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Uromastyx Ornata: Species Profile, Prices, Basic Care

Finding the right species of lizards for a pet can be a pain in the neck.

Uromastyx Ornata is certainly part of that race.

However, the dilemma is that when you google for Uromastyx Ornata, you’ll hit the end of the road in no time. There is no comprehensive guide or review for Uromastyx Ornata on the Internet leading people to develop many misconceptions about this species of lizards.

Therefore, we decided to take charge of bringing an end to this agony of mind.

Here’s an in-depth guide of Uromastyx Ornata for you. In the next few minutes, you’ll have answers to all your long-awaited questions regarding Uromastyx Ornata. This includes their cost, care, diet, physique, appearance, and much more.

Stay with us till the end before making any hasty conclusion.

What is Uromastyx Ornata?

What are Uromastyx Ornata? Obviously, the Uromastyx Ornata are a species of reptile lizard from the Agamidae family. Depending on sex, their skin color range from tan to pink with yellow ocelli on their backs. They are native to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Arabia, and Yemen. The uromastyx ornata are medium-sized, docile and friendly pets with a long lifespan of 10 – 20 years.

Uromastyx Ornata
Uromastyx Ornata

What is this reptile?

They are a species of lizards from the clan of Agamidae and class of Reptilia.

Where does it come from?

Their roots are from the deserts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Arabia, and Yemen. They love to dwell in rocky dry areas in-between gaps and cracks.

How much does it cost?

They cost around $250 to $400. Shipping may cost an additional $50.

How big do they get?

Uromastyx Ornata can attain a body length of 10-15 inches from head to tail. Hatchlings can reach around 2-4 inches. Males are slimmer than females and continue the legacy of having a spiky tail.   

Care level required


They demand thermoregulation in their enclosure. Lightings and humidity levels contribute a great deal to serve this purpose.

How many colors of Uromastyx Ornata are there?

Colors are the smiles of nature. And Uromastyx Ornata has MANY!

Diversity in colors of Uromastyx Ornata offers bang for every buck. The peculiar colors catch eyes and make them easily recognizable at first sight.

The colors of their body correspond to their sex.

For males, the back primarily consists of 3 colors namely red, green, or red. To make it even more exciting, they have bands of dark brown color with yellow flecks. The flecks vary in shape and size and the bands appear to break open at many points.

On the other hand, females tend to be dull in colors. They have a light brown back with light yellow spots on the bands.

Do keep in mind the two general types of pigmentation in Uromastyx Ornata – White and black.

In the case of the typical white, the black content is a bare minimum. However, the other type consists of thick black spots with a general dark complexion.

But you may have to wait for 4-5 years to see your pet in its fullest colors.

How much do Uromastyx Ornata cost?

How Much Do Uromastyx Ornata Cost?
How Much Do Uromastyx Ornata Cost?

Generally, Uromastyx Ornata cost around $250 to $400.

They are a rare species with unique characteristics. This makes them comparatively expensive in the family of lizards. Their prices differ based on the combination and brightness of their colors.

But there are few points to keep in mind while buying Uromastyx Ornata. Check for the history of the ornate to determine if they are used to captivity or not. Captive-bred is more likely to adjust easily since they are accustomed to the caged environment and diet.

We highly recommend you to go for captive-bred and save some trouble of around 6 months for you and your pet.

Here’s a list of online stores so that you can compare the prices side by side.

1-  Backwater Reptiles

Cost of Hatchling: $349.99

Cost of Adult: $374.99

They guarantee a healthy and safe delivery of Uromastyx Ornata in about two days.

However, the shipping service is available in the USA only

2-  Underground Reptiles

Cost: $249.99

They offer international shipping on your chosen day while checking out.

3-  Reptile City

Cost: $299.99

The mentioned shipping weight is one pound with an option to choose the gender of your ornate.

Basic care for Uromastyx Ornata

Basic Care For Uromastyx Ornata
Basic Care For Uromastyx Ornata

Uromastyx Ornata are the natives of the desert. They love to play with sand and make their hiding.

Generally speaking, ornate require about the same care as other Uromastyx. But there are some fine details to take care of.

Their tank size, light intensity, heat levels, humidity retention, substrate material, and diet are part of their basic care plan.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Uromastyx Ornata Lifespan

It was a mystery until recent studies revealed that the average lifespan of ornates is 15 years. Before that, ornates used to get imported from different parts of the Middle East. When they capture the ornates, the age remains in the dark.

