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Top 10 Small French Dog Breeds That Stay Small For Pets

French dogs are the oldest in the world. Some of the breeds have been owned by French royalties to US presidents. 

When it comes to small French dogs, size is one characteristic that they have in common.  

You will meet some bold French dogs and have an outgoing personality, while others enjoy independence and are laid back.

Some have coats that are short and straight, tightly wound curls and others have flowing locks. 

Some French dogs are always full of energy, while others cannot wait to curl up on your laps. 

In this article, we will look at the top 10 small French dogs to consider. It all depends on what you are looking for.

What Are Small French Dog Breeds?

The French Bulldog is one of the most common and incredibly popular dog breeds in France and the entire world. . 

However, you need to know that many other breeds originate from France. 

Anyone looking for a small French dog needs to consider a few things before buying one. 

You need to know the dog’s activity level, personality, commitment, and grooming requirements. 

Below is a list of the most famous breeds that are native to France.

Top 10 Small French Dog Breeds That Stay Small and You Can Keep as Pets

France has incredible things from the Eiffel Tower, Fashion, Cuisine, and FC Paris. 

But if you are a dog lover, you know that many amazing French dogs hail from that country. 

French dogs have made their way worldwide, and you can easily find one in your neighborhood. 

Some French dogs have been used for work in the past, while others are formidable guard dogs for people. 

Let us look at the most recognized small French dogs.

Small French Dog BreedSizeAppearanceCost
French Bulldog11 to 13 InchesMuscular, Short snout, and wide head$1500 to $3000
Papillon8 to 11 InchesSilky coat and feathered ears$500 to $2000
Brittany17.5 to 20.5 inchesLong-legged and athletic$700 to $1000
Beauceron25 to 28 inchesMuscular, sturdy, and athletic$1000 to $1500
Briard26 to 28 InchesAlert and energetic$1000 to $1500
Basset Hound15 InchesHeavy boned and Intelligent$500 to $1500
Bordeaux Mastiff23 to 27 inches. Loyal and Affectionate$1500 to $2500
Great Pyrenees25 to 32 inchesGentle and Playful$1400 to $5000
Basset Griffon16 to 20 inchesEnergetic and affectionate$1200 to $1500
Berger Picard21.5 to 25.5 inchesIntelligent and Loyal$2000 to $2500
small French dog breeds size, appearance and price comparison table.

1. French Bulldog

French Bulldog small dog breeds
French Bulldog

Frenchies are undeniably the most playful, docile, and alert dog breeds that are popular in America. 

A French bulldog resembles a mini bulldog though the difference is the erected bat-like ears. 

These dog breeds originated from France, and because of crossbreeding with other bulldogs, they have become popular around the world. 

Although the French bulldog is small, it makes an excellent watchdog as they are always alert. 

They are the best dog breed for kids because of their mild and balanced temperaments. 

Frenchies are the best family pets you can ever have, but you need to be gentle with them as they are prone to respiratory issues.

French bulldogs weigh between 19 to 28 pounds, and they have a height of between 11 to 13 inches. 

When it comes to physical characteristics, these dogs are muscular, short snout, wide head, and their coat is smooth.

2. Papillon

Papillon French dog
Papillon French dog

Unlike other working dogs on this list, the Papillon is a playful, intelligent, happy little trainable dog that loves sports, and it is competitively obedient. 

They are known to be rather vocal and are not just lapdogs. 

According to researcher Stanley Coren, these dog breeds originated from France, and Papillons are number eight among the most intelligent dogs.

Papillons are the best pet dogs you can have in your house because of their optimism and happy attitude. 

An average Papillon breed weighs between 6 to 10 pounds, and they have a height of 8 to 11 inches. 

One outstanding physical characteristic of the Papillon is its long, silky single coat and feathered ears. 

They are the best companion dogs to keep at home because they can quickly pick up tricks.

3. Brittany

Brittany is a dog breed from the Northwest region of France and is generally referred to as Spaniels. 

These dogs are very affectionate, smart, and playful and can make the best pet dogs. 

They are the best hunting dogs, and they are regarded as versatile and all-rounded dogs. 

Brittany’s spaniel is a crossbreed of the French hunting dogs and the British gundog breeds. 

These breeds of dogs are great retrievers and pointers, which means they have a strong prey drive. 

The average height of a Brittany is between 17.5 to 20.5 inches, and it weighs between 30 to 40 pounds. 

These dogs are medium-sized, athletic, long-legged, and have flat or wavy dense coats that are orange, white, and have liver markings.

4. Beauceron

Beauceron French dog
Beauceron French dog

The Beauceron breed originated from the Beauce region surrounding France. 

These dogs are protective, intelligent, and loyal, which means they make perfect police dogs. 

They are great pets, loyal, lovely, and suitable for family. 

Beaucerons have an instinct of watching over their flocks, be it cattle, sheep, or humans. 

In France, the Beauceron is still used as a search and rescue dog. 

The Beauceron has a height of between 25 to 28 inches, and they weigh 75 to 112 pounds. 

One physical characteristic that stands out with these needs of dogs is that they are muscular, sturdy, and very athletic. 

They normally have a black and harlequin mix on their claws and hind legs. 

