Best Venomous Snake Cages

Hello snake enthusiast, looking for something secure for your future venomous snakes? The list of best venomous snake cage below will blow your mind.

What are Venomous Snakes?

Venomous snakes are those serpents that are capable of producing venom. Such venom is used for defense, killing prey, and assisting with digestion.

They deliver the venom through injecting it into their victim through grooved or hollow fangs.

Nonetheless, some venomous snakes lack well-developed fangs. Venomous snakes are widespread throughout the world, and their venom level differs from one species to the other.

Snake venom level of each Species

Snake SpeciesVenom Level
Inland Taipan5
Australian Brown Snake5
Saw Scaled Viper5
Coastal Taipan5
Papuan Taipan5
Coral Snake4
Beaked Sea Snake4
Blue Krait4
Mojave Rattlesnake4
Tiger Snake4
Death Adder4
Golden Lancehead4
South American Rattlesnake4
Common Cobra3
Egyptian Cobra3
Gaboon Viper3
Forest Cobra3
Bush Master3
Black Mamba3
King Cobra3
Russell’s Viper3
Puff Adder3
Timber Rattlesnake2
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake2
Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake2
King Brown Snake2
Common Lancehead2
Barba Amarilla2
European Vipers1
Prairie Rattlesnake1
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake1
Table of Snake venom level of each Species

Reasons Why Venomous Pet Snakes Need Special Cages

While you may be worried about keeping your favorite venomous snake as a pet, just know that it is possible. However, you need to practice caution in a few areas.

  • Ensure that your local laws allow the keeping of venomous pet snakes
  • Get the right equipment to ensure the security of the pet snake and those around it

Snakes are incredibly sneaky animals and will take any chance to slither away from captivity. When you combine that with a dangerously venomous snake, you have a disaster in the making. It is for this purpose that we chose to delve deep into the concept of keeping venomous snakes.

In addition to the specific needs that your particular snake breed has, you must keep it in a secure cage.

The danger that comes with keeping venomous snakes is the potential risk of a bite that can deliver lethal venom into the human system and can be fatal. You need to ensure that your snake is kept in a secure cage, where the chance of escaping is reduced.

We researched this and sought to find out some of the best snake cages available in the market that will keep you and your loved ones safe.  More than 20 different tanks available in the market were assessed over three weeks, and we have compiled the best.

Complete Reviews of venomous snake cages

1. Vision Snake Cages

Vision Snake Cages
Vision Snake Cages

Vision products are popular among reptile pet keepers, and they offer some of the best venomous snake cages. Their cages are one-pieced molded constructions and are durable and very secure for your venomous snake. You can keep a wide range of snake types, including cobras, vipers, and rattlesnakes, among others.

Vision Snake Cages

These cages are stackable, which makes them ideal for all snake sizes. You can also be comfortable using them because of their sliding glass doors that make access into the cage easy. They are also strong enough to resist impact. Vision products offer their venomous snake cages in different sizes as well. They also have you covered whether you need the cage for display or breeding.

The cages are made from the same premise, and their main difference is price mainly based on their sizes. They are designed to save space because you can stack them in the house. As a result of the product being constructed as a one-piece mold, they are durable. They allow your pet to remain in the cage and get ample light, ventilation, and heat. The doors can be removed, and it makes cleaning easy.

The prices range from $259.00 to $2,199.00. If you buy products worth more than $500.00, you qualify for free shipping from vision.


  • While there are different sizes, the largest available option measures 80 x 28 x 44 inches, while the smallest measures 24 x x12 x 16 inches.
  • It comes with an under tank heater venting.
  • It also comes with a fluorescent vent heating


✅ The product has space-saving technology

✅ It is durable

✅ Easy to clean and maintain


❌ While the products are of high quality, they are expensive compared to other competing products.

❌ It can only be bought directly from vision and not available on Amazon.

2. REPTI ZOO 10 Gallon Reptile Tank – a small snake cage

Venomous snake cages - REPTI ZOO 10 Gallon Reptile Tank

Repti Zoo is another famous manufacturer of reptile products. They have been designing, manufacturing, and selling reptile equipment for more than 12 years. Repti Zoo invests heavily in research and development to produce the best products in terms of safety and price.

This small snake cage is ideal for a venomous pet snake. When you get one of these, you will enjoy a 360-degree view of the cage’s landscape and pet. It has a full-screen top with a feeding hole, which is necessary for ventilation, and it also allows the penetration of UVB light.

The screen top can be opened and closed quickly. You only need to lift and pull the screen to access the entire cage. It also has a transparent PVC tray to hold substrate and water. Installation is easy for anyone as no expertise is required. It can be done within two minutes.

If you want to invest in a terrarium that enables clear viewing of the pet, a glass cage is an ideal product. The enclosure has a stackable design, which saves on space. The cover has an exceptional design that creates a feeding hole. As such, you do not have to open the cage fully at all times when feeding your venomous snake.

After seven customer reviews, it has a rating of 4 stars. It retails for $65.99 on Amazon. 

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  • Product dimensions are 20 x 12 x 10 inches and weigh 13 pounds and a shipping weight of 14.4 pounds.
  • It comes with a stackable design
  • Unique design for easy disassembling for transportation
  • Screen top opening that is simple and convenient for venomous snake
  • Smaller sized, but taller version exists and can be purchased if it is your fitting size


✅Relatively inexpensive compared to the Vision cage

✅It has a 4-star rating

✅The opening is at the top of the cage, and it has a smaller opening for feeding, which increases safety.

