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Review of: Reptipro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator

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Easy to use
Build quality
The Reptipro incubator is comparatively cheap compared to other similar products with the same features.According to various users and the brand itself, this particular incubator perfect for beginners. The instructions are easy to understand.Compared to other incubators with similar features, this one has the best design. The blue LED light makes it look extremely attractive.Regardless of being an extremely cheap incubator, Reptipro 6000 is built using high-quality plastic and is durable.

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What I/we likeWhat I/we don’t like
👉 Amazing designWill not cut a hole in your pocketEasily available onlineEasy to usePerfect for beginnersFew users face any issue with the setting
Cute Reptiles as Pets
Cute Reptiles as Pets

ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Reptipro 6000 digital is more than just an incubator. This product is one of the perfect incubator in 7 egg incubators we have reviews.

We were to fit in 18 packs at a 45-degree angle and can also rotate the angle at least twice daily. 

If you keep the reptile eggs at 55 degrees, you will notice no change in the temperature for at least 24 hours.

However, the temperature display on the bright LED display might fluctuate from time to time even if the temperature inside is rock solid. When the temperature fluctuates, we took another thermometer to check the inside temperature and it was the same.

The Reptipro 6000 provides the best temperature for storing chicken eggs before incubation.

If you have previously suffered from low hatched eggs due to temperature issues, you should go for this particular product.

According to most users, this particular product is value for money. You might want to keep an additional digital thermometer next to your eggs.

The two-layer slidable compartment helps in taking full advantage of the hatching space and the slidable sink helps in keeping the temperature from the hatching process. 

Reptipro 6000 Details Reviews

Reptipro 6000 Egg Incubator Details
Reptipro 6000 Egg Incubator Details

Most egg incubators are either extremely expensive or do not perform well.

The Reptipro 6000 comes with all features of its previous model (ReptiPro 5000) along with some updated features which help in better egg hatching.

Compared to other incubators that are available in the market, this one comes with more features however is not expensive at the same time [customer reviews].

Firstly, this incubator has a great design and is made using durable plastic which makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain the same time.

The blue light inside the cabinet and the silver finish of the product makes it very attractive to eyes, you will want to show it off to your visitors. 

ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator attractive to eyes
blue light inside the cabinet and the silver finish of the product makes it very attractive to eyes

The product was launched in 2013 and the company upgraded it’s re-designed only once since then. It was initially designed as a reptile incubator, however, it heats and cools. 

Furthermore, the product is capable of holding temperature as low as 40 degrees F and can go up to 140 degrees F. This flexibility in temperature makes it perfect for all types of bird and reptile egg incubation.

Who is this product for?

An incubator provides an artificial environment for hatching eggs. Also, apart from making an artificial environment, an incubator allows you to hatch eggs without hens.

snake eggs
snake eggs

The ReptiPro 6000 is capable of mimicking the exact temperature, conditions, and experiences that a brooding hen provides for fertilizing eggs. However, to hatch eggs using an incubator, you need to be very careful about the settings. 

If you are planning to start your bird and reptile business, purchasing an incubator will be one of your best decisions. Incubators are capable of hatching more eggs and are more reliable at times compared to hens. The traditional method of egg hatching is also time-consuming.

For instance, a hen stops laying eggs the moment she sits on already existing eggs to incubate them naturally.

This also means that you will have fewer bird and reptile eggs since the hen will not be hatching now.

However, if you remove eggs from the hen’s nest, she will continue laying more eggs and then you can use the incubator to hatch eggs. According to some statistics, a hen is able to hatch not more than 30 eggs a year by following the traditional method.

Another thing is, if you use an incubator, you can increase the number to 300 for each hen. 

When it comes to Reptipro 6000 as an incubator, it is perfect for beginners as well as advanced level egg incubator.

The device is extremely easy to use, and the instructions are easy to understand as well.

If you are looking for an incubator that is durable and inexpensive at the same time, you should go for this product.

The device uses thermoelectric technology which helps in maintaining temperature which in turn creates a perfect condition for egg hatching.

With the bright LED digital temperature readout, it helps setting temperature quite easy.

What’s included

Like the most electronic devices from Amazon, this one also comes in a cardboard box.

Inside the cardboard box, you will find another box that contains the actual product. The incubator inside was nicely wrapped so that it does not get damaged. 

Inside the incubator, you will get a user manual, two steel racks that need to be installed inside the incubator, and some wires.

In order to use the incubator, you need to use only the wires provided by the manufacturer to connect to the electricity source. 

The user manual comes with very easy to understand instructions and also explains how to install the device and set the digital temperature. 

Overview of features 

Reptipro 6000 has a very unique and stylish design compared to other incubators. Especially, the viewing window is one of the best features I like about this incubator.

Having this incubator in your kitchen will enhance the beauty of the area.

This device comes with chrome accents which enhances its beauty even more. Incubators generally have digital temperature control.

This particular model comes with digital temperature control. Also, the temperature control panel has LED lights. With the large LED display you can have temperature readout very easily. 

