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Types of Axolotl Bath: Complete Guide for Beginner

Every animal needs a bath and the same is the case with axolotls. You might be wondering what kind of bath you should give your axolotl. 

People often get confused between the two types of baths Axolotl needs and they want to know the pros and cons of both of them.

Today we will discuss how many types of axolotl baths are and how they affect them. We will solve all your queries related to axolotl baths and how to perform them.

Do Axolotls Need a Bath?

Yes, axolotl needs a bath as it is a treatment to cure them if they are suffering from skin conditions like a fungal infection. Fungus looks like white patches on the skin or patches of fluff that can appear like white cotton.

The fungus can appear anywhere on the axolotl but it is mostly visible on the wound. A Bath helps to fight fungal infections as it kills the fungus in a few days and your axolotl gets back healthy.

2 Types of Axolotl Bath

There are two types of axolotl baths, one is the salt bath and the other is the tea bath. The salt bath is often performed to get rid of fungus on axolotl. While tea bath is performed for minor skin problems.

Sometimes, tea baths can also be given to axolotl suffering from fungal problems. But salt baths tend to be more useful when it comes to fungal problems.

Axolotl Tea Bath

Axolotl tea bath is the best treatment for sick and injured axolotls. Tea is rich in a compound called tannins which has a little antifungal and antibacterial effect. When axolotls are exposed to tannis they help to solve minor skin problems.

As we have mentioned before, minor skin problems can be solved through a tea bath. For example, if the slime coat of axolotl is peeling then a tea bath will be useful.

Axolotl ammonia burn treatment can also be cured by a tea bath. You need to keep one thing in mind tea baths can not cure all diseases and if you think your axolotl is suffering from something serious then do visit a vet for help.

Tea baths can stress axolotls a bit. But a little stress is far better than leaving your axolotl suffering from skin conditions.

You need to keep in mind that serious skin problems can not be treated with the tea bath but they are safe and good for axolotls. 

Now you must be wondering how to give a tea bath to axolotl. Do not worry as we are going to discuss the steps of giving a tea bath. The first thing you should do is to bring pure 100% black tea which has no other flavoring or aromas.

The next step is to brew the tea for 10 to 15 minutes. Instead of brewing the tea, you can also boil the water first then put the black tea bag for 10 to 15 minutes there.

Afterwards, put the brewed tea into the container or tub you are going to give your axolotl a tea bath. When the water cools down to the temperature then put the axolotl into the tub.

Leave the axolotl for 10 to 15 minutes in the container then put him in the tub of fresh water.

The tea bath can be done daily until the fungus or any injury is healed. So the conclusion is a tea bath is good for treating minor skin problems only.

Axolotl Salt Bath

Axolotl salt bath is given to axolotls suffering from fungal or bacterial infections. White patches on the skin or patches of fluff that look like white cotton is a sign of axolotl suffering from fungus.

Salt baths are not bad for axolotls but overexposure to salt may cause them harm. For example, if you leave your axolotl for more than 10 to 15 minutes in a salt bath container then they may dry up. The axolotl can even die if he stays too long there.

The only salt that is suitable for giving a salt bath is non-iodized salt. The one question that arises in many people’s minds is if the axolotl likes salt. The answer is axolotls can tolerate salt but it is not that they really like it.

Salt baths can stress axolotls just like tea baths so it is advisable to give salt baths only when your axolotl has real fungal infections. As soon as the infection disappears, you need to stop giving salt baths to your axolotl.

To give a salt bath to your axolotl, you need to add non-iodized salt to de-chlorinated water. Mix 1-2 liters of water with 2-3 tablespoons salt per liter.

Put this solution in a container or tub and move the axolotl in it. Do not leave the axolotl for more than 10 to 15 minutes in the container. Take him back and put in its fridging container.

You can perform the axolotl salt bath twice per day until the fungus infection vanishes. But do not continue the treatment for more than 2 weeks and if the fungal infection does not cure by then, do consult a vet for help.

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Axolotl Tea Bath Vs Salt Bath

Salt baths and tea baths both create a little bit of stress for axolotls. But that stress lasts only for a few minutes as both the baths only heal them if performed properly by following all the instructions.

If not done properly, both the baths can cause harm to axolotls. For example, if you leave your axolotl for too long in a salt or tea bath container then he can die there.

Also, using the right type of salt and tea is a must for performing both baths. For salt bath use, non-iodized salt only. Using 100% pure black tea with no other flavoring or aromas is a must for a tea bath.

The tea bath is performed when axolotl has a minor skin problem or injury. It is recommended to give a salt bath to axolotls who are suffering from skin conditions such as fungal or bacterial infections. 

Serious skin problems can not be treated with a tea bath so you need to give a salt bath for that. You can not combine both the baths as a tea bath can not cure all diseases and you need to give a salt bath for treating serious infections.


Are salt baths good for axolotls?

Yes, salt baths are good for axolotls if performed following all the instructions. Salt baths should be done only when your axolotl is suffering from serious fungal or bacterial infections.

What is a tea bath for axolotl?

Tea baths are given to axolotls who are having minor skin problems or injuries. It is advisable to avoid giving tea bath to axolotl suffering from fungal problems as the condition can only be solved by salt bath.

How much salt do you put in an axolotl bath?

You need to put 2-3 tablespoons of salt per liter with 1-2 liters of water to perform an axolotl salt bath.


In short, both salt and tea baths are good for axolotls if done properly. You only make sure to put the right amount of salt and tea while performing respective baths.  

If your axolotl still does not get well even after performing the salt and tea bath for two weeks then do take the help of a vet. 

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