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Top 10 Small Goldfish Breeds That You Can Keep As Pets

Are you interested in freshwater aquarium hobbies? If yes, then you must be curious and nervous about keeping a fish. Although petting small goldfish breeds or maintaining an aquarium demands your effort and time, it is a relaxing and rewarding act.

While all fish might seem the same, there is a big difference between salt water fish and the ones you can keep as pets. It’s highly recommended you don’t buy fish taken from the ocean. You can look forward to a goldfish breed for petting.

When it comes to petting small goldfish, there are probably many questions in your mind. And the first might be how to choose a suitable breed for your home. Well, we have got you covered!

In this article, you will read about the top 10 small goldfish breeds for petting. We have enlisted their color, specialty, pattern, body shape, and prices for better knowledge. 

What Are Small Goldfish Breeds?

Goldfish are one of the first pets to be selectively bred and domesticated by humans. There are 200+ types of goldfish all over the world. If you have seen aquarium fish only, then you will be amazed to see a unique and small variety of goldfish.

If you want to identify the best-suited goldfish as a pet, then you must have a look at their features. There are many varieties of goldfish, and a few of them are cross-bred that take on a mix of different characteristics.

No matter what type of goldfish you select, keep a note that you will need at least 20 gallons of water per fish. Generally, goldfish are not great at converting, so they may create more waste than other fish.

We will introduce you to the small and fascinating variety of goldfish. It will help you identify the best small goldfish breeds that you can keep as pets. Get your aquarium ready to welcome a new pet!

TOP 10 Small Goldfish Breeds That You Can Keep as Pets

Have a look at this table to get a quick overview of the top 10 goldfish breeds you can keep as pets. Check out their size, appearance, and cost.  

Small Goldfish BreedsSize AppearanceCost
Celestial5 inches to 6 inches Egg-shaped $19
Bubble Eye 3 inches to 4 inches Fluid-filled sacs under eyes$0.99
Ranchu6 inches and 8 inchesCurved back$4.05 
Pearlscale1 inch to 4 inches Pearl appearance $2.74 to $4.11 
Oranda8 inches to 12 inches Metallic or matte scaled$0.62 
Telescope4 inches to 8 inchesRounded or egg-shaped body $13
Veiltail8 inches to 12 inches Double tail$2.05
Fancy Fantail6 inches to 8 inches Double anal fin$19
Japanese Ryukin6 inches to 8 inches Long-tail fins and round body$26
Comet8 inches to 12 inches Deeply forked tail fins $0.31
best small goldfish breeds (size, appearance, and price)


Celestials small goldfish breed
Celestials breed of small goldfish


In the 18th century Celestials appeared as a direct mutation of the Telescope goldfish. Competing traditions lay claim as to exactly where this happened first, China or Korea. The first documentation proves that Celestial existence is shown in 1772 on a Chinese scroll. After 1903 Celestials arrived in Japan when 30 specimens came from China and became the foundation stock for Japanese breeders.


Celestial goldfish are small in size and have unique features. The celestial goldfish’s eyes are always facing upwards and protruding.

Their sizes are 5 inches to 6 inches.

Care level

Celestial goldfish require extra care. Their tank shouldn’t have a bright light as they always look up while resting. The celestial goldfish needs a dorsal fin, and when it swims, it drives its head down to see forward.


The price of celestial goldfish is approx $19. This is the best goldfish breed in this price range. 

Bubble Eye

Bubble Eye goldfish breed
Bubble Eye goldfish breed


The Bubble Eye goldfish is a fancy and small goldfish. They have eyes (upward-pointing) that have large fluid-filled sacs. It has its origin in China.

A dorsal-less fish has eye bubbles and a clean back, which match in color and size.


The Bubble Eye goldfish has similar fins, upward-pointing eyes, and body shape similar to the celestial goldfish. It also has two fluid-filled pouches of skin on its cheeks. Also, they have two pouches below their eyes.

They come in different colors, such as variegated, calico, or metallic self-colored. Their size is 3 inches to 4 inches.