Another interesting and unique feature of this incubator is that it is capable of providing both a cool and hot environment. Which makes it perfect for hatching chicken as well as reptile eggs.

The fan inside the unit keeps running all the time to prevent any temperature fluctuation.

The moment you open the door, the LED lights inside automatically turn on which helps in an easy inspection. The box came with two shelves which means you will have three shelves to keep eggs. 

The handle present on the top of the device makes it easy to carry around. It is a lightweight device i.e. 18 pounds so you can easily carry it from one place to another.

ReptiPro 6000 digital also comes with a car adapter, cigarette lighter style. You can also add egg turners any time you want, however, it does come with the device. 


what we like

  • Viewing window
  • Temperature distribution

How to use Reptipro 6000 digital

Before you begin with the actual incubation process, you need to install the device and make it ready for usage.

Install the device – Make it ready for usage

The very first step is to place the device on a plane surface and plug in the electric wire.

Make sure that the electric supply is 110 Volts and not less than that.

Once you have plugged in the device, the internal fans start running immediately. Make sure that the door is closed and then turn on the device using the power button.

Let the incubator run on its own for some time and the current inside digital temperature will show up on the display. Next, you need to set the temperature depending on the eggs you want to hatch. For instance, for duck eggs, the perfect temperature is 99.5 F. 

ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator
Sleek, Modern Design; Both Heats and Cools; Won't Dry Out Eggs; Portable and Lightweight - Comes with Car Adapter

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Place a bowl full of water inside

Once you have set your desired temperature, you need to place a bowl full of water inside the incubator.

This step is very crucial, you can place the bowl on the shelves or can also keep them below the rack.

You can additionally use other electrical gadgets to check the temperature inside.

Using a remote-controlled thermometer is a great idea, you need to place it inside the temperature to check the level of humidity. 

After you have completed all the steps mentioned above, you need to keep the incubator as it is for at least 6 hours and then check the temperature again.

This step is important for a new incubator in order to ensure that there is no temperature fluctuation.

Once you have checked that there is no temperature fluctuation, you can start using the incubator straightaway.

Place the eggs

Lastly, you need to place the eggs on an egg turner and keep it inside the incubator, you will notice a slight temperature fall the moment you place the eggs inside.

Keep turning the eggs at least twice daily to ensure that they are hatched properly. 

Also, it is utterly important for you to keep checking the temperature and humidity level inside from time to time and keep adjusting it.

You can adjust the temperature just by clicking on the up and down arrows present on the device.

For maintaining the perfect humidity level, you need to adjust the amount of water you have kept inside the incubator. 


ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator
Sleek, Modern Design; Both Heats and Cools; Won't Dry Out Eggs; Portable and Lightweight - Comes with Car Adapter

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Reptipro 6000 digital does not come with automatic egg turning technology. It is an inexpensive incubator that can hold many eggs.

However, with an automatic turner feature the device would have been better.

Online we found an alternative incubator that is capable of turning the eggs automatically from time to time. The GQF Professional Egg incubator is capable of holding more than 250 eggs at a time and also has an LED temperature display.

However, if you are looking for a cheap incubator with automatic egg turning technology, you can go for Digita Mini Automatic Incubators.


Incubators are perfect for bird and reptile farm owners and if you want to hatch eggs of your chickens.

According to various users, egg incubator is more reliable than traditional egg hatching method.

By using an incubator, you will be able to hatch three times more eggs compared to the traditional method.

However, before you begin with incubation, it is utterly crucial t that you understand how your incubator operates and the perfect temperature needed to hatch eggs. 

ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator
Sleek, Modern Design; Both Heats and Cools; Won't Dry Out Eggs; Portable and Lightweight - Comes with Car Adapter

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

About Reptipro 6000 Egg Incubator

When it comes to Reptipro 6000 digital, most users claim it to be very easy to use a device.

The manual that comes with it explains precisely how to operate the device and the steps that you need to need to perform before you actually place eggs inside the incubator.

The thermoelectric technology enables both cool and hot temperatures – it is one of the unique features of this particular model. The company has also upgraded the design and made it a better version of its predecessors – Reptipro 5000. 

Beginners might find the process of setting up the humidity level bit frustrating.

However, once you find your sweet spot you will have no difficulty in setting the temperature and humidity.

ReptiPro 6000 Egg Incubator
Sleek, Modern Design; Both Heats and Cools; Won't Dry Out Eggs; Portable and Lightweight - Comes with Car Adapter

Last update on 2020-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Please check our setup guide for reptiPro 6000 digital incubator to have clearer instruction on using it.

The water tray present on the bottom provides you the groove that you need to fill with water in order to raise the humidity level if needed. To start with, you can keep the water tray half-filled in the beginning and add or reduce water according to the need. 

To conclude, it is safe to say that it is a budget-friendly incubator and is perfect for people who incubate large batches of eggs at a same time.

The LED lights and the silver accent make the device appealing to the eyes as well. It is one of the best incubators that is capable of incubating reptiles as well as bird eggs.

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