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Do Squirrels Remember Humans?

Squirrels are popularly sapient and cognitive creatures despite their small size.

Besides, squirrels are versatile and can quickly adapt to people’s lives, cultivating the question, do squirrels remember humans?

There are numerous incidences where individuals affirm they have been feeding wild squirrels and want to get acquainted with them.

Consequently, these individuals are inquisitive as to whether the squirrels can remember them.

If you had questions about squirrels, then you are certainly reading the right article. Let’s find out more about this fascinating creature. 

A girl I rescued four baby red squirrels

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Do Squirrels See the Same as Humans?

On the contrary, squirrels see much better than humans, apparently because they need their faculty of sight for survival as far as staying alert is concerned. Squirrels are usually vigorous during the day; all that swings from tree to tree and running across streets indeed demands a spectacular sight.

Squirrels have point-perfect eyesight, hence an excellent peripheral vision; this means they have an extensive-angle vision, enabling them to focus on various objects simultaneously.

They can vividly capture whatever is on top, beside and next to them, unlike humans who have a single-point focus ability meaning they can only concentrate on one object at a time rendering the peripheral images blurred.

A study conducted at Exeter University states that squirrels have a faint yellow pigment that absorbs sunlight to reduce blurriness hence acute eyesight in daylight conditions.

A squirrel’s vision is heavily dependent on motion. A squirrel sees, 2018 affirms that squirrels possess a color anomaly known as dichromatic vision characterized by blue and green color; therefore, they cannot decipher other colors. 

Do Squirrels Remember Humans?

Do Squirrels Remember Humans?
Do Squirrels Remember Humans?

A study conducted by the Harvard Gazette showed that squirrels could recall where they buried their nuts over a long time; likewise, squirrels can remember humans who gave them food in the past.

Another research by the BBC Earth showed that squirrels could journey through a maze initially and be precise on succeeding attempts navigating the same maze. This is a clear demonstration that squirrels have a great memory.

Exeter University further subjected squirrels to a memory test by experimenting. The experiment designed a device that would give out nuts if the squirrels pressed a given set of buttons.

In the first attempt, the squirrels took longer to figure out how the machine worked, while in the subsequent runs, they took less time in getting out nuts because they had memorized how the machine worked.

Squirrels are an intriguing set of rodents. If you can make them acknowledge your intentions from the outset by being friendly and giving them food, they will remember you for your generosity.

Do Squirrels Recognize Their Owners?

Do Squirrels Recognize Their Owners?
Do Squirrels Recognize Their Owners?

Yes, squirrels can recognize their owners, given the exceptional memory abilities they possess. Regardless of their tiny size, they are smart and intelligent compared to other rodents in their docket.

Just like other pets, squirrels can remember their owners. Usually, squirrels get attached to their owners owing to how regularly they get food. The many times you feed them, the quicker they warm up to you.

In the journal of mammalation by Oxford academic, Matteo states that recognition in squirrels is a natural process. He adds that squirrels can recognize their kins based on specific parameters.

The mechanisms used by squirrels in recognition include; spatial cues, familiarity from previous encounters and odor recognition. Basically, these squirrels may employ one of the following techniques in recognizing their owners.

Squirrels are by propensity confiding creatures and are actually among the scarce wild animals that can feed in humans’ presence and sometimes from humans’ hands.

How Long Can Squirrels Remember Humans?

Researchers at Exeter University found out that squirrels have a long-term memory that could quickly remember techniques used to solve a problem they had not encountered for two years. 

Consequently, squirrels can remember humans that fed them for years because of their exquisite reminiscence. Also, scientists believe that squirrels have a spatial memory that aids them in recalling activities or humans.

Although only ground squirrels hibernate while other squirrels do not, further studies revealed that hibernation declines a squirrel’s memory retention ability due to neurological changes. However, this activity only affects the squirrel’s ability to carry out tasks, whereas the social memory remains intact and unaffected.

