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What Does Axolotl Poop Look Like?

As axolotls are becoming more popular as pets, there is an increase in the number of questions people ask about how to take care of their axolotls. As a new axolotl owner, you may be wondering what does axolotl poop look like.

Axolotl poops look like dirt in a little sack, usually in a goatskin shape. Based on their diet, an axolotl poop can be any color from black to dark green or brown. They are also around an inch long.

This article will provide all the information you need to know about axolotl poops, from what it looks like to how you can clean an axolotl poop.

What Does Axolotl Poop Look Like?

Axolotl poops usually look like dirt and are usually shaped like a goatskin with brown or black colors. The shape of an axolotl poop usually looks the same but can be small or big based on your axolotl’s size and what they eat.

Generally, most axolotl excretes a single poop sack at a time. However, some can excrete multiple small ones at the same time.

An axolotl poop usually breaks down in the water, causing a change in its shape if you try to pick it or it is in their tank over a long time.

Axolotl poop can also be white if it suffers from an internal protozoan infection. Once you notice this, you should consult with a vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Axolotl and his poop
Axolotl and his poop

How Often Should An Axolotl Poop?

A healthy axolotl feeding on a consistent diet usually poops once every 2-3 days. This can change based on the age of your axolotl and the food they eat.

In a situation where you change the main food source of your axolotl, they may poop once per day until their gut bacteria acclimatize to the new food.

Axolotls can also poop multiple small poop sacks each day instead of a single larger poop sack every 2-3 days. However, this is a rare occurrence. Although some axolotl owners believe this is caused because of health issues, some believe this is normal.

Axolotls can have difficulty pooping if you overfeed them or it is suffering from a health issue like constipation. An axolotl poop is usually darker if it has not pooped for a long time.

Do Axolotls Eat Their Own Poop?

Yes, there are occasions where axolotls eat the poop of their axolotl tank mates. This usually occurs because axolotls usually feed on anything that comes into their mouth.

Some axolotls usually eat their own poop when hungry, stressed out, frustrated, and are tired due to lack of activity.

Axolotls can also eat their poop if they are not getting enough protein from their diet. However, it is a rare occurrence for the axolotl to eat their poop, and you may even believe that your axolotl is not pooping regularly because of this.

How Do You Clean An Axolotl Poop?

Man is cleaning a storage tank with a hand-held vacuum cleaner
Man is cleaning a storage tank with a hand-held vacuum cleaner

Axolotls are quite sensitive to water conditions and can even refuse food because of high ammonia levels. An axolotl poop can increase ammonia level if it is left in their tank for a long time. This is why you should be ready to clean your axolotl poop regularly.

If possible, you can use a turkey baster to clean axolotl poop from the tank, as it also helps maintain the tank’s water quality. However, you can use a gravel vacuum to clean the poop if you regularly change partial water every week.

Here are tips that you can follow when cleaning an axolotl poop:

  • Avoid holding your axolotl poop directly as it can break down into the water, causing an increase in ammonia in the water.
  • Wait until your axolotl finishes pooping and swim away before you immediately scoop it from the tank.
  • Use a gravel vacuum cleaner to clean your axolotl poop.
  • You can use activated carbon to help absorb your axolotl poop smell.

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Why Is My Axolotl Poop Green?

This usually occurs because your axolotl has not eaten, and they are passing out bile salts. This can also happen if you keep your axolotl at freezing temperature as their digestion system slows down to allow bile to pass through.

You can avoid this by ensuring you feed your axolotls regularly.

Why Is My Axolotl Poop White?

Your axolotl poop can be white if it is suffering from an internal protozoan infection. This usually happens if you feed your axolotl with poor quality food (rotting with parasites in it).

Axolotls infected with internal protozoan will drastically lose weight and can be fatal if not treated.

It is recommended that you take your axolotl to the vet immediately if you notice that it continues to excrete white poop for a long time. Your vet can help diagnose and give you a suitable antibiotic to help cure the problem.

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Axolotls usually poop a few hours or a day after eating based on their size and the type of diet you are feeding them.

A healthy axolotl poop looks like dirt, usually brown or black. On the other hand, a white poop indicates that your axolotl suffers from an internal parasite, and you need to treat it immediately.

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