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Uromastyx Niger: Species Profile, Prices, Basic Care

The reign of Uromastyx lizards stretches all the way from Central Asia to the Middle East and North Africa. Their distinctive spiny tails and friendly natures make them second to none in the line of lizards.

Then comes a further sub-specie of this genus belonging to the lands of North America. They are marked by colored patterns at their back of the body- Appealing and Delightful!

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! We are talking about Uromastyx Niger. But that’s not the only name given to them.

Uromastyx geyri, Geyr’s dabb lizard, Sahara mastigure, and Saharan Red/Yellow Uromastyx are part of a rather long list.

Unfortunately, this gem of North American deserts is underrated since there is no comprehensive guide covering this species on the Internet. People are confused and tend to lean for species with comprehensive guides covering their attributes, dietary needs, tank requirements, and common questions.

But that was the past!

To fill the void, we present you with a complete profile of Uromastyx Niger.

Here we go!

What are Uromastyx Niger?

Uromastyx Niger
Uromastyx Niger

What is this reptile?

They are a species from the genus of Uromastyx and the family of Agamidae.

Where does it come from?

As you can tell by the name, they are predominant natives of Niger. You can also find traces of them in other parts of North America like Mali and Algeria.

How much does it cost?

They cost around $70 to $100.

How big do they get?

Uromastyx Niger is comparatively smaller and slimmer than other Uromastyx. The average measure of their head to tail length falls between 12-14 inches. They weigh around 200 grams or even more as they reach adulthood.

Care level required


Uromastyx Niger is accustomed to living a rough and tough life. These delightful species are happy with basic care and moderate attention.

How many colors of Uromastyx Niger are there?

Uromastyx Niger Colors

Colors are a power that directly influences the eyes.

They have a reputation for being one of the brightest genera of Uromastyx. They offer a salient combo of stunning colors arranged in amazing patterns and shapes.

Generally, they have a pale sandy fawn or orange background with colored flecks. The subject of attention is the way the color of their spots changes during their lifespan. This further breaks down their class into “Red niger” and “Yellow niger”.

It Really Does!

  • The red stage of their life is when they are wrapped with a color range of dark red to shocking orange. This uncanny sight is always amusing.
  • Just when you think it can’t get any better, comes the yellow niger phase—their color shifts to shocking yellow with patterns of the thick black outline.

Similarly, their gender has a direct effect on the color intensities and patterns. On the one hand, when males are bright and diverse, females tend to be dull in colors with tan variations. They have less belly coloring, simpler patterns, and fewer spots.

How much do Uromastyx Niger cost?

You must be wondering that with these many features, the price will be staggering.

But wait! Life is full of surprises.

They fall in a range of $70 to $100 at reputable stores.

This is a very reasonable price since Urmastyx Niger is a rare species with exceptional capabilities.

There is a slight difference in price between “Red niger” and “Yellow niger” -Red niger is in the lead.

The reason behind this is the fact that a red Niger will someday transform into a yellow Niger, but vice versa is not possible. We recommend you to prefer a captive-bred Red Niger that is used to the life of an enclosure.

This will free you from the annoying phase in which your pet is uncomfortable and battling to adjust to these new surroundings.

We have some recommendations to help you find the best store to order your Uromastyx Niger.

1-  Backwater Reptiles

Yellow Niger Uromastyx: $99.99

Red Niger Uromastyx: $129.99

Backwater is a prestigious name in the game. Prices may be relatively higher than other stores but bear in mind that they are delivered in a decent size and coloration.

Their shipping system is quick and safe, with a fee of $44.99 with the US.

2-  Underground Reptiles

Cost: $84.99

They offer international shipping on your chosen day while checking out. Overnight shipping is also possible within the US.

3- Tikis Geckos

They offer a 50% discount to bring prices to a bare minimum. Choose the preferred gender and get your field collected.

Cost: $74.99

Basic care for Uromastyx Niger

Basic Care For Uromastyx Niger

People usually tend to hesitate to pet Uromastyx since they demand proper thermoregulation. However, it is worth the effort with the fun and entertainment they provide.

Things get further simplified with Uromastyx Niger.

They have a friendly nature and abstain from making biting a habit. However, they may sway their tail when threatened. It is of key importance to learn to approach your pet softly. Handle them from mid-body with soft hands and let them navigate freely to develop trust.

 There are some things that you should know about Uromastyx Niger before bringing it home.

Uromastyx Ornata Lifespan

They face a similar issue in this domain as other Uromastyx.

