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Uromastyx thomasi: Species Profile, Prices, Basic Care

Uromastyx is a lizard genus that belongs in the same family with popular lizards like bearded dragons, clown agamas, frilled dragons, etc.

There are about 18 different species of uromastyx and lots of subspecies and varieties. Uromastyx species are also known as dabb lizards, uros, mastigures, etc.

Uromastyx thomasi, also known as the Omani spiny-tailed lizard, is among the species of Uromastyx. It is quite different from other species of Uros as their tail is short, flat, and round.

Omani spiny-tailed lizards are interesting and fascinating creatures, and they make a fantastic pet for beginner hobbyists.

This article talks about Uromastyx thomasi, where they originate from, their cost, how to care for them, their tank requirement, and health problems associated with them.

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What are Uromastyx Thomasi?

What Are Uromastyx Thomasi?
What Are Uromastyx Thomasi?

What is this reptile?

The Omani spiny-tailed lizard is among the 18 species of Uromastyx species available in the world. It can easily be differentiated from other Uromastyx species except for Uromastyx princeps with its short, flat, and round tail.

Where does it come from?

Uromastyx thomasi originates from coastal Oman and Masirah island. They prefer tropical semi-desert and desert climate, and they live in open areas with substrate used for burrowing.

However, the status of Omani spiny-tailed lizards in the wild is unknown, and they are not common in wide parts of their range.

How much does it cost?

The Omani spiny-tailed lizards are rare reptiles as they are expensive. This is because young ones regularly hatch in captivity slowly and their prices range from $899-$999.

How big do they get?

Most adult uromastyx can grow to about 10-18 inches in length. The Omani spiny-tailed lizards are regarded as a smaller species in the Uromastyx genus as they can grow to about 11 inches in length.

Care level required

Uromastyx thomasi have the same husbandry as the other Uromastyx species. They have a great personality, and it is quite easy and relatively cheap to care for and feed them.

Omani spiny tailed lizards originate from the desert, and you need to make sure their cage is hot in the day and with mild temperatures at night.

How many colors of Uromastyx Thomasi are there?

Uromastyx Thomasi Colors
Uromastyx Thomasi Colors

There are two color forms of Uromastyx Thomasi; they are the green and blue phases. The males are usually more colorful than the females, and when fired up, their color forms an orange/red dorsal stripe. However, females Omani Uros have less color and patterns.

How much does Uromastyx Thomasi cost?

The Omani spiny-tailed lizards are rare reptiles as they are expensive. This is because young ones regularly hatch in captivity slowly and their prices range from $899-$999.

Backwater reptiles$999.99
Snake at sunset$899.99

Basic care for Uromastyx Thomasi

Uromastyx thomasi is among the best Uros that you can keep. They are fun to watch and more active in the morning. They need burrows and rock cover for thermoregulation in extreme conditions.

Omani uros also like basking outside their burrow, and you can provide a basking area with a temperature of about 131-140oF. However, their enclosure should be around 84-90oF during the day and 77-79oF during the night.

You also need to control their temperature to avoid overheating. Furthermore, they need low humidity for their optimal growth, and their enclosure should be below 35% at all times.

Uromastyx Thomasi Lifespan

It is quite hard to estimate the normal lifespan of Uromastyx lizards in captivity because little information known was from the imported lizards that were kept as pets at an unknown age. However, the lifespan of uros is above 30 years, but their average lifespan is 15 years.

Does Uromastyx Thomasi require any special care compared to other Uromastyx?

All uromastyx species originated from extremely hot regions, and they require the same care in captivity to grow and stay happy.

Tank requirement for Uromastyx Thomasi

This is the most important thing to consider when it comes to keeping your Uros happy and healthy. Uromastyx species are terrestrial creatures, and they need a lot of space to roam around. 

Furthermore, they need a longer habitat to make it easier to create a temperature gradient for your lizard. You can keep smaller Uromastyx thomasi and juveniles in a standard reptile terrarium of about 20 gallons or more. 

However, you will need a tank with a lot of space for bigger adults to grow well. You can get an enclosure that is at least 5 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet tall for adult uros. Moreover, you should ensure that their tank has ample ventilation to control the humidity of the tank.

Uromastyx Thomasi Diet

Uromastyx Thomasi can eat a mix of dark green leafy vegetables, seeds, dried peas, and lentils. Furthermore, you can feed them with dark leafy greens like mustard greens, cabbage, kale, dandelion greens, etc., several times a day.

However, it is crucial that you supplement their food with calcium by mixing the dry food thoroughly. You can then add a multivitamin supplement to the food every 1-2 weeks. Uromastyx thomasi can also eat insects as a treat.

Uromastyx thomasi are unlike most reptiles and will eat every day. It is best that you feed them with fresh feeds everyday.

How often should you feed Egyptian Uros?

  • You can feed your Uros with leafy greens seven days a week.
  • You can feed Uros with vegetables four days a week
  • Seeds should be fed to your Uros six days a week.
  • You can only feed your Uros with bugs only as a treat.
  • You can feed your Uros with fruits only as a treat.

Any difference between baby & adult diet?

You can feed hatchling Omani uromastyx with the same diet as the adult. However, you need to ensure the food is chopped into smaller pieces to prevent impaction.

You can feed both adults and hatchling uromastyx daily but keep an eye on their weight and adjust their portion accordingly.

Do Uromastyx thomasi Need Water To Drink?

No. Uros species can get the water they need from their diets. However, you can give them water occasionally in a small container that they cannot tip over. Also, you should only leave the water in their tank for some hours.

Do you need to bathe your Uromastyx Thomasi?

You need to avoid bathing your Uromastyx. This is because they originate from a hot region with low humidity. Moreover, high humidity levels can lead to medical conditions such as respiratory infections and tail rot for your lizard.

Uromastyx species usually get their fluid intake from their diet, and you need to make sure their enclosure always has low humidity.

Common diseases of Uromastyx Thomasi

Here are some common health conditions that can affect your Uros.

Metabolic bone disease (MBD): this is a health condition that makes the bones of your lizard brittle and deformed, and it is caused by the imbalance of phosphorus, vitamin D3, and calcium in your Uros diet. It also makes your lizards prone to injuries and can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Tail rot: this is an infection where your Uros’ tail starts to chop away and is usually caused by too much humidity in their tank.

Respiratory infections: this is a health condition where bacteria cause inflammation in your Uros’ eye, throat, and nasal tissue. It is also caused by too much humidity in your lizard’s enclosure.

Impaction: this health condition occurs when an undigested food or foreign particles blocks the digestive tracts of your Uros. Some of the signs that your Uro is suffering from impaction are lethargy, loss of appetite, and inability to defecate.

Wrapping Up

Omani spiny-tailed lizards have unique features from other Uromastyx species and are regarded to be among the smallest species in the group. It is quite easy to care for Uromastyx as long as you are familiar with some of the lizard’s unique aspects.

These reptiles are rewarding to keep, and they are easy to keep for beginner hobbyists. Furthermore, you can keep them happy and healthy by providing them with proper care, good housing, and a proper diet.

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