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How to Befriend Squirrels? 5 Best Tips You Should Practice

This article is a simple and one of the best manual on “How To Befriend Squirrels” that you’ll come across. Having a squirrel as a best friend is something to admire. Today, human-animal friendship is considered a mutual relationship. So, how can one befriend a squirrel?

In ancient times, human-nonhuman friendship was hard-won and unreciprocated. But as the years go by, human actions are also changing. Many people have companion animals, and they enjoy their togetherness so much.

People who have squirrel as best friends characterize these non-human partners as pets, but it can take other forms depending on your socialization.

This article explores human-squirrel friendship and how you can befriend these charming little critters.

Are Squirrels Good Friends to Humans?

Do you own a squirrel? How do you both relate? I’m confident each one of you has something to say about their besties. Generally, squirrels tend to bond and become affectionate with humans, but only if they trust you.

It takes a matter of time for a squirrel to build trust and bond with a human being. Reason being that enemies surround these rodents. They are the lowest in the food chain, making them a food source for hundreds of animals.

So, don’t over expect that a squirrel will like you in your first encounter. It’s not the squirrel’s problem that it sees you as a predator.

However, if you’re non-threatening and patient, the squirrel stops fearing you and you eventually become friends. Yes, squirrels are good friends to humans. Both parties enjoy each other’s company, and the relationship has the pleasure that comes with knowing another being.

Yes, squirrels can be good to humans if they don't see you as a threat.
Yes, squirrels can be good to humans if they don’t see you as a threat.

How to Befriend Squirrels?

Forests are the natural habitat for squirrels, and since humans have a habit of visiting forests, we interact with these animals more often. But our homesteads also are gone zones for squirrels; they do visit us frequently.

Winning the heart of a squirrel to become your friend is achievable. You only need to be patient and make sure you use the proper techniques to please them. Below are the guidelines to help you befriend a squirrel;

Tip#1: Get the Squirrels Attention by Making Sound

Squirrels are intelligent creatures and tend to learn something very quickly. When you are offering them food, using a specific sound, e.g., reading a storybook, handheld clicker, vocalization, etc., will help win their attention.

Use only one sound. As the squirrels continue to hear this sound, they will begin to associate it with snack time. Upon hearing the sound you make, these critters will come running like crazy.

Tip#2: Learn the Favorite Dish for Squirrels.

Squirrels are exceedingly fearful and easily frightened, but you can please them by offering their favorite meals. The squirrel’s primary agenda for the day is to eat and be satisfied. So, if you want to be friends with squirrels, give them food.

Typically, squirrels are excited to have somewhere they can get food and will not be reluctant to visit the place every single day for food. Providing food to these cuties is an assurance to them that you come in peace.

Take a nut and wave it to the squirrel but maintain some distance. Squirrels are used to waving behavior, like observing a fellow squirrel waving its tail. Waving the nut attracts them to come closer to you.

A man hand feeding a squirrel
The squirrel’s primary agenda for the day is to eat and be satisfied.
So, if you want to be friends with squirrels, give them food.

Tip#3: Be Patient

Sometimes you might notice that the squirrel doesn’t come near even after waving the nut. Note that these are wild animals and require some time to get to know you. Just be patient even if the animals appear skittish.

Instead of holding the nut, throw it a few feet in front of you. Use shelled nuts as squirrels are likely to see the nut and hear their sound after hitting the ground. Give some time for the squirrel to pick the nut, and be sure not to threaten it.

Later on, the squirrel will learn that it didn’t die by getting closer to you, and it starts to like you. Remain calm until the day the squirrel will confidently begin to accept hand-fed food from you.

Tip#4: Let the Squirrel Come to You

No single day should you go walking right up to the squirrels even if you are feeding them. If you dare do that, it’s a high chance for the squirrel to think you otherwise, taking you as a threat.

Instead, walk close enough, bend down and let them approach you for the remaining few feet. Even after getting closer, don’t be in a hurry to move your hand; hold still and allow the squirrel to take the nut.

Tip#5: Be Consistent

how to befriend squirrels
With time, squirrels can befriend you if you’re patient and consistent in establishing physical contact

Don’t appear for two days to feed the squirrel and then go missing for a week and expect to see any progress. The more often you are present, the more squirrels see you, and you are likely to befriend them easily.

If the squirrel is really calm, sometimes you might notice it’s smelling your shoes to confirm it is you. They differentiate you by smell, sound, and gesture. At such a point, it is recommended to offer snacks that aren’t portable.

You don’t just need the squirrel to come, grab a snack, and then runoff. Of course, you want it to stick around and snack. Note that squirrels feed early in the morning and in the evening. 

If you succeed in feeding one squirrel, the rest will be attracted to be fed too. Have fun with your attempt to befriend squirrels, and I hope you will find the above tips working.

How to befriend a squirrel [source: Backyard Nature]

Wrapping Up

We can make a mutual relationship with squirrels. Friendship with squirrels comes with the same pleasures we would receive from our fellow beings. Squirrels are timid, but the secret to winning their attention is food only.

When a squirrel gets out of the nest, if it’s not busy hoarding food, it’s busy eating. You can see that squirrels like eating. If you become a reliable source of food to these animals, befriending them isn’t difficult.

Develop a habit of feeding them every day from your backyard. With time, you will notice that the squirrels never skip a day without visiting your place and might even peep through the window if you forgot to put feeders outside.

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