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Can Corn Snakes Eat Chicks?

Corn snakes are medium-sized reptiles that are popularly kept as a pet. They are carnivorous creatures and feed on meat like mice and rats in the wild. Since they are carnivorous creatures, you may be wondering if corn snakes can eat chicks.

Yes, corn snakes can feed on chicks. However, it is not recommended that you feed them with chicks because it has high-fat contents, and they cannot digest them properly. Corn snakes should only be fed with chicks as a treat occasionally.

This article will help highlight everything you need to know about feeding your corn snakes with chicks, from the pros and cons of feeding corn snakes with chicks to how often you should do that.

Can Corn Snakes Eat Chicks?

Corn  snake on hand
Corn snake on hand

There is no straight answer when it comes to feeding your corn snakes with chicks. Corn snakes can eat a chick, but it is not recommended. The main reason you should avoid feeding your corn snakes with a chick is its nutrient content.

Chicks have a slightly higher fat content than rodents, leading to obesity and loose fecal waste from your snake. Furthermore, chicks should only be fed to adult corn snakes. This is because chicks are too big for baby or juvenile corn snakes to swallow. 

Benefits and Risks when Feeding Corn Snakes Eat Chicks

Here are some benefits and risks associated with feeding your corn snakes with chicks.


  • Chick is a great source of protein and fat for your corn snakes.
  • Chicks are rich in a wide range of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, and D needed by your snake to keep your snake healthy.


  • Chicks have high fat and protein content making it hard for corn snakes to digest them properly.
  • Feeding corn snakes with too many chicks can cause health problems like obesity and liver disease.
  • Feeding baby and juvenile corn snakes with chicks can lead to constipation.

How often Should You Feed Chicks to Your Corn Snake?

You should only feed your chicks with corn snakes as a treat, once or twice a week as part of their diet. You can also feed your corn snakes with chicks if your corn snakes are not eating their food.

A corn snake is curled up on a tree trunk.
A corn snake is curled up on a tree trunk

How to Feed Corn Snakes Eat Chicks

The first thing to note when feeding your corn snakes with chicks is to ensure you feed them with a raw and whole chick. You don’t have to cook the chick before feeding your snake. The next thing is to avoid removing the bones from the chicken when feeding your snake.

The bones help to provide your snake with calcium. The last thing is to ensure that you only feed your corn snakes with a chick as a treat to help keep your snake healthy.

Some of the helpful tips that you can consider when feeding your corn snakes with chicks are stated below.

  • Avoid feeding your corn snakes with your hands. Instead, use gripping tools.
  • Try to cut the beak and feet of the odd chick as they are quite sharp before feeding your snake.
  • You can cut off the leg of the chicken if it is too large than the normal rodent equivalent that you feed your snake.
  • Always wash your hands after handling raw chicken to help ensure you don’t contaminate your snake’s enclosure with bacteria from raw chicken.
  • Always remove a meal from your snake’s enclosure if it is around 24 hours and your snake ignores it.

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Main Diet of Corn Snakes

Corn snakes are carnivorous creatures and feed on meat. They are regarded as constrictors as they coil around their prey to suffocate it when hunting for food. In the wild, their main diet is rodents like mice and rats.

However, they can also feed on moles, bats, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. In captivity, you can feed your corn snakes with dead mice. All you need is to ensure that the mice are not larger than your snake’s widest part.

You can then feed hatchlings at least once a week, while juvenile corn snakes can be fed about every 10 days. However, you will need to feed adult snakes every 2 weeks based on their appetite.

A corn snake is eating a rat
A corn snake is eating a rat


Can Corn Snakes Eat Fish?

Yes, corn snakes can eat a wide range of fish, from minnows to sea bass in the wild. Corn snakes can easily digest fish, and it has a high protein content. However, fish is not their main diet, and they only eat it occasionally.

Can corn snakes eat anything other than mice?

Although many hobbyists assume that mice are the main source of diet for their snakes. Corn snakes can eat a wide range of food, like bats, birds, amphibians, and other smaller reptiles. You can feed a juvenile corn snake with lizards, frogs, and small rodents.

However, you can feed adult corn snakes with chicks, rodents, fish, frogs, etc.

Can my corn snake eat eggs?

Yes, corn snakes are quite fond of chicken eggs and will eat them if given the opportunity. Eggs will help to provide a high level of protein, minerals, and vitamins to your snake.

However, eggs are not part of a corn snake’s natural diet, and they should only be fed to your snake as an occasional treat.

Can a corn snake eat a bird?

Yes, corn snakes are carnivorous animals, and it is possible for them to eat a bird. However, the birds need to be smaller than their body to help prevent constipation.


Corn snakes are carnivorous creatures and can feed on chicks. However, many hobbyists do not recommend making chick your snake’s main diet as it contains high-fat content and is hard for snakes to digest properly. You will also need to ensure that the chick is small enough to fit entirely into your snake’s mouth.

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