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Uromastyx Princeps: Species Profile, Prices, Basic Care

Are you looking for an exclusive Uromastyx that is bold yet shy?

Let us introduce you to exotic Uromastyx Princeps that is bound to give you eccentric vibes of somber wildlife.

As rare as this species is, people struggle with its availability in stores.  The trade of this lizard is synchronized. A perfect storm can it be if the trafficking of Uromastyx Princeps is restricted.

If you are lucky enough able to pet this astounding lizard, this extensive guide will help you out big times.

With a thorough encompassment of the crucial information, you will find it helpful if you intend to pet this lizard.

Let us get started and help you begin!

What is Uromastyx Princeps?

Uromastyx Princeps
Uromastyx Princeps

What is this reptile?

Uromastyx Princeps belongs to the family of Agamidae. It is also known as the Somalian mastigure or princely mastigure.

Where does it come from?

It hails originally from Northern Somalia and Ethiopia.

How much does it cost?

An Uromastyx Princeps usually costs around $1000 and $1200.

How big do they get?

These lizards can grow up to 9-10 inches in length (head to tail). For hatchlings, they attain a length of about 3 to 3.5 inches (from head to tail). Both males and females exhibit traditional short, spiny tail.

Care level required:


These species dwell in arid, rocky regions near the seashore. Therefore, they have developed greater tolerance for environmental conditions.

Your pet will be fully contented with fundamental care and supervision.

How many colors of Uromastyx Princeps are there?

Uromastyx Princeps Colors
Uromastyx Princeps Colors

Uromastyx Princeps have distinct blazing hues of blue, green, and olive-grey, dappled with brown.

The sex determination is dependent upon the color of their belly, i.e., males and females have yellow and white bellies, respectively.

Males have green or brownish-red back with brick-red or dull green tail.

On the contrary, females have grayish-brown back with a hint of red hues.

These lizards flaunt their exotic tails and use them for self-defense. It also uses tail movements to enforce its dominance, aggression, or for the mating call. 

The tail is characterized by being short and having spikes in an obovate plain. The serrated projections circulate in 9 to 14 spirals.

Moreover, these species need at least two years to be mature sexually. You might have to wait for up to 5 years to determine the definite sex of your pet.

Nevertheless, slow and steady wins the race!

How much does Uromastyx Princeps cost?

Uromastyx Princeps Cost
Uromastyx Princeps Cost

The price of an Uromastyx Princeps ranges between $1000 and $1200.

But let us spill the beans- they are absolutely worth the cost!

Apart from being exceptionally exclusive, the troubles in breeding these lizards and decreased availability along with elevated demands, are significant factors in rising cost.

When intending to purchase an Uromastyx Princeps, we suggest going for a breed dwelling in captivity.

A captive breed is better accustomed to the enclosure life. A wild breed is more likely to be susceptible to environmental conditions as there is a drastic change in its surroundings.

With restricted trade, there are limited stores offering online purchasing of Uromastyx Princeps.

Here, we would suggest Underground Reptiles for you to cut the mustard and make you buy your loving pet.

You are now just one click away to provide safe havens to an astounding species!

Basic care for Uromastyx Princeps

The spiny-tailed lizard dwells on the rocks by the shore. The anatomy of its bodily structure allows it to be less vulnerable to environmental conditions.

However, despite being moderately strong, this species needs proper care and supervision for it to thrive well.

The physiological needs are supposed to be taken care of with adequate resources.

The monitoring of body temperature, humidity levels in the enclosure, suitable diet, terrarium structure, and lighting are crucial for its survival.

Here, we have covered some aspects of care-related information you must know before you bring an Uromastyx Princeps home.

Let us dig into it, one by one.

Uromastyx Princeps Lifespan

On average, Uromastyx Princeps live up to 10 to 20 years approximately.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that these species can survive as long as 30 years. The duration of lifespan is strongly dependent upon the caliber of the care provided to the pet.

With your excellence in care and dedication, you will find your lizard as fit as a fiddle.

Does Uromastyx Princeps require any special care compared to other Uromastyx?

To come to think of, we would say no!

These species only require additional keen observation and regulation of humidity levels and the body temperature of its terrarium.

Other than that, Uromastyx Princeps, like all other Uromastyx, are heat lovers and are happy with sun exposure. Therefore, you need to compensate for the outdoor heat with indoor basking bulbs.

Furthermore, we would advise you to avoid keeping same-sex Princeps or a Princeps with any other Uromastyx. Doing so might trigger aggression and unnecessary rivalries between the two.

