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Top 3 Blue Tongue Skink Breeders Canada

Blue-tongued skinks are popular terrestrial lizards from Australia and parts of Indonesia. Although they are large lizard species, it is easy to handle, care for, and maintain. As a popular lizard species, you may be wondering where you can buy them in Canada.

It is quite legal to buy blue tongue skinks in Canada if you buy them from a reputable breeder. The good thing is that there are several reputable breeders in Canada where you can buy these adorable creatures.

This article will highlight the top three breeders in Canada where you can buy a blue tongue skink.

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Legal In Canada?

Yes, it is legal to keep a blue tongue skink as a pet in Canada. However, you can only buy them from a reputable breeder as blue tongue skinks are exotic breeds. You will also need to have a special permit to sell a blue tongue skink.

Blue Tongue Skink is sticking out its tongue
Blue Tongue Skink is sticking out its tongue | Credit: Bob_Eastman / Canva.com

Blue Tongue Skink Breeders Canada

Here are some top breeders in Canada where you can buy a blue tongue skink.

Mels exotics

Mels Exotics is a reputable blue-tongued skink breeder located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Melanie Pratt, an animal addict, owns it, and they sell varieties of reptiles. You can also buy varieties of blue tongue skinks like Irian Jaya, Merauke, Tanimbar, and Northern blue-tongued skinks.

They sell juvenile blue tongue skinks, and you can get a normal baby northern BTS for around $400 plus shipping. The good thing about Mel’s exotics is that they offer a $50 discount on any reptile you buy. However, you will need to show that you are a member of the blue tongue skink Facebook group or Bluetongueskinks.org.

Mel’s Exotics also offers shipping across Canada through the Reptile Express and will not ship to other countries. You can enquire about a blue tongue skink species from Mel’s exotics through an email at [email protected].

Blue Tongue Skink with white background
Blue Tongue Skink with white background | Credit: Farinosa / Canva.com

Don Reptiles 

Don reptiles is another top reptile breeder in Canada. It is owned by Don Patterson and was founded in 1994. He usually cares for and maintains his animal all by himself and specializes in captive-bred pythons and blue tongue skinks.

Don reptiles offer juvenile northern and eastern blue tongue skinks in a variety of morphs. A great thing about don reptiles is that they offer both domestic and international shipping. Another thing is that the owner guarantees live arrival and will provide all information you will need upfront.

You can contact Don reptiles by mailing them on [email protected] to check for availability and price.

All Reptiles 

All reptile is another reputable breeder where you can buy reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians. All reptiles are located in Scarborough, Ontario. All reptiles were founded in 2008 by a group of reptile enthusiast friends that felt the public needed a place to find reliable information about exotic reptile pets.

They sell juvenile northern blue tongue skink for about $479.99. One of the great things about them is that they have an onsite breeding room open to the public. This means they are more transparent as you can easily watch and determine whether the skink is healthy before buying it.

Another thing is that they offer shipping service in case you cannot come to their onsite location. You can enquire about a skink before you buy it by mailing them here [email protected].

Blue Tongue Skink is lying with white background
Blue Tongue Skink is lying with white background | Credit: Farinosa / Canva.com

How Much Does A Blue-Tongued Skink Cost In Canada?

The price of a blue-tongued skink usually varies from one species to another, and you will need to budget about $150-250 for a juvenile skink. The price of blue tongue skinks depends on special color morphs and their varieties, as some morphs can cost more than $1000.

For instance, a rare morph of blue tongue skink, Merauke morph, can cost $5000 or more. The price of a BTS will also vary based on their sex. A female blue tongue skink usually costs 20-30% more than male skinks.

You will also need to consider the shipping costs, which are usually above $50, if you want a special shipping service.

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Blue Tongue Skink?

Generally, a male blue tongue skink is more active than female skink. However, the personality of the skink will depend on the skink species, whether male or female. Therefore, both male and female blue tongue skinks will make a perfect pet.

You should only pick a skink according to its health, background, and personality. Instead of gender, you should talk with the breeder to help you choose a skink that will suit your lifestyle.

Can You House A Male And Female Blue Tongue Skink Together? Generally, blue tongue skinks are not social creatures, and you should avoid housing them together. Therefore, it is advisable not to house a male and female skink together unless you want to breed them.

Is It Better To Get Baby Or Juvenile Blue Tongue Skink?

You can buy a blue tongue skink, whether a baby or juvenile. However, it is best to go for a baby blue tongue skink. This way, you will get to watch as it grows up and determine its personality yourself. Furthermore, you will bond with your skink as it develops with you.

Another thing is that baby blue tongue skinks are readily available. On the other hand, it can quite be risky to buy an older juvenile blue tongue skink, and this is because the skink may already have health issues due to poor quality food or bad husbandry.

Another thing is that juvenile skinks may be wild caught skinks. Blue tongue skinks are not social creatures. Therefore, you should avoid keeping them together.

3 Things Need To Know Before Keeping Skinks As A Pets

A young Blue Tongue Skink is lying on hand
A young Blue Tongue Skink is lying on hand | Credit: Binikins / Canva.com

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you decide to buy a skink as a pet.

Understanding Blue Tongue Skink

Although it is quite easy to care for blue tongue skinks, they require specific care. Therefore, you need to know about caring for a skink before you decide to buy a skink. You also need to ensure that you have a safe and appropriate enclosure before bringing a skink home.


One of the important things about keeping a blue tongue skink is budgeting. You need to set up some funds to help ensure you can easily meet your skink’s needs. You don’t want your beloved pet to end up in rescues and sanctuaries or even die because you are not prepared.

Therefore, you should research and understand how much you will need to care for your skink.

Find A Vet Near You Before Purchasing A Skink

Many people usually think all vet can treat their pets. However, finding a veterinarian that treats exotic pets is quite hard. Another thing is that it is a lot harder to see a vet that can treat a skink.

Therefore, you should first check and ensure there is a vet that can treat a skink close to you before buying one.

A blue tongued skink is sleeping
A blue tongued skink is sleeping | Credit: gopfaster / Canva.com

Last Sentences

Besides blue tongue skinks, there are several other pets that you can buy and keep as a pet in Canada. Some are ball pythons, corn snakes, crested geckos, hedgehogs, hyacinth macaw, and so on. All you need is to check your local law and have the required permit to keep the animal.

As you can see, there are several reputable breeders in Canada where you can buy a blue tongue skink. We would like to hear from you in the comment section if you find a good breeder in Canada.

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