Their birthday is unidentified since most of them are field collected. But with breeding, it was possible to determine that Uromastyx Niger can live up to 12-15 years with good care in captivity.

Does Uromastyx Niger require any special care compared to other Uromastyx?

Not really!

Although all Uromastyx comes from different regions of Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, they all have one thing in common!  DESERT.

This pertains that they need a replacement for their love of life- Sun. Basking bulbs are the best substitute in this regard to keep their digestive system on track.

It is also observed that they might assume some other species of Uromastyx as their enemy, and it’s not a good idea to keep them together in an enclosure.

Other than that, it’s much the same.

Tank requirement for Uromastyx Niger

Now let’s get into the real talk. Your pet deserves a good home for a healthy and happy life. And there are several things to keep in mind before setting it up.

Tank Size

It is more or less the same for all Uromastyx. Let us revise it for you.

  • Juvenile Uromastyx requires at least a 20-gallon tank. However, if you’re planning to keep a pair of them together, then you need at least a 30-gallon tank.
  • For mature Uromastyx, anything equal or bigger than a 40-gallon tank is a dream come true for them.


  • Add rocks structures and branches to enable Uromastyx Niger to climb closer to the basking bulb to attain the required heat.

We recommend you Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit and Zilla Reptile Starter Kit.

Basking Bulbs

Like any other lizard, Uromastyx Niger needs regions of hot and cold temperatures in their enclosure. Setting up hot and cool sides in Uros’s tank is a simple task provided that you use the right basking bulb to regulate temperatures.

This is not just about making them feel at home. Appropriate regulation of heat encourages growth and guards against various forms of diseases.

Preferably, the basking spot should be kept at around 110-120°F, while the cooler spots at around 80-85°F. Mercury Vapor bulbs are a two in one option providing UVA and UVB rays – both essential for the health of Uromastyx.

Do remember to place the bulb away from the reach of your pet to avoid burns.

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb and MyComfyPets UVB and UVA Light will provide a sunbathe that your pet will thank you for.


There is always a risk in choosing a substrate with loose particles since Uromastyx Niger can ingest it to cause impaction. Even if you are using calcium sand as a substrate to solve this problem, it might not be the best pick for juveniles as they can consume it excessively.

Finding the right substrate for Uromastyx can be a hard nut to crack for many people.

To put a full stop to this confusion, we carried out research based on the experiences of different pet owners. This led us to conclude that any substrate particles with blunt edges and big sizes are the best option to prevent external and internal impaction. Aspen, liner, and cypress are suitable substrates.

We recommend you to try  Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner. It is super safe and easy to clean.

Uromastyx Niger Diet

Uromastyx Niger is a huge peace of mind in this aspect. Many lizard species require insect feeders to fulfill their protein requirements, which might force you to go against your likings.

But this is not the case here.

Uromastyx Niger is veggie lovers and tends to rely on green salad consisting of lettuce, turnip green, spinach, and dandelion green.

To change the taste and provide other essential supplements, add bits of various fruits like apple and melons in their daily diet. However, avoid citrus fruits like orange and lemon.

Most importantly, remember dusting the food with calcium, vitamin, and other supplements to satisfy all nutritional needs.

Does Uromastyx Ornata Need Water To Drink?

They are blessed with an amazing water management system. The natives of dry deserts can fulfill their water requirements from fresh green vegetables and fruits. However, for your own satisfaction, you may try placing a bowl of water to check if your pet is interested or not.

Both ways will do the job.

Do you need to bathe your Uromastyx Niger?

There is no need to bathe your Uromastyx Niger.

Since their natural habitat is a dry land with low-humid levels, they are designed to live in it happily. Letting them hang out in water can impact their health immensely.

Dry them off immediately using a towel in case they get themselves wet.

Common diseases of Uromastyx Niger

Mouth Rot:

  • Red mouth due to swelling.
  • It is a lethal disease caused by salivation.
  • Commonly caused due to insufficient heat in the enclosure.

Deficiency of Calcium and D3 Vitamin:

  • Caused due to lack of sunlight.
  • May result in constipation, seizures, and paralysis.
  • Use the right basking light as a substitute.

Respiratory Infection:

  • Likely to take place at high humidity level or low temperature.
  • Hasty breathing, gasping, and mucus emission are the indicators.

 Wrapping Up

That’s all, folks!

This is all you need to know about this beautiful sub-species of Uromastyx.

Take care of these basic requirements, and your pet will pay back with a heavy dose of fun and entertainment.

We have tried to cover all the possible aspects of Uromastyx Niger. However, if you have any questions in mind, tell us in the comments, and we’ll love to be of help.

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