remove any plastic part, e.g., plastic nose or eyes, as squirrels will chew them. Mobiles and cat toys with feathers can also be ideal toys.

Do You Need to Bathe Your Squirrel? How Often?

Typically, squirrels are exceptionally clean critters and don’t need to bathe more often. However, they can gather some dirt or parasites from the enclosure, which demands you to clean them.

You can also clean the pet to remove foul odors. The fact that squirrels can clean themselves pretty good, you don’t need to bathe them more often. You can do it probably after 3-4 weeks or less often.

When bathing the squirrel, use warm water in a sink, baby shampoo, and a warm towel for drying it.

Remove Squirrel Smell

Remove Squirrel Smell
Remove Squirrel Smell

If you have a squirrel at home, you know how awful their smell can be, and it is essential to remove it thoroughly. The smell could be coming from the droppings, urine, body oils, and sweat.

The best way to remove a squirrel smell is by spraying a little deodorant in the area with the smell. Below are steps to removing squirrel smell.

Tip #1: Locate the Place with Smell

Locate the place with a squirrel smell; this can be in the enclosure or from the attic. If squirrels aren’t threatened in your home, they can build a nest in the attic.

If there is a squirrel smell in your rooms, check where it is most potent and visit the attic.

Tip #2: Trap the Squirrels

When there are squirrels around, you need to trap them. Trapping is possible through the help of a live trap box that you place at the attic’s exit. Release the squirrels to an area far from your place.

If it is a pet squirrel, remove it from the enclosure before spraying, as the chemicals can be dangerous. Cleaning the place will also be necessary.

Tip #3: Seal of Entrances

If you remove squirrels from the attic and you don’t want them back, you have to seal off any potential entrance to the place.

Tip #4: Clean the Droppings

Vacuum the squirrel droppings from the attic using an industrial vacuum cleaner. For the enclosure, you also need to remove droppings.

Tip #5: Remove Beddings

Remove the squirrels’ beddings from the attic or enclosure.

Tip #6: Spraying

You can use a deodorizing product like Earth care odor remover bags, odor hunter, or Bac-A-Zap. It is also useful to use a bowl of vinegar and a bowl of baking soda and place them on the opposite side.

Tip #7: Setting Out Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract will help to cover up any smell that is remaining until the area smells fresh again.

What You Need to Consider Before Owning Squirrels as Pets

Before you own a squirrel as a pet, you need to check with your state and be sure that they allow keeping these pets. Get all the legal information and look for what they recommend, e.g., a permit.

Squirrels need a lot of space; thus, you have to ensure you can provide sufficient space. Check with the wildlife experts or veterinarians and inquire from them about keeping squirrels.

Also, ensure you have a veterinarian who will be giving medical services to the pet. Know the best food to feed squirrels and various means of obtaining them. Get an ideal enclosure and provide all the needed supplies.

Ensure you know an exotic animal breeder where you can purchase a captive pet squirrel and a healthy one.

Squirrels Are Not Always Friendly with Kids & Dogs

We know that squirrels can become aggressive due to numerous reasons, and this depends on species. Not all species are friendly, and this makes one squirrel species not to be like another.

Squirrels also tend to be playful, and you need to be careful with them as they have sharp claws that can cause injuries. Kids will not be careful playing with squirrels like an adult, and are prone to get injuries from such claws.

Sometimes, a squirrel may not get along well with dogs because of their aggressiveness, and dogs are known to threaten squirrels. Dogs can even eat squirrels.

Squirrels Might Carry Some Fleas

Squirrels Might Carry Some Fleas
Squirrels Might Carry Some Fleas

Squirrels may indeed carry fleas as well as other parasites. A squirrel is a busy animal and does digging when searching for nuts or burying them. They get these parasites maybe from soil or other substances.

Squirrels can bring these fleas to your yard when they visit, pass them to cats either in direct contact or indirectly. Also, squirrels tend to transmit infections to humans through parasites such as fleas.

Baby Squirrels Are Easier to Tame Compared to Adult

If you are fortunate to find a baby squirrel and identify that the mother isn’t around, it definitely needs your assistance. Baby squirrels as pets are more comfortable to tame than adults since they are young and unable to escape.

Since they need help from you, these babies don’t feel threatened by you. They are friendly at this stage and pretty innocent. Also, it’s hard for a baby squirrel under your care to trace its natural home and leave you.

At a young age, the babies can’t do anything for themselves, and that’s why they need you.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading this long article, and I’m hopeful that the information here is helpful to you and that you enjoyed reading it. It is clear now that squirrels can become good pets despite people seeing them as pets.

Many countries in the world allow the keeping of squirrels as pets, but after you adhere to their laws. For instance, in some states, you need to look for a license before owning your squirrel.

Caring for squirrels is easy; you need to provide a healthy and balanced diet, proper shelter, and veterinary services. Also, provide a space that is well accommodative as squirrels need ample space.

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