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How To Tell If Crested Gecko Eggs Are Dead?

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It took so long but your crested gecko eggs haven’t hatched? You want to know are your cresties eggs dead or not? Cool, you are in the right place. In case you hurry, you can click here to directly jump to the answer.

Crested geckos are known to be prolific breeders that even a novice keeper can breed successfully.

Crested geckos have a natural breeding cycle that will last for about 8-9 months.

As a novice breeder, there will sometimes be that you will be wondering if your crested gecko eggs are fertile or infertile.

This article will give you an insight into that.

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What Do Crested Gecko Eggs Look Like?

Gecko eggs are usually oval or round in shape based on the species. In their breeding season, they will lay a clutch of two eggs.

The eggs are usually soft at first, and it gets hard after the first few days that it is laid.

During the incubation period, some eggs can grow bigger, and you will notice some sweat or dent before it starts hatching.

A crested gecko egg is usually small and flexible.

Crested Gecko Eggs Health Check

You are incubating your crested gecko eggs, you need to know what do healthy crested gecko eggs look like? Or want to tell your eggs are dead?

All you need are here!

The Signs of Good/Fertile Crested Gecko Egg

Fertile crested gecko eggs are usually white and solid. However, you should ensure you do not throw away eggs that look infertile because they may also hatch.

You should incubate all the eggs, and you will find out when an egg is infertile in around three weeks.

Some eggs may look infertile at first but later hatch after incubating them.

The Candling method

Candling of Crested Gecko
Candling of Crested Gecko by Laura M (source:

You can detect if a crested gecko egg is fertile by candling it. You can use a keychain type flashlight or big Maglite for candling. After you shine the beam and the egg’s content is pinkish in color, it is likely fertile.

Note: Ensure you do not roll crested gecko eggs around or shift it from the original position because it can lead to the developing fetus drowning.

How Long Does It Take A Crested Gecko Egg To Hatch?

It will take about 60-70 days for your crested gecko’s eggs to hatch if you incubate them at a higher temperature with the proper incubating substrate.

However, it takes about 100 days for your crested gecko’s eggs to hatch if you incubate at lower temperatures.

Hatchling of Crested Gecko
Hatchling of Crested Gecko by lil-m-moses (source:

Do All Crested Gecko Eggs Dead if They Haven’t Hatched After Incubation?

Crested gecko eggs can look fertile and healthy for some period before it turns bad during the incubation period.

Bad eggs are usually described as moldy, smelly, leaking, discolored, and so on.

Although there is nothing that can be done to bad eggs. You should incubate them until they stink or hatch. 

However, there are some situations where you can manually open the eggs that do not hatch after incubation to check if your gecko is dead or not.

Signs of Infertile Crested Gecko Eggs

There are some times when your female crested gecko will lay an infertile egg. Some of the signs that you can identify with infertile crested gecko eggs are stated below.

  • If your egg become yellow or starts molding when you incubate it
  • When your eggs are extremely soft and floppy
  • If the egg is flat and has a poorly formed shell

However, if you notice that a crested gecko egg is infertile, it is best to incubate all of the eggs until you are sure that it is not good.

Signs Of A Dead Crested Gecko Egg

The most correct way to know if your cresties’s egg is dead is using the candling method.

With that method, if there is no veins are running through the egg during the process, then it is dead.

Another alternative way is putting your eggs in the cool water. If the eggs do not waver, then they are mostly dead. If they slightly shake, then they will be hatched in a few days.

Some people say that the shells often soften prior to hatching and sometimes get a bit moist. In that case, you can leave the egg alone unless these other things occur.

But again, you should leave your cresties egg until there is absolutely no chance of life existing within it.

Crested Gecko Eggs FAQs

Are crested gecko eggs soft or hard?

Crested gecko eggs are usually soft at first but will harden up within the first few days after they are laid. A soft and floppy egg is usually infertile, but you can still incubate it to be sure that it is not good.

What are the signs of dead lizard eggs?

Once the egg starts to stink, then the lizard egg is dead. If you notice that no veins are running through the egg during the candling process, then it is dead.

Can you open the crested gecko eggs yourself?

There are some situations where you will need to open your crested eggs yourself manually. Most breeders consider this method as a bad idea and should only be used when it is necessary. This is because hatchlings that do not have enough strength to emerge from the egg on their own may not become a healthy adult.


The breeding of crested geckos is usually fun and interesting.

The best thing is that the process is quite easy.

You can successfully hatch crested gecko eggs if you do it correctly, know what you are doing, and ensure you give every egg a fair chance of survival.

Some eggs may look infertile at first but later hatch after incubating them.

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