Else, Uromastyx Princeps need the conventional care required for any other Uromastyx species.

Tank requirement for Uromastyx Princeps

 Indeed, there is no place like home.

Are you worried that you may go down in flames to give sweet home vibes to your lizards?

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here to save your day!

We aim to provide you an in-depth guide so that you can home in on petting Uromastyx Princeps efficiently.

Let us get started!

Tank size

In order to thrive, lizards require adequate privacy.

Purchasing an enclosure that is at least four times significantly bigger than your lizard’s size is a universal principle. It is essential to know that a tank with a larger ground space is necessary for these terrestrial lizards.

A juvenile Uromastyx needs an enclosure of around 20 gallons or more. If you want to pet a pair of juveniles, however, a 30-gallon tank will be reasonable.

Moreover, a tank capacity of at least 40 gallons of a terrarium would ideally suit an adult lizard.

As UV-rays are fundamental wavelengths needed for basking: therefore, when deciding on the terrarium body, make a choice that allows the UV-rays to pass through.

You can check out Zilla Reptile Starter Kit 10 and Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium Kit as they are the decent picks for your lizard.

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Basking bulbs

Uromastyx Princeps are cold-blooded reptiles. This means that they need thermoregulation by external means. Here, basking bulbs come to play the role.

Installation of basking bulbs is overhead to imitate the sun since Uromastyx Princeps are desert dwellers.

These lizards require a basking surface temperature of 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit,

Opposite surface from the position of the basking bulb must attain a temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

At night, the temperature needs to be at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The basking bulbs fundamentally function to regulate and maintain adequate body temperature in these lizards. The basking bulbs are essential for these lizards as it promotes digestion and establishes better metabolism.

Zoo Med Repti Sun and Evergreen Mercury Vapor Bulb can operate well for your pet.


Suitable husbandry is the goal of every lizard’s owner.

As Uromastyx Princeps reside on arid rocks, their substrate has to be appropriate for these lizards to flourish.

The lizards need to dig and thrive in their enclosures, hence adequate substrate must be added in the enclosures.

The depth of the substrate should be at least 6 inches.

We recommend bedding with a sand-soil mixture that encourages them to move around and dig efficiently.

Here is a quick evaluation of the appropriate substrate for Uromastyx:

  • Play-sand can be an ideal substratum. It can, however, lodge a juvenile in the sand and is a micro-organism hotbed.
  • For a newspaper, the overall presentation is often awful. You may even struggle with rock setups. Otherwise, it offers decent bedding.
  • If you are not planning to breed, millet is a suitable medium for lizards. Millet has the ability to destroy the egg.
  • Processed sands without silica are excellent for them.

Zoo Med Vita-Sand and Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding will make your pet thank you!

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Uromastyx Princeps Diet

Uromastyx Princeps are fundamentally herbivores- they love plants!

They love to munch on beans and vegetables and are very content with intermittent treats of fruits. For their development, the frequent dusting of calcium carbonate and calcium gluconate supplements is crucial.

Leafy green combinations such as spring salad mix are associated with the fulfillment of protein requirements.

Vegetable mixes are their favorite food. A handful of leafy greens coupled with vegetables like parsley carrots, zucchini, cucumber, peas and beans, e.t.c, can serve as an elite temptation for them.

You can also treat your pet often with their favorite berries and flowers.

You can go to your nearby stores to purchase the relevant food items.

Does Uromastyx Princeps Need Water To Drink?

Not really!

Their body is constructed in a way that it can absorb and restore large quantities of water from the food they eat. Green and succulent vegetables along with fruits, provide them with enough water.

Therefore, diet alone is sufficient for your pet to quench its thirst.

Do you need to bathe your Uromastyx Princeps?


Their physique does not allow them to be exposed to excess water at once. They need limited humidity and moisture for survival.

Excess can cause respiratory impairments.

Common diseases of Uromastyx Princeps

Conjunctivitis Photo-Kerato:

Improper positioning of UVB light bulbs can lead to eye infections and even blindness in extreme cases.

The tail rot:

Due to abnormal humidity levels, fungal growth is stimulated. This induces inflammation in the tail.


If an indigestible material is devoured, it will induce restraint in the digestive tract and impair its gut health.

Wrapping Up

Uromastyx Princeps are joyful, tame lizards.

With uncanny commitment and dedication, you and your pet will have an ever-loving duo!

After all, well begun is half done!

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