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Uromastyx vs Bearded Dragon: Which Reptile Is The Best For You?

So, you’re in the midst of a dilemma! Torn between the two reptiles for your new pet? Can’t decide whether you want a Uromastyx as your little pal, or should it be a bearded dragon!

If you’re on the lookout for assistance in such a query, you came to the right spot!

Both bearded dragons and Uromastyx make adorable pet lizards. Even so, there is a great deal of difference between them that you need to know about before making your choice.

In this article, we are going to compare Uromastyx with bearded dragons based on a bunch of various categories which will break down your comparison into even more detail and help you make a more informed and accurate decision.

Bearded Dragon vs. Uromastyx – Which Lizard is the Better Pet Lizard?

Bearded Dragon Vs. Uromastyx - Which Lizard Is The Better Pet Lizard?
Bearded Dragon Vs. Uromastyx – Which Lizard Is The Better Pet Lizard?

When planning to buy a pet lizard, the criteria mainly covers:

  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to provide the required environment
  • Easy to feed
  • Makes a good companion
  • Is lovable and adjusts well in the house

Based on these, alongside some more pointers on what makes a pet more desirable, we have formulated the following comparison between the two enchanting reptiles currently under question here today!

Physical Appearance

Well, the name makes it obvious, bearded dragons are cool looking lizards. They seem as if they are miniature dragons with beautiful beards and a lot of blunt spikes. On top of this, they have loads of different colors on them.

The most outstanding feature of a Uromastyx is its stunning spiky tail. Albeit, it also has a gorgeous look thanks to its curious, intriguing eyes, various colorations, speckles, and most of all its adorably large squishy cheeks that stick out!

This category cannot be awarded to one, as it’s a matter of preference and obviously, both the lizards are awesome and attractive in their ways.


uromastyx lose in personality compared to bearded dragon
uromastyx lose in personality compared to bearded dragon

This is an important feature, as having a personality is the factor that determines whether or not you will be able to bond with your pet over the years. That spiritual connection with the little buddy is what every pet owner yearns for.

Bearded dragons are famous for them being very personable and docile. Most bearded dragons are tolerant and even enjoy getting handled, coming out of the tank and sitting on their owners’ laps, shoulders, and clinging to clothes.

Uromastyx themselves are pretty personable and intelligent as well. They enjoy watching around with their beautiful weary eyes. However, most Uromastyx is not happy to be handled. Also, they can be spooked very easily.

Bearded dragons are the winners here! They are way more docile and don’t take long to tame. In the case of an Uromastyx though, you can never be sure if it will tame out over time, especially if you get a baby.

Space Requirement

Uromastyx as well as bearded dragons will need a moderately sized terrarium.

Bearded dragons need the minimum 55-70-gallon sized tank as a small, confined place will stress it out, bore it, and won’t allow thermoregulating.

On the other hand, Uromastyx not only needs it as they’re rather active, but also, because they need higher temperatures, and a small space cannot create the required temperature gradient.

As they both need almost a similar amount of space despite it being for different reasons, there is no better or worse in this category as well.

Humidity, Lighting, and Heating

Bearded dragons are mainly from inland Australia but Uromastyx is found in numerous places such as North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of south-central Asia. Nevertheless, both belong to some of the world’s most hot and arid regions.

Consequently, they are used to, and in need of ample UVB light and high temperatures, low humidity (20-40%). Moreover, with Uromastyx, you also need to avoid soaking or bathing which might cause issues such as tail rot.

Both the little dastards tied in yet another category due to how similar they are in so many aspects. However, it can be considered a plus point for uromastyx that they never need to be cleaned or bathed.

Ability to Live in Groups

You can house Uromastyx together but it’s not a viable idea. Keeping a male and female or a male and two females together might work sometimes, but that will require a huge enclosure. Also, two or more males must never be housed together!

Surprisingly, bearded dragons are even worse than uromastyx in this case. They are solitary and extremely competitive lizards.

