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Why Does My Squirrel Pee On Me? Top 3 Reasons That Will Shock You

Why Does My Squirrel Pee On Me? Here Are The Reasons: They are either too excited or too nervous to meet you and sometimes it may just be a coincidence. Moreover, baby squirrels pee more often than adults. Hence if the squirrel is a baby, expect a pee.

It has been months since I last saw my aunt, and today was my day to call on her. We were busy talking when I noticed a new guest in the house, her darling squirrel, called Jeremy.

I can’t explain much, but all I know is that we did get along well with Jeremy; I even massaged him, but I noticed he peed on me. My aunt told me that I was the third person Jeremy peed on; he doesn’t do that to every person.

Lol, did Jeremy just love me, or did he familiarize me with its owners? I was curious and wanted to know why squirrels would pee on someone. Are you wondering why your squirrel pee on you? You got the right article; keep reading for more.

Animals Mark Territory with Urine

We mark our properties through demarcation or inscribing names, but animals use urine for the same task. The behavior of animal territoriality is widespread, indicating that most animals are territorial.

An animal will feel safe and can effectively defend its belongings if it stakes out an area of its own. Other animals will learn the boundary and recognize that it’s a space to keep away from because it’s owned already.

Laying out a territory guarantees possession, and many animals respect territory formation, hence reducing the need for unnecessary conflicts.

Territory formation frequently guards against conspecifics to secure offspring, food, a shelter, or to claim mating opportunities. Some animals that pee mark are dogs, cats, tigers, coyotes, grevy’s zebra, and even squirrels.

Why Does My Squirrel Pee On Me?  they are nervous if they are just meeting you for the first time
A nervous squirrel peed on a stranger and sniffs it [photo credit: Joe Staats]

Why Does My Squirrel Pee On Me? Here Are The Reasons

Squirrels are highly territorial and tend to mark their territory with urine. With this information at hand, you might be interested to know if a squirrel also pees on you to mark territory.

Or does it simply mean that the squirrel is defending its territory, and that’s why it did squirt you? No, squirrels squirting you doesn’t indicate a mark of territory or anything closer to that.

These rodents frequently urinate while journeying from one place to another and rub their oral scent glad when marking territory. What then would attract a squirrel to come and pee on you? We’ll find out below!

Reason #1: An Excited Squirrel

Most pet squirrels dislike being touched by someone unfamiliar to them, or they will shy away from strangers. However, these critters are very friendly and sweet if they feel at peace with you.

Squirrels are fun-loving and become extremely excited when playing. It’s likely for a squirrel to squirt you when playing because of excitement. Squirrels will also do this to make you smell like them 

Reason #2: Baby Squirrels Pee More Often

Sometimes baby squirrels can pee on you by mistake; they’re young and unable to control their bladder-like adults.

They tend to pee everywhere, but they gradually learn about many things while still growing up.

Reason #3: Coincidence

Moreover, a squirrel squirting you when resting under a tree might happen by coincidence. It has happened to many people when enjoying the breeze of air on an outside seat.

The same way a squirrel chews what it wants, these rodents also mostly pee where they want; after all, they’re wild animals.

What Should I Do If My Squirrel Pee on Me?

A squirrel’s poop or urine is not something to joke with, especially if the squirrel is sick. These rodents are known to carry various diseases through the waste and pass them to humans that contact them.

Does it mean that squirrels peeing on you is dangerous, or will you be sick because of the urine? The truth is, squirrel’s pee will never hurt anyone unless the squirrel is diseased and you have an open wound.

A squirrel’s pee can pass leptospirosis, but only if the bacteria find their way into the body of a human. So, you shouldn’t be afraid if your squirrel peed on you.

Unfortunately, squirrels’ pee emits a disgusting odor that lingers for quite a while. You definitely need to do something to stop the smell. But what is that something? What should you do if your squirrel pees on you? Beat it? Let’s find out.

Sometimes squirrels pee to mark their territory [source: MyBackyardBirding]

General Squirrel Pee Cleaning Guideline

Beating your squirrel because it peed on you wouldn’t solve anything; in fact, it will only weaken the bond you both share. Remember, you are dealing with a wild creature, and it does things the way it feels like.

Be quick to clean the pee because the longer it sits on garments, the worse it will smell.

Before everything else, be quick to blot the urine with a paper towel to prevent your cloth from fully absorbing it. Dispose of the paper towel properly when you’re done.

The next and most important thing is to neutralize the urine to kill germs. You do this by bleaching the spot with a commercial disinfectant or a bleach solution (1 part bleach: 10 parts water).

The risk for disease transmission is neutralized, but you’re eventually required to wash your clothes and any contaminated clothing with laundry detergent in hot water. Then clean yourself with soap and water.


Why does squirrel pee smell?

Squirrels eat a lot and have a high metabolism, but they produce less urine, which is highly concentrated, making them smell awful.

Can squirrels recover from mange?

Mange can be fatal to squirrels, but in most cases, they do recover from the disease. A squirrel in good condition can easily and fully recover from mange.

However, squirrels expressing severe fur loss have minimal chances of recuperating from mange, especially in the winter cold season.

What does mange look like on a squirrel?

Squirrels under poor nutrition are severely affected by mange, and they show extreme hair loss in the chest and shoulder regions, and eventually, the entire body is affected. Other signs include scaly and thickened skin.

Do squirrels recognize you?

Squirrels are very intelligent critters; they can quickly recognize you. Moreover, these rodents have a sharp memory when it comes to locating food. They know when and where to get food if trained.


It’s very common for squirrels to pee on a person. They can do this deliberately, or it happens by coincidence. More often, squirrels are incited to pee on people out of excitement, and this highly comforts them

A squirrel’s urine isn’t dangerous unless you have an open wound. Squirrels, especially the northern flying squirrels and American red squirrels, are vastly territorial. They stake out their territory through urine marking.

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