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What Do House Lizards Eat?(Common House Geckos) The Food Of House Lizard?

What do house lizards eat? House lizards, also known as common house geckos, feed on a wide variety of food items. Their food sources are mainly made up of crickets and insects, supplemented by fruit flies, small flies, mealworms, and silkworms.

When house lizards eat, their long sticky tongues can catch insects that fly or crawl near them.

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As a result, house lizards’ food is mainly focused around these insects.

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What does a pet house lizard eat?

When you keep a house lizard as a pet, you need to understand the specific species of your lizard, but they will generally feed on the same items.

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The list of items that your pet lizard can eat is not limited.

In fact, they can munch on almost any insect you put in front of them.

Unlike other reptile pets, such as snakes; lizards can eat a lot of insects in one sitting.

Therefore, do not limit the number. You should feed them as much as they are willing to eat.

If the lizard keeps eating, you can keep filling their bowl with more food.

From the list mentioned earlier, their primary choice of food consists of invertebrates.

When thinking about what does a house lizard eat, you need to focus on what is readily available around structures at home or urban centers.

Those insects form the primary food source for house lizards.

Therefore, understanding this will enable you to find the ideal food for your pet.

What do House Lizards Eat?
What do House Lizards Eat?

What do lizards eat?

What do lizards eat? Most domesticated lizards feed on plants and leaves, insects, worms, and fruits.

Read full list of what do lizards eat here.

Wild lizards eat different things and their diet relies on the species and environment.

Lizards can be found in the deserts, forests, plains, and wetlands, which means they will eat whatever is available in their area.

Wild lizards eat a variety of foods

Wild lizards

You already knew what do house lizards eat, insects form a large part of wild lizards’ food. Each location has different insects.

Flies, ants, spiders, cockroaches, worms, crickets, and spiders are commonly and easily available for these reptiles. As such, they form a large part of their diet.

However, note that some insects, for example, lightning bugs, are poisonous to some lizard species.

lizards will eat worms

In the wild some lizard species eat eggs that they steal from other animals.

Eggs do not require much effort to steal.

The eggs that these lizards eat depend on the animal species that lay eggs in their habitat. One of the wild lizard species that eat eggs is the Gila monster.

Furthermore, some lizards eat meat and other lizards. There are cases of cannibalism among some lizard species.

Often, such species also tend to eat insects and other forms of meat including mice, small birds, small snakes, and rodents.

Some wild lizard species, such as the green iguanas do not eat meat and are strictly herbivores.

In other cases, some of the meat eaters will also supplement their meals with a plant diet.

For instance, green iguanas will also eat flowers, leaves, plant shoots, and soft fruits.

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An important factor to consider when feeding pet lizards is the gut load of the food.

This simply means that the insects have been feeding on nutritious products, which will also trickle into your pet lizard.

There are ways of ensuring this happens.

For instance, if you keep your own insects, you can ensure that they feed on greens and other nutritious products for a few days before feeding to your pet lizard.

what do house lizards eat?

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