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Why Do Squirrels Lay Flat? Top 3 Reasons Squirrels Lay Flat

It transpires that squirrels have peculiar behavior patterns at different points in time that often surprise many people.

For example, if you come from a squirrels’ prone region in the summer, you have conceivably seen a squirrel lying flat either on the ground, on top of trees, or on irregular surfaces.

I wager that you were indeed startled at the mystery of these fascinating creatures. I mean, I would be surprised as well! Only that it won’t be helpful to the reader. So, why do squirrels lay flat? Let’s find out.

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What is Splooting in Squirrels?

Splooting in squirrels refers to a common tactic seen in most animals, specifically pets, where they spread out with bellies touching the ground and their hind legs sprouting backward, resembling that of frogs.

They do this to dissipate their body heat. Essentially, squirrels sploot too. They typically find cooler grounds (pavements and trees) to do their athletic exploits.

With their bodies splayed out and bellies smashing hard on a cooler surface on a lava-hot day, you could undoubtedly see the relief on their faces.

why do squirrels lay flat
When squirrels sploot (lay flat on their belly), they are either cooling down themselves, just relaxing, or trying to avoid predators.

Why Do Squirrels Lay Flat?

So, why exactly do squirrels lay flat? And is it a regular thing with Squirrels or you should get concerned?

There are three main reasons compel a squirrel to lay flat. The first and most common reason is they are cooling down their body temperature. While cooling down, squirrels also relaxing their body, the same as the way humans lay down. The third reason happens in some cases of evading predators

Let’s learn deeper about it.

Reason#1: Cooling Off

When temperatures are undesirably high during the summer, squirrels resort to lying flat on cooler surfaces to regulate their body heat.

Unlike humans, squirrels only sweat through their pores; thus, the only way to release their heatwave is by unfurling out on a cooler surface than the surroundings.

Also, the fur under their bellies is thin, thus allowing maximum contact with the cooling surface facilitating the cooling procedure. This technique is commonly known as Splooting or heats dumping.

However, in some instances, Squirrels may spread flat on surfaces due to seizures due to food poisoning. Probably the only time you should get concerned and seek necessary assistance.

A squirrel trying to cool down its temperature in the dirt on a hot summer day
A squirrel trying to cool down its temperature in the dirt on a hot summer day

Reason#2: Relaxing

Coming across a fanned-out squirrel may make you wonder if these little critters are inherently lazy or they are just playing dead. Well, you shouldn’t question yourself anymore. 

Squirrels may as well opt to rest after a hectic day by simply lying flat on the ground. After all, everyone deserves a rest after an intense day.

Reason#3: Evading Predators

In moments of danger, squirrels remain unobtrusive by suddenly splaying flat, especially on trees. Lying flat helps them amalgamate with their surroundings by hiding the lightly colored portion under their bellies which is perceptible.

Intriguingly, pancaking also help squirrels safeguard their vital organs if a predator confronts them. Splaying flat is, therefore, a crucial technique that ensures the survival and safety of a squirrel.

squirrels lay flat to escape from danger
In moments of danger, squirrels remain unobtrusive by suddenly splaying flat, especially on trees to escape the danger.

How Can You Tell If a Squirrel Is Happy?

Squirrels are popular to be wary creatures and have a spontaneous reaction time in moments of danger.

Telling if a squirrel is happy should be evident from its conduct, although it may be difficult to guess because some of its behavior patterns may present as new to humans.

Likewise, there are some known patterns associated with squirrels that should tell you if they are gratified. For example, a squirrel may show affection to humans by nibbling on them or giving them tender bites. 

It is a demonstration of a squirrel being comfortable and happy with your presence. 

Additionally, squirrels may manifest their happiness by running around and digging up various places in your backyard as well as scurrying up objects pointlessly.  Sort of an activated game mode!

Why Do Squirrels Shake Their Tails?

A unique characteristic of squirrels is their long bushy tails which serve multiple functions. The physical uses of their tails range from providing warmth, offering them balance while jumping to assisting them while in sitting positions.

However, if a squirrel shakes its tail, it could mean various things often associated with a tense situation. For example, a squirrel constantly wags its tail in an encounter with a predator such as a rattlesnake to signify alertness.

In other instances, a squirrel shakes its tail to send a message to other squirrels, warning them of food that it has secured. It is a way of marking territory.

Generally, tail wagging with squirrels is a way of sending indicators of potential danger looming. Therefore, their tails act as a great communication device to send an array of messages.

What Does It Mean When a Squirrel Stares at You?

Squirrels react to danger in the shortest time possible, but what does it mean when they suddenly and continuously stare at you?

Understanding them may help in deciphering what they are trying to communicate with their bizarre staring.

Staring from a squirrel also may be a result of various concerns. The most predictable reasons, however, are;

Reason#1: Accessing Threats

For a squirrel to suddenly stare at you, you are likely to have made some movements approaching it.

It stares at you to access if you are a threat, and if you move closer, it may simply scamper away.

why do squirrels stare at you
A scared squirrel will stare at you to be sure you aren’t after its life.

Reason#2: Vigilance Concerns

These tiny creatures are probably in demand for food, given their status in the food chain. 

They, therefore, have many predators, and as a result, they are always cautious of slight movements. They may stare at you as a way of keeping their environment safe.

Reason#3: Desperate for Food

Hunger may sometimes prompt a squirrel to gaze at you if they sense that you are in a position to feed them or if you have given it food before.

Wrapping Up

Squirrels are adorable creatures and are likely to surprise you with their weird behaviors. For instance, they like to flatten out on cooler surfaces in the summer to fight the heatwave in their bodies; therefore, it is standard with these creatures.

The process is known as heat dumping or splooting. Conversely, squirrels may also splay flat on surfaces to avoid being attacked by predators.

Lying flat helps them to be inconspicuous. Also, squirrels may simply flatten out to rest after a long day; thus, it shouldn’t be an issue of concern.

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