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5 Non-Venomous Arboreal Snakes That You Can Keep As Pets

Arboreal snakes can be kept as pets and can be classified into both venomous and non-venomous snakes. In this article, we will focus more on some of the non-venomous and mildly venomous arboreal snakes.

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What species of non venomous arboreal snakes are good to keep?

What Species Of Non Venomous Arboreal Snakes Are Good To Keep?
What Species Of Non Venomous Arboreal Snakes Are Good To Keep?

All non venomous species are good to keep as pets, we do have an article on what is the best arboreal snake for the beginner here.

Six Hundred Species from around the World by Mark O’Shea. This is a great book about common and uncommon pet snakes you can keep.

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Green Tree Python

Green tree python
Green tree python by David Ellis (source: flickr.com) 

Price: $300-600

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At first glance, the green tree python is similar to the emerald green boa in South America.

The two species are not closely related, but they look similar in appearance because of their habitat in the jungle.

The green tree python can be found in the green forests of New Guinea, Australia. Green tree pythons come in various colors both in the wild and captive-bred species.

The juvenile green pythons are usually red, dark brown-black, or yellow, but they change to bright green as they age.

Adult green tree python can grow to about 4-6 feet in length. It is a nonvenomous arboreal snake species, and it feeds on birds, tree lizards, and other small arboreal vertebrates.

Amazon Tree Boa

Non venomous arboreal snakes Amazon tree boa
Amazon tree boa by Jacob Loyacano (source:flickr.com)

Price: $129-1200

The Amazon tree boa can be easily listed among the most beautiful snake species in the world with green skin. You will surely fall in love once you set your eyes on these beauties.

It usually comes in different shades of yellows, reds, and oranges with diverse color combinations and patterns.

Although the snake is non-venomous, it is not a suitable pet for beginners as they will bite readily, and their long teeth give them an unpleasant look.

This snake species will surely be an exciting and rewarding pet for hobbyists seeking a bit of an edge from their pets.

Adult snakes can grow to around four-and-a-half to seven feet.

The best way to handle the amazon tree boa is using a snake hook.

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald tree boa
Emerald tree boa by Brendan Mooney (source: flickr.com)

Price: $300-600

The Emerald tree boa is a lovely green arboreal snake that can only be found in the Amazon Basin.

The snake is named for its bright green skin, and it has a white marking. The snake is nocturnal and solitary except during breeding season. It can grow to about 10ft long, and it hunts for food during the night.

This non-venomous arboreal tree hunts for food by draping itself along a branch while hanging its head down to ambush prey.

Emerald tree boa has razor-sharp teeth that it uses for striking small mammals.

The teeth are also used for preventing prey from escaping as it wraps their muscular body around them before devouring them whole.

Rough Green Snake

Rough green snake is one of non venomous arboreal snakes
Rough green snake by tessa nickels (source: flickr.com)

Price: $8-25

The rough green snake is a nonvenomous North American colubrid. It is a docile arboreal snake, and you can easily handle it.

Although the snake does not bite, when it does, its bite is non-venomous and harmless.

These rough green snakes have a bright green color with yellow or whitish bellies and can grow to about 81cm in length.

You will find them in moist meadows and woodlands climbing in low vegetation.

These snakes are also a good swimmer, and you can also find them on the ground.

This snake is unlike many snakes as it is diurnal, and it feeds mostly on insects, terrestrial arthropods, and some tree frogs and snails.

It feeds on its prey by grabbing and swallowing them alive.

Carpet Python

Carpet python: Non venomous arboreal snake
Carpet python by Adam Brice (source: flickr.com)

Price: $90-200

Carpet pythons are a group of snakes from the Morelia genus that are commonly found in New Guinea and Australia.

They are named carpet pythons due to their stunning array of colors and patterns that look like the lovely woven carpets common in the Middle East.

It can be listed as a semi-arboreal snake species as it can live on both, land and trees.

Adult carpet pythons can grow to around 2-3.6m in length. The carpet python can feed on small mammals, lizards, and birds, and it kills them by constriction.

You will find this non venomous arboreal snake fascinating and also easy to rear as pets.

Egg-Eating Snake

Price: $60-160

The egg-eating snake is docile and very easy to care for once they trust you. It is a perfect arboreal snake choice for beginners as they are non-venomous and toothless.

The snake also stays relatively small and can grow to about 2-3 feet. This is the suitable snake species for hobbyists looking for a vegetarian pet snake.

The snake survives only on a diet that comprises small bird eggs. The only difficulty with keeping the snake is that you can find it challenging to source for eggs.

You cannot feed them with chicken eggs because it is too large, you can only feed the male brown Button quail eggs, and the female eats Coturnix quail eggs.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Non venomous arboreal Brazilian rainbow boa
Brazilian rainbow boa by Angi Wallace (was Nelson) (source:flickr.com)

Price: $200-300

Brazilian rainbow boas are a popular arboreal snake breed due to its small size and brightly colored markings that shimmers and produce an iridescent effect.

Although this snake breed is mesmerizing, it is not a suitable pet snake for beginners. Adult Brazilian rainbow boa can grow to around 5-7 feet in length. The adult Brazilian rainbow boa is docile, but baby boas can be nippy and will calm down with regular handling.

It is recommended to move Brazilian rainbow boa from their enclosure with a snake hook. Afterward. you can handle them without any problems.

Asian Vine Snake

Non venomous arboreal snakeAsian vine snake
Asian vine snake by Nathiyaah Sakthimogan (source: flickr.com)

Price: $30-80

Asian vine snakes are a long and slender arboreal snake that is common in southern Asia. It has fluorescent green scales with a finely pointed head.

Adult Asian vine snakes can grow to around 6ft in length and are mildly venomous, which means their bite is not dangerous to humans.

Asian vine snakes have fangs in the back of their mouth, unlike the pit vipers with visible front fangs.

Its rear fangs are grooved but not as smooth as the front fangs, and the venom gland is located at the back of their mouth. It uses the venom to subdue their prey before eating them.

Six Hundred Species from around the World by Mark O’Shea. This is a great book about common and uncommon pet snakes you can keep.

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