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How Much Is A Dog Face Puffer Fish?

Dogface puffers, also called blackspot puffers, are saltwater puffer fish species commonly found in the sea stretching from south of Japan to East Africa and South Wales.

They are not only popular because of their appearance; they are rarely aggressive and are suitable for a non-reef environment. You may be wondering how much this cute puffer costs.

The price of a Dog Face puffer fish varies based on its size and beauty. However, you can buy a common small-size Dog Face for between $99 – $300, and some large-size fish can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

This article will help break down everything you need to know about the cost of a dog face puffer, from how much they cost to helpful tips when choosing a dog face puffer fish.

How Much Is a Dog Face Puffer Fish?

A dogface pufferfish usually costs between $40-$50. They have varying prices due to several things like the species’ size, scale, and beauty. However, some dog face puffer fish can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

The dog-faced puffer fish is shining in the tank
The dog-faced puffer fish is shining in the tank

Factors Affect Dog Face Puffer Fish Price?

Several things that can affect the price of a dog face puffer fish, some of them are stated below:

Size and beauty: Larger dog face puffers are usually more expensive than small ones due to the amount of time and effort that the breeder has put into caring for the puffer.

Another thing is that a dog face with rare patterns usually costs more than those with common patterns.

Source and quality of the fish: the price of a dog face puffer usually cost more when buying from a breeder than when buying from a local pet store.

This is because most puffers in a local pet store are usually sourced from the wild. Furthermore, a healthy dog face puffer will cost more than an unhealthy one.

Quarantining and deworming cost: When buying a dog face puffer fish, you should expect that those that have been quarantined and dewormed do cost more than those not quarantined and dewormed.

Supply and demand of the fish: A rare breed of dog face puffer usually costs more because people demand it, but they are not available.

Where to Buy Dog Face Puffer Fish?

There are several places where you can buy dog face puffer fish. Some of them are stated below:

  • Local fish store
  • Online retailers (eBay or craigslist)
  • Reputable breeders

Some of the common online retailers to buy dog face puffers are:


It is recommended that you buy your pufferfish from a local and reputable breeder or fish store. This is because you will get to interact with the breeder and pet store staff and observe the fish to determine if they are healthy before choosing one.

You can then opt for a quality breeder or online retailer if there are no breeder or fish stores nearby. You will get to find a wide range of dog face puffers to choose from when buying from them.

Another option is buying your dog face puffer fish from eBay or craigslist. Although you will find a wide range of puffers available, it can be hard to determine the conditions of the pufferfish and whether they are caught from the wild or not.

Another thing is that most eBay sellers don’t have a return policy in case you are not satisfied with the pufferfish delivered.

Tips To Buy Dog Face Puffer

Here are helpful tips to follow when buying dog face puffer fish:

  • Always speak with the seller before you commit to buying.
  • Always inspect the individual puffer fish before you buy it.
  • Ensure you check for a live arrival guarantee whenever you are buying online.
  • Always check for extra costs such as quarantine, shipping, warranty, etc., before buying a dog face puffer.
Black dog faced puffer fish
Black dog faced puffer fish

Dog Face Puffer Tank Mates

Generally, dogface pufferfish are non-aggressive or semi-aggressive saltwater fish.

However, they have big teeth, and dog face puffers will eat small fish and invertebrates like clams, shrimps, and crabs. Furthermore, dog face puffers can be picked on by aggressive tank mates.

A suitable tank mate for dog face puffer fish is larger fish that your dog fish puffer cannot feed on.

You can house dog face puffer fish with bigger and bolder fish like groupers, wrasses, triggerfish, tang species, lionfishes, snowflake eels, etc.

You may also consider housing your dog face puffer fish with Foxface rabbitfish or marine betta.

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Wrapping Up

Dog Face pufferfish is an adorable and fascinating pufferfish species that will surely captivate your mind. They are large, stunning, crave your attention, and are not aggressive.

The best thing is that they are not expensive as they cost between $40 and $90.

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