✅Easy to install

✅Transparent glass that allows you to view and admire your pet snake

✅It ships flat for you to put together hence reducing the risk of broken glass that is common with such cages.


❌There is a risk of misalignment of the panels and top cover.

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3. Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium

Venomous snake cages - Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium

When you think about snake cages, you want to add a price of nature and tranquility to your home or office. Zoo Med Laboratories offer you precisely what you need. They have been in the industry for a long time, and they specialize in reptile pet equipment.

One such cage is the naturalistic terrarium has a full front glass opening door with a snap closure. It also has a stainless steel screen top that cannot corrode and also accommodates a dome clamp lamp fixture. It also comes with an optional light bar.

A unique screen top keeps the feeder insects while at the same time allowing UVA and UVB light penetration. The cage is rated 3.9 stars on Amazon from 63 customer ratings. It measures 18 x 18 x 18 inches. It is priced at $147.02, which is relatively cheap for good quality cages.

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  • The cage weighs 0.32 ounces
  • Has a 41 pounds shipping weight
  • Thick glass and ventilation
  • Snap laches front door
  • It has a feeding space at the top to ensure minimum physical interaction with your venomous snake.


✅It is easy to put together

✅Outstanding design for a venomous snake

✅Different sizes available for your choice

✅Easy to get a replacement if it arrives cracked

Relatively low priced


❌Not available for international shipping outside of the USA

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4. Zilla Reptile Starter Kit – featured of snake display cages

Venomous snake cages -Zilla Reptile Starter Kit

Zilla is a company that creates numerous pet reptile products. It makes an ideal venomous snake cage that comes in two versions, which include desert and tropical. Super deal for the group of snake display cages

It gives you an option for your snake, whether its natural habitat is a desert or a tropical forest. Each of the kits is equipped with a light at the top of the cage that provides both heating and lighting. It also has a screen cover that keeps your snake safe.

The cage also comes with a humidity and temperature gauge that allows for a quick and easy environmental assessment. It comes with a liner for the bottom of the cage, which is easy to maintain. The carpet also fights odor and your snake cannot ingest it accidentally. It is priced at $87.49.

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  • Dimensions are 20.2” by 10.5” by 12.6”
  • It measures 17 pounds and has a shipping weight of 22 pounds
  • Has been rated 3.6 stars after more than 90 clients reviewed it
  • Easy to clean and sturdy
  • Comes in a frustration-free packaging


  • ✅Comes with numerous appliances making it a critical starter pack for a pet snake keeper.
  • ✅Easy to close and lock which is vital for a venomous snake
  • ✅Odor-fighting carpet substrate is inbuilt
  • ✅In-built heating and lighting equipment
  • ✅Inexpensive considering the quality it delivers


  • ❌Possibility of some appliances arriving broken or non-functional
  • ❌It may arrive broken
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5. Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium

Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium is a good venomous snake cages
Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium

When you talk about snake cages, Exo Terra pops as one of the providers. They also have an ideal product for your venomous snake cage. Thinking about versatility and adaptability, Exo Terra has developed a product that meets most reptile needs. As such, while you take it for your snake, it can also convert easily for any amphibian or reptile.

Exo Terra offers 12 different sizes, which have great features to ensure the safety and health of your pet snake. It has front opening doors that make cleaning easy. While you can also use them for feeding, it is not recommended for a venomous snake. As such, the top screen opening comes in as a critical tool for feeding purposes.

The top screen also allows ventilation and UVB light penetration. Its doors have special locks that are designed to prevent escape, and each entry can open separately. As such, the cage is fit for a venomous pet snake.

It is available on Amazon and has a price of $199.99, and it can be shipped globally. It is rated 4.3 stars after 165 customer reviews. The cage measures 18 x 18 x 24 inches and weighs 40.9 pounds. Its shipping weight is 48.6 pounds.

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, for Reptiles and Amphibians, Small Tall, 18 x 18 x 24 inches, PT2607A1
  • Glass terrarium for reptiles or amphibians
  • Patented front window ventilation
  • Raised bottom frame in order to fit a substrate heater and has a waterproof bottom
  • Escape-proof dual doors lock to prevent escape
  • Closable inlets for wires and/or tubing management

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  • Dual doors that can open independently
  • Specially designed lock to prevent escape
  • Removable stainless steel cover
  • Waterproof base
  • Raised bottom frame
  • Enlarged ground surface
  • Natural-looking rock background for aesthetics
  • It comes in 12 different sizes

Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium Review in Detail


  • It comes with a waterproof base that is raised to accommodate your snake
  • The special lock makes it easy to keep people safe from potential snake escape
  • Having a cover at the top makes it possible to use the top part for feeding and snake handling
  • 12 different sizes increase the options you can take depending on the size of your snake
  • Closable inlets for wires and tubing make it easily accessible
  • Highly rated on Amazon with numerous positive reviews
  • All glass sides give you the ease of viewing at all times


  • Heavy hence not ideal for placing too high in case it falls on a person
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If the laws and regulations in your area allow you to keep a venomous pet snake, you will need an ideal cage for it.

Venomous snakes are risky to keep around and need to be escape-proof. After going through more than 20 different options, we came up with a list of 5 cages, which you can consider.

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