Their hatchling can be kept together for a few weeks initially, but you need to separate them as soon as possible after a month or so. Bearded dragons should not be housed together under any circumstance.


Only pet owners know the grief of losing a pet. Even after just a few months of companionship, your bond with your pet becomes extremely deep and emotional.  Even the thought of its death is a burden, but it’s bound to happen.

On average, Uromastyx can live for about 10 – 15 years. Although, with proper care, many Uromastyx are known to even live for 15 – 20 years. In rare cases, some may even exceed the 20-year mark and live for up to 25 years.

Bearded dragons on the other hand, in captivity, may live for 7 – 12 years. Even with very good care, they can live for a maximum of 15 years.

Most people would prefer a pet with a relatively long lifespan. Hence, in this category Uromastyx is a clear winner – Most Uromastyx will live longer than bearded dragons.


Bearded dragons are omnivores. You’ll need to get them both live feeder bugs as well as a wide variety of safe plants and veggies/greens. Even so, they start eating fewer insects and more greens as they age. A baby bearded dragon might majorly eat insects, as it reaches maturity at about 12-14 months, it will mainly eat only plants and greens.

Uromastyx are vegetarians! This means you will not be required to arrange for any live feeder bugs or insects. Your Uromastyx will be content on some greens, vegetables, legumes, and a few other seeds as well.

This category is also a bit in the favor of Uromastyx as feeding them is fairly easier – There is no need to buy, keep or breed live bugs. This can be a major deal-breaker for a lot of people.


Bearded dragons, as well as uromastyx, are medium-sized lizards. However, Uromastyx has a bit more variety in species and hence, sizes.

Mostly, adult bearded dragons can reach a length of 17-24 inches from head to tail. Although, there are some (pygmy bearded dragons), which only reach a maximum length of 10-14 inches. One prominent bread of bearded dragons – German giants – almost always reaches a length of 22-24 inches.

Conversely, the size of Uromastyx ranges from as low as 10 inches – u. princeps and ornates – to a maximum of 36 inches – Egyptian uromastyx. Although, most commonly found species grow up to reach lengths of around 12-16 inches.

Best Option for Beginners

Uromastyx is easy to manage once you’ve readied the enclosure. Feeding them is also rather easy, besides, most uromastyx don’t need to eat every day! It might be easy to keep for a beginner but might not be the optimal pet lizard for handling.

On the contrary, Bearded dragons are rather easy to keep and good beginner pets as they are much calmer and more docile. However, one issue might arise from the requirement of initially setting up live feeder bugs.

In essence, both lizards are suitable for beginners. But you should make you know enough about its heat, humidity, light requirement along with the setting up of its tank before you go and get the pet.


Bearded dragons mature and become ready to mate fairly faster (in 8-14 months) compared to Uromastyx which takes about 3-4 years (even 5 years in some cases) in maturing completely.

Uromastyx dig burrows for laying eggs to escape the desert heat, although you can carefully remove those eggs from the tank and put them in a plastic container in a safe place.

In contrast, a female bearded dragon will start looking for a suitable place to lay her eggs and probably start digging at the corners of the enclosure, also, she might seem hyperactive. At this point, a suitable place for her to deposit her eggs should be provided and the water dish should be removed from the cage.

Can You Keep Bearded Dragons Together with Uromastyx?

Mixing species is never a wise plan.

Firstly, the environment required for both Uromastyx and bearded dragons is considerably different. Uromastyx needs higher, ambient, and basking temperatures.

Secondly, bearded dragons will need live food while uromastyx don’t, which might cause uromastyx to ingest bugs which at the very least is not favorable for their health.

Lastly, the idea of housing bearded dragons and uromastyx could work only if their storage tank is 7+ feet long and is with a barrier to separate the uromastyx and their environment from the bearded dragons.

Wrapping Up

Both bearded dragons and uromastyx make adorable yet amazing pets. And we understand why you were so disconcerted when trying to choose between two of the most popular types of pet lizards there are nowadays.

We sincerely hope that this article aided you in getting to shore on the mental conflict that was taking place inside your head!

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