In the experiment, the squirrels that underwent hibernation were slow in recalling the techniques used to get nuts from a machine, whereas those that did not hibernate took less time retrieving nuts out of the machine. 

Squirrels are perceived to be intelligent since they can employ problem techniques in new environments to solve new problems. For example, they can come up with multiple ways to get food from restricted bird feeders.

How to Tame and Build a Relationship with Squirrels?

Hand feeding to build relationship with wild squirrels
Hand feeding to build relationship with wild squirrels

Squirrels are intrinsically appealing to watch as they go about their daily routines, from dashing in front of moving cars across streets to those wild chases against each other during the mating season. One would really be concerned if these cute rodents can make good pets.

Taming and building relationships with squirrels entirely depend on food provision; it’s the only way squirrels can achieve proximity to human beings and actually connect. Keep reading to find out how to make squirrels your friends.

Baby Squirrels

While it is possible to tame a baby squirrel, it is not an upheld idea among animal specialists. This is because they are still classified as wild animals and may occasionally manifest violent and wild characteristics.

It is advisable to contact relevant authorities before opting to take care of baby squirrels or retain it where you found it to determine if the mother might come back for it. 

If all the options are not applicable and decide to take responsibility, ensure you learn about prescribed squirrel feeds and appropriate care. Baby squirrels are considered weak to take care of themselves until they are twelve weeks old.

First of all, you should ensure that baby squirrels are kept warm all the time to increase their chances of survival. You can design a small box patched and filled up with clothing to provide warmth.

Also, baby squirrels require a natural and complex diet of fresh vegetables and seeds, which can be expensive to provide. For baby squirrels, it is required that you bottle feed them a special kind of milk prescribed for them.

Since squirrels are vigorous and energetic, they tend to require a lot of space for their routines. They also need to be let out of their cages occasionally if you built one for them. As a result, they require constant supervision and attention, which can be a challenge.

A recently born squirrel is approximately one-inch-long, hairless and pink in color. Baby squirrels are probably the easiest to tame because, on many occasions, they are usually orphaned. 

They tend to associate quickly with humans and require a great deal of care because of their vulnerability. However, baby squirrels have the leverage to survive under the care of their mothers. 

Juvenile and Wild Squirrels

With over 270 species, squirrels are astoundingly among the most heterogeneous mammals. They fall under three groups: ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels.

Ground squirrels are the majority in many urban centers.

When intending to tame a wild or juvenile squirrel, patience and perseverance are key.

It is recommended to create a designated area where you can put food such as groundnuts for their initial feeding.

Once the squirrels become fond of you giving them their right food, they develop the courage to associate and interact with you freely. Although it may take time to connect with these intelligent creatures, diligence is always called for.

When trying to connect with squirrels, you should try not to seize them as this may portray the wrong impression making them flee away. Such acts may make the squirrel uncomfortable in your presence.

As a result, they may spot you as a threat; also, you should not make sudden movements when near squirrels, as this may scare them away.

Squirrels scamper away from perils by moving in inconsistent directions to confuse the enemy of its selected path hence facilitating escape. In some instances, they flee and climb to a nearby tree.

Squirrels have four front teeth that ceaselessly grow as long as they exist. This is to prevent their teeth from wearing down on account of gnawing from nuts.

Wherefore if you decide to pet squirrels, you should aid them with materials they can gnaw to help them wear down their teeth or else they will become ill or destroy property.

Wrapping up

Squirrels are outgoing animals by disposition. They tend to be prying about humans initially, but once they comprehend that humans are harmless, they develop the courage to associate and interact with them.

The thought of taming a squirrel may look far-fetched, but it renders a beautiful experience. On the contrary, scientists are against the idea of petting wild animals because it interferes with the ecosystem.

While taming squirrels has worked quite fine for some individuals, some have had their share of misfortunes and displeasing experiences hence contentious opinions on the same.

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