Care level

The Bubble Eye goldfish have delicate skin that makes up a pouch. So you must ensure that their skin doesn’t get damaged.

Remember not to fill the aquarium with decorative items like aquarium filters, tank mates, or lights.


The price of Bubble Eye goldfish is approx $0.99. The Bubble Eye goldfish has a beautiful appearance and you can’t find a better deal in this range. 



The Ranchu is a fancy goldfish originating from Japan. It is known as the “king of goldfish” by the people of Japan. It has also been referred to as the Corean or Maruko Goldfish.


A Ranchu is a fancy goldfish that has a wen hood cover and lacks a dorsal fin. The Ranchu has a pronounced upward arch, and it curves sharply downwards at the caudal fins and peduncle. This curve directs the pair of divided caudal fins downwards.

A Ranchu goldfish has different colors such as red-and-black, metallic self-colored orange, and red and white.

Their size is 6 inches to 8 inches.

Care level

If you want to pet a Ranchu goldfish, then you should feed them timely.


You can buy a Ranchu goldfish for $4.05. It is a low-maintenance goldfish at a low price. Without thinking twice, you can buy a Ranchu goldfish at a really good price.  


Pearlscale goldfish breed
Pearlscale goldfish breed


The Chinshurin or Pearlscale is a fancy goldfish spherical-bodied. It has doubled finnage just like the fantail. The special feature of the Pearlscale Goldfish is its pearl-like appearance and thick domed scales.


Pearlscale goldfish have a round-shaped body with a golf ball. Their finnage can be short or long. The size of Pearlscales goldfish can reach to 8 inches approx.

Pearlscale goldfish are susceptible to swim bladder disorders that affect the ability to manage a normal position in the water. 

Their size is 1 inch to 6 inches. 

Care level

If you want to pet a Pearlscale goldfish, then you should feed them timely. They are low maintenance fish. 


You can buy a Pearlscale goldfish starting from $2.74 to $4.11. They don’t need extra care; you can spend this amount on this goldfish breed. 



An oranda breed of goldfish is well-known for a bubble-like “hood” on the head. When oranda was first imported from China to Japan, it was wrongly thought to originate in the Netherlands and then dubbed the Dutch Lionhead, “Holland Lionmask,” and “Netherlands Lion Head”  from which the name “oranda” came.


The Oranda goldfish is a fancier type of fish, and it makes Orandas one of the more complicated fancy goldfish breeds to take care of. 

Their sizes are 8 inches to 10 inches. 

Care level

Oranda goldfish move slowly because of their body. You should feed them a balanced diet to keep them from having constipation or swim bladder problems.

This goldfish breed doesn’t perform well in waters with a temperature less than 65 degrees. It’s better to keep them in your goldfish aquarium. Also, you can put a few aquatic plants and other slow-moving fancy breeds with them.


You can buy an Oranda goldfish for $0.62. The price is low, but it needs extra care for this breed. So we advise you to rethink before buying it, as it needs your time and effort. 



The fancy goldfish telescope is known for its protruding eyes. It was found in China in the early 1700s, where the trait was referred to as dragon eyes.


It is a fancy goldfish breed with good symmetrical eye placement. Their eyes are located on the outermost tip of its globe-shaped protuberance. The body of the Telescope resembles the Veiltail Goldfish (short deep rounded body).

The telescope goldfish comes in many colors, such as blue, red, white, or chocolate. Their size is 4 inches to 8 inches.

Care level

The Telescope goldfish can live in cold waters but don’t keep them in a goldfish pond. Their eyes are prone to injury and infection. Don’t place them with fast-moving fish breeds.


The price of Telescope goldfish is approx $13. Obviously, the price is a little high, but this is a good pet for your home. With a few tips in mind, you can make your aquarium look better with Telescope goldfish.



William T. Innes coined the name Veiltail, which originated in the 1890s in the United States. According to William Seale, the fringe tail was one of many imported by the Wisconsin State Fish Commission for the World’s Fair.


The Veiltails has a prominent feature that it has a long flowing paired caudal. The color of Veiltail goldfish can be variegated (multiple colors), calico in color, or metallic self-colored (solid).