Over the years, people remain mistaken about the average lifespan. However, recent field studies revealed that ornate can live up to 30 years at max while the average age is 15 years.

Does Uromastyx Ornata require any special care compared to other Uromastyx?

Various species of Uromastyx come from diverse desert lands. They demand peculiar temperatures, diet, substrate, and humidity.

Ornate is no exception!

Do not take risk of placing other subspecies of Uromastyx together with ornate. They prefer to live alone in their enclosure but might welcome another ornate of different sex.

Uromastyx Ornata demands special care when it comes to heating and lighting. Their digestive system tends to rely highly upon optimal temperatures.

Similarly, not all substrates suit ornate’s behavior. They have a tendency of licking and ingesting particles that might result in respiratory infection. Newspaper and millets are the sensible choices for substrate in this regard.

Tank for Uromastyx Ornata

It is the most eminent aspect when it comes to taking care of your pet.

But don’t worry! Today we will walk you through everything you should know.

Tank Size

Uromastyx Ornata needs to regulate between different temperature zones. The tank should be large enough to set up air convection inside the enclosure to create hot and cold zones.

  • Juvenile Uromastyx need a minimum 20-gallon terrarium. Juveniles can be housed together in a 30-gallon terrarium.
  • Adult Uromastyx need a minimum 40-gallon terrarium (or bigger).
  • Provide plenty of hiding and basking places.
  • Rocks, thick branches, or Mopani Wood make excellent choices for decorating your lizard’s habitat.

Inconclusion, A 4′ x 2′ tank with a volume of 40 gallons fills the bill perfectly. It works wonders for hatchlings as well as adults.

Exo Terra Terrarium Kit and Zilla Reptile Starter Kit are the best in the game.

Basking Bulbs

They need basking bulbs to regulate the temperature of the enclosure and create a basking spot. The basking spot simulates the sun-bathing experience of the desert for them. And to take the game to another level, get a bulb with varying intensities to regulate heat as required.

Ideally, the basking spot should be kept at around 115-125 degrees Fahrenheit while the cooler spots at around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 and Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 can do that job for you.


As we discussed earlier, a substrate with fine particles is not a preferable choice.

Finding the right substrate for ornate can be one of the toughest choices.

But not anymore!

After extensive research using the trial and error method, it is concluded that millets, liner, and clay sand are safe and feasible to clean. Bare bedding is a safe option but toughest to clean and maintain. Using a newspaper is not a bad choice either if you are ready to compromise on the looks.

We abide by Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Liner as your go-to choice.

Uromastyx Ornata Diet

What you eat is what you are.

Uromastyx Ornata can live on plants healthy and happy. This frees you from the trouble of finding the best insect feeders.

Most of their feed is available in grocery stores near your home. Their favorites include green veggies, grass, herbs, beans, flowers, and seeds. Variety is the spice of life after all.

A small number of raw peas, green salad with a sprinkle of edible herbs and flowers will be a tipping point in establishing a perfect diet for your ornate.

For ornate under 6 months, Baby Spring Mix or some other form of chopped green salad is an excellent pick.

Does Uromastyx Ornata Need Water To Drink?

The natives of desert lands are created in a way that they need minimal water to survive. This requirement can be fulfilled by the edibles alone.

Fresh vegetables and flowers have enough water-content that Uromastyx Ornata does not demand a separate water dish to quench their thirst. However, females tend to drink a lot of water after laying eggs.

Do you need to bathe your Uromastyx Ornata?


The natural habitat of Uromastyx Ornata is a dry area with low humidity levels and their body is created to survive in it.

Exposing them to increased humidity levels can result in various diseases like respiratory disorder and tail rot.

Common diseases of Uromastyx Ornata

Tail Rot: It is a fungal infection developed in the moist tail of ornate due to increased moisture content in the enclosure.

Impaction: Ingestion of food that is indigestible or can potentially harm your pet by its shape or size both internally and externally.

Excessive Protein: Intake of excessive insect feeders without regulating the protein content through the green feed.

Wrapping Up

The care might seem complex at first but it is worth it with this sub-specie of Uromastyx. They can recognize the owner and have a unique personality.

They appreciate and respond to the changes you make for their healthcare which is an overwhelming sight for any pet lover.

If you’ve any questions in mind, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you soon.

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