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Can You Put Axolotl And Betta Fish In The Same Tank?

Are you confused if you can put your axolotl and betta fish together in the same tank? If yes, then the answer to all your queries is here.

Many people do not know if axolotl and betta fish can live together or not.

Today we will discuss if it is safe to put axolotl and betta fish in the same tank or not, also we will throw some light upon the difference between the personalities of both the fishes.

Can You Put Axolotl And Betta Fish In The Same Tank?

No, you can not put axolotl and betta in the same tank because both the fishes are different to each other. Axolotl and betta will be stressed due to the temperature variation.

Betta fishes are accustomed to warmer water whereas axolotls prefer cool water. It is not safe to put betta with axolotl as the former might attack the latter.

Betta fish will have anxiety due to the changing temperature and they will start attacking axolotl or make their survival difficult in the tank.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Axolotl and Betta Together

Their habitat requirements are different. Betta fish are tropical species which means they are comfortable in warm water while axolotl lives in cold water.

If you put a betta in the cold water with axolotl, then it might feel stressed and can even die. The same happens with axolotl.

Betta fish live in a space where hiding space is naturally available.

A good hiding space helps betta fish be calm and to hide when there is a predator around. If the hiding space is not available, then betta fish become aggressive and start attacking other fish in the tank.

Also, Betta fish need more space to swim freely. If the tank is filled with too many fishes or the area is too small, then they get stressed out. This leads to axolotl and betta often bump into each other which will cause fights.

The aggressive nature of betta will make them attack or give tough time to axolotl. Betta fish do not directly kill axolotl but they start biting the grill of the Axolotl.

Axolotl will have difficulty in surviving each passing day as betta will chase and bully them often which makes axolotl stressed out.

Betta will attack axolotls when the latter gets the supply of food which will make it difficult for axies to reach the food.

Due to the limited supply of food, the axolotl will face health issues. It is admonishing to note the behavior of betta with axolotl.

If you find the betta is bothering the axolotl, then remove the axolotl from the tank immediately and put them in another tank.

Fish That Can Live With Axolotls

Axolotls usually do well on their own as they like to stay in isolation. Not every fish is good to keep with axolotls as they are not community creatures.

If you are thinking to give your axolotl some company by putting other tank mates then few things need to be kept in mind: 

Axolotls prefer cool temperatures so tropical fish should not be kept with them.

Keeping aggressive or territorial fish with axolotl is a bad idea. These creatures might hurt and harass axolotl.

Do not keep a fast swimmer with axolotl as their movements will stress them.

Now let’s talk about the tank mates which are suitable to keep with axolotls. There are few tank mates axolotls that go along well.

Other Axolotls

Adult axolotls can make a good tank mate. But do not make the mistake of keeping a smaller axolotl with an adult one. Keeping juvenile axolotls together is also not a good choice as they often show cannibalistic tendencies towards each other. 

Axolotl, who is an adult, can even eat their larvae. You can put axolotls of the same gender and a mixed gender in the same tank.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

White cloud minnows can make great tank mates as they are peaceful cool water fish. It is safe for axolotls to eat the lack of spines and shells of these fish even if you might not like it.

But you can not control your axolotls from chasing these fish. The good thing is minnows are fast so they escape from the axolotls unless they are unaware of their presence.

Guppy Fish

Guppies can also be put in the same tank with axolotl. But sometimes they have diseases and babies of guppies are usually utilized as feeder fishes. The owner sometimes intentionally feeds these fishes to their axolotls.

Baby guppies do not have a health risk when eaten by juvenile axolotls. The reproductive system of guppies is very fast and the increase in the amount of fish might stress your axolotl even if it is a snack for them.

Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are another good option to have as a tankmate for axolotls. They usually stay away from axolotl as they keep to their shoals and being an agile fish makes them stay safe in an axolotl aquarium.

Adult Apple Snails

Adult apple snails can also be kept in the same tank as the young axolotl. Baby cold water snails like juvenile bladder or ramshorn snails have soft shells and it is safe to keep them with axolotls.

Adult ramshorn and bladder snails can easily be swallowed as they are small but not too small to digest. If you have a desire to keep snails, you need to avoid keeping mini snails and put only adult onrs with axolotls.

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In Short

The conclusion is you should not take risk of keeping betta and axolotl together in the same tank. Both the fish have different temperature requirements and you need to fulfill that if you want your betta and axolotl healthy.

Follow the instructions carefully we mentioned above to avoid any risk or injury to your fish.

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