Their size is 8 inches to 12 inches.

Care level

This Goldfish type can survive in an outdoor pond. Many goldfish owners place their Veiltail into their indoor aquariums.


Their price starts from $2.05. Veiltails are the most affordable goldfish that can be placed in an indoor or outdoor pond and aquariums. 


Fantail goldfish breed
Fantail goldfish breed


The Fantail is a goldfish that possesses a high dorsal fin, an egg-shaped body, no shoulder hump, and a long quadruple caudal fin. It is similarly common in western countries. Their country of origin is Japan and China.


The Fantail goldfish can have metallic or nacreous scales and normal eyes. The fins of this goldfish are a little developed than the Ryukin goldfish, and it supports tail fins and double anal.

Fantail goldfish come in many colors, such as variegated (multiple colors), metallic self-colored (single color), including calico.

Their height is 6 inches to 8 inches.

Care level

It is the best choice for an outdoor goldfish pond. When cared for correctly, your Fantails goldfish can live for more than ten years.


Their price is approx $19. The price can be a concern for you but, you won’t be disappointed by petting a Fantail goldfish. 

Japanese Ryukin


The Ryukin is Chinese in origin. It is unknown when the Ryukin was bred but it is thought to come from the Wakin.

The Ryukin have come to Japan through the Ryukyu Islands (now known as Okinawa Prefecture) and it lies between Japan and Taiwan .


Ryukin goldfish come in many color combinations, including multiple colors of red and white, deep red, blue, calico, and white.

Their sizes are generally 6 inches to 8 inches.

Care level 

Ryukin can be placed in a goldfish aquarium and also in an outdoor pond. They don’t need extra care and can live with other goldfish in an aquarium.


The price of Ryukin goldfish is approx $ 26. With a higher price, Ryukin is a perfect pet for your home. You wouldn’t find this breed everywhere. 


Comet goldfish breed
Comet goldfish breed


The comet-tailed goldfish was seen in the U.S. Government Fish Commission in Washington, D.C’s ponds. This breed was developed in the 1880s in the United States from the common goldfish by Hugo Mulertt (a government worker). 

Mulertt introduced the comet goldfish onto the fish-keeping market in quantity. And later, he became the author of books on goldfish and a propagator of goldfish. 


Comet goldfish are usually bred on fish farms and are offered for sale to aquarists. They come in many color combos like black and orange, red and white, goldfish orange, and yellow, red, black.

They come in sizes from 8 inches to 12 inches.

Care level

They need just a medium-sized aquarium to exist. If you want to pet a Comet goldfish, then choose an orange metallic color; because it looks good in aquariums.


They are easily available on the market, and you can buy this goldfish for $0.31. It is the cheapest goldfish breed that you can find anywhere on a fish farm. If you are looking for a low-price goldfish, then hop on to Comet goldfish. 

Tips You Should Know:

Fish are an amazing and interactive pet. And goldfish are best to keep in a home in an aquarium. They don’t demand much time or feeding.

Check Your Aquarium Quality  

Whether it’s a small or large fish, they need plenty of space to swim. Before buying a goldfish, remember to make a home for them. The aquarium should be according to the shape and size of your pet. 

Many fishes love to share their tank, but others may like to live alone in an aquarium.

Compare And Buy 

Do you know every fish breed demands different conditions and equipment? 

For instance, Oranda goldfish can live in water more than 65 degrees, while many goldfish can live in cold water only. 

Before buying a pet, don’t forget to compare them and check their prices. 

Wrapping Up

Goldfishes are good pets because they are space-saving, low maintenance, require less exercise, and many more reasons.

Ultimately, goldfish are beautiful species that come in many sizes, colors, and shapes.

This guide might have given you enough information about the top 10 small goldfish breeds that are good as a pet. Get your favorite fish now and share all your care with them.

Do let us know in the comments section; which one is your favorite goldfish breed.

Once you’re done making your choice of small goldfish breed to pick, it’s important that you learn about their common health issues so that you cam optimize your care and prevent possible health issues.

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