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Where Can I Buy Axolotl Eggs?

For anyone considering venturing into keeping amphibians as pets, axolotls are a good option. The question that arises, though, may be where to buy axolotl eggs which can then be hatched into pets. 

This article explores the topic of axolotl eggs, where they can be found, how they are safely hatched, and a few other basic details of keeping the cute salamanders as pets.

You will get to assess whether hatching of axolotl eggs is a realistic undertaking for you or not.

Can You Buy An Axolotl Egg?

Yes, you can buy an axolotl egg and bean it till maturity. If your state deems it legal to keep them as pets, you can very much raise axolotls.

What States Are Axolotls Illegal in?

A number of states do not permit ownership of axolotls. California, New Jersey, Virginia, Maine and DC deem the rearing and keeping of these salamanders to be illegal.

However, in New Mexico and Hawaii, one needs a permit to be allowed to keep axolotls.

How Long Does it Take Axolotl Eggs to Bean?

Generally, it takes about three weeks for axolotl eggs to bean,and this is best assured when they are kept  at ideal temperatures.

The babies will not all emerge at the same time, but in five days after the first ones are hatched, it is common for the rest to also show up.

Keeping axolotl’s eggs in water measuring 20°C for the first 14 days, and then lowering it to 18°C for the remaining days will likely enhance the hatching process.

Where Can I Buy Axolotl Eggs?

Unlike with several other pets, when it comes to axolotl eggs, there are limited sources. Nevertheless, the internet has made things easier, and buying axolotl eggs can be as easy as lying on your couch.

Axolotl enthusiasts, private aquatic pet breeders, and online stores are the main sources of axolotl eggs.

Nevertheless, these options all come with certain pros and cons that you have to bear in mind before settling on a particular source. 

Axolotl Enthusiasts

These are people who take up active hatching of axolotl eggs owing to their passion for pet keeping. There are more axolotl enthusiasts everyday, as people continually appreciate the beauty of these pet salamanders. 

Moreover, there are forums online offering a means to contact them if one is interested in acquiring eggs. However, enthusiasm may not always equal proper knowledge on the ideal principles of breeding axolotls. 

This may affect you negatively when it comes to the genetic make-up of the pet, as well as the basic details of proper shipment to get the eggs safely to you.

In this regard, you need to ensure due diligence and be certain of the enthusiast’s reputation before engaging them.

Private Aquatic Pet Breeders

You can also get the eggs from private aquatic pet breeders. In many instances, they tend to be axolotl enthusiasts too. They tend to have deeper experience, and may advise you on genetic issues which are important in hatching a set of eggs.

On the downside, you may have little room to negotiate with them on the pricing of eggs. Based on the expertise and resources used to breed their axolotls, they are keen on recovering costs to maintain quality.

Buy Online

Buying axolotl eggs online offers immense convenience, as they will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Reputable sources provide information on the parentage of the eggs to ensure few surprises, and they also offer immense resources on caring for the eggs and hatchlings.

However, given the functionality of online businesses, chances of lackluster services exist. You may be misled about issues such as parentage, and shipping services may be less than adequate.

Three online axolotl egg sellers are described below.

Northern Axolotls

Is one of the renowned online sellers of axolotl eggs, and is led by a prodigy, exotic pet breeder who fuses passion with enterprise.

With experience spanning several years in exotic pet keeping and breeding, this is a source that offers shipment of eggs to all states in the US where axolotl-keeping is legal.

Northern Axolotls also offers unbeatable promotions with their eggs. For instance, care instructions to help you get settled in with your new pet are found free of charge on their website.

Shipping costs are also routinely covered depending on the purchase made.

If you feel ready for the journey of axolotl egg hatching, their 20 eggs a set will come in handy (around $45).

Leucistic Axolotl Eggs

The Colorado-based axolotl egg provider has 20 years of experience in the breeding space and guarantees the safe and convenient shipment of eggs to buyers.

They offer 25 eggs per set, which costs approximately $40. The eggs are from leucistic breeds and are sold once they start to bean.

Silly Axolotl

This entity ships axolotls throughout Canada and offers the flexibility to determine how many eggs you need. The approximate cost is $1 per egg, but you get a 25% cut if you buy 50 or more. 

However, you may need to budget for shipping costs separately.

Tips to Buy Eggs

Be sure to buy axolotl eggs only when the parents are not related. This ensures that genetic mutations are kept at bay and the resultant pets enjoy a long life.

Proper breeding also raises vibrant offsprings which are important in keeping the species alive.

In this regard, it may also be necessary to ask for pictures of the parents of the egg. Reputable breeders will always have these handy.

From the pictures, you can get an indication of what the resultant pet will look like, even though there are no guarantees.

It is also important to properly plan for the space where the tank will be located. Given the temperature requirements for safe-keeping of axolotls as well as the minimum tank measurements desired, space is a consideration best catered for early enough.

Finally, it is important to buy only from trusted breeders with good reviews. This not only affects the chances of receiving the eggs in good shape, but also determines other serious issues like the viability of an egg.

Pros and Cons of Raising Axolotl Eggs

As is to be expected, caring for the eggs until they are hatched and the babies released is no easy feat. It takes a lot of energy, consistent care and observation to ensure that as many eggs as possible are successfully hatched.

For instance, knowing when the axolotls have bred in order to prepare for the female to lay eggs may be a little difficult. In addition, moving the mature axolotls into a different tank to prevent them from eating the eggs requires sufficient resources and careful handling.

Moreover, for the eggs to safely hatch, proper temperature regulation has to be ensured. This may be overwhelming if one is not a specialized breeder and has other activities to focus on. 

Nevertheless, being in charge of the axolotl eggs from the time they are laid to fully hatched is a beautiful experience that helps one to bond with the resultant pets.


One can buy axolotl eggs from varied sources such as enthusiast keepers and private breeders. Fortunately, you can easily find them online.

Nevertheless, it is important to do due diligence on the integrity of the provider you have set your eyes on to avoid disappointments. 

Shipping of fertilized eggs requires competent packaging which can only be provided by experienced breeders.

On your part, it is also important to gather information on the basics of hatching axolotl eggs and how to care for babies once they arrive.

For instance, knowing if they are legal to keep in your state may safeguard you from avoidable losses. Such information may also inform you whether axolotls are the pet for you or not.

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