These dogs need a lot of exercise and enrichment to prevent behavioral problems because of boredom.

5. Briard

These small dog breeds are arguably the oldest and rarest dog breed in existence. 

The Briard dog breeds are courageous, intelligent, and have a lot of stamina. That is why they were used at wars in France’s Army. 

Briards are easy to train, live to peace, and are fiercely loyal to humans. 

They are the best companion and family pet dog that you can ever get. 

A male Briard has a height of between 24 to 28 inches, while a female Briard has a height of 23 to 26 inches. 

Briards can weigh between 50 to 112 pounds, and they have hair that normally overlaps their eyes. 

These dog breeds need a lot of grooming because their coats are very smooth.

If you are looking for a small French dog breed that is loving and pleasing, then the Briard is your best choice.

6. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound dog breed originated in Belgium and France, and the objective was to have a close-to-the-ground scent hound. 

Basset Hounds were very popular with the French hunting aristocracy because they have an excellent and persistent scenting talent. 

These dogs are very amiable, loyal, and have low energy making them the best family pet dogs. 

The word ‘Basset’ in French means low, and these dogs are known to be a little stubborn when it comes to training them. 

Extra care needs to be taken when you want to have one of these dog breeds as a family pet because they are very food-oriented. 

An average Basset Hound has a height not more than 15 inches, and they weigh 40 to 65 pounds. 

These dogs are short-legged and heavy-boned, which means you need to take extra care of them to avoid obesity and other infections.

7. Bordeaux Mastiff

The Bordeaux Mastiff is yet another old French dog breed that cannot miss on this list. 

This breed of dog is for being protective, loyal, and very affectionate to their family. 

The Romanians introduced Bordeaux Mastiff dogs to the French. They used them to fight their gladiator battles after.

Even though they initially used them for fighting in the early 17th century, they are known to be the noblemen of the grand estates in France. 

These dogs are famous because of their large muscular skull, and they come in different shades of light-dark red to fawn. 

One of these small French dogs weighs between 99 to 112 pounds, and they have a height of 23 to 27 inches. 

These dogs have a protective instinct, and they do not get well with other dogs.

8. The Great Pyrenees

These breeds of dogs were bred many years ago in the snowy mountains of France and Spain. 

The great Pyrenees are courageous, patient, and have a majestic appearance, making them very popular in most French households. 

They used Great Pyrenees to protect flocks and guard against any predators. 

You can keep one of these dogs as a companion or pet dog because Great Pyrenees are calm in nature and devoted to their family. 

An average male Great Pyrenees weighs around 99 to 150 pounds, whereas a female Great Pyrenees weighs between 85 to 112 pounds. 

They have a height of 25 to 32 inches, and their coat is white with badger, gray, and reddish markings. 

If you are looking for a family pet, you need to get a Great Pyrenees because they are gentle with children and other dog breeds.

9. Basset Griffon

This dog breed originated in the Vendee regions in France during the early 16th century. 

The Basset Griffon dogs are known to be very loyal, hardy, and affectionate dogs, although they can be very stubborn. 

If you are to get one of these dogs, you need to give them more exercise because they got a high taste for prey. 

These dogs make the companion dogs, and they were also known as the King’s White Hounds after King Louis XII in the 16 century. 

One Basset Griffon weighs 39 to 48 pounds, and they have a height of 16 to 20 inches. 

Basset Griffon are famously known for their distinctively long beards and eyebrows.

10. Berger Picard

 Berger Picard
Berger Picard

The Berger Picard originates from the Northern France regions of Picardy. 

These dogs have been in existence for very many years and have independent thinking, great stamina, and perfect prey drive. 

Anyone looking for a small French dog breed that is intelligent, loyal, and adventurous should go for the Berger Picard. 

They have an average height of between 21.5 to 25.5 inches, and they weigh around 50 to 70 pounds. 

One distinctive physical characteristic that stands out with this breed of dog is its pointy ears, shaggy and rough outer coat, short and soft. 

They are the best dogs for anyone looking for a perfect companion during hikes, and they can also get involved in sports activities. 

They are very wary of strangers, which means you need to socialize with them more often.

Are All French Dogs Friendly with Kids?

Frenchies are the perfect companion for any family, and they are friendly with kids. 

You should, however note that they need to be adequately socialized because of their loving temperaments. 

Whether you are buying a Frenchie for your kid or just to stay at home, you should ensure that you socialize with your dog for it to be friendly with your children. 

When your Frenchie is well socialized during its puppyhood, it will get along well with your kids and family.

What Are the Most Expensive French Dogs?

On average, almost all French dogs will cost you between 500 USD on the lower side up to 5000 USD on the higher side. 

It all depends on the breed, age of the French dog breed, and expenses. 

If you want to get a French dog breed, you need to be ready to spend on them. 

Things like food, medication, and washing products are just some of the things that make French dogs so expensive unless you are willing to sacrifice your time.

Are There Small French Dogs That Do Not Shed?

Dogs naturally shed their hair, but it is not all of them that do so

French dogs have delicate and soft coats that are easy to groom, and they do not shed excessively like other breeds. 

French dogs such as French bulldog, Brittany, Basset hound, and others do not shed too much. 

You will get tiny traces of hair while grooming, but shedding should not be a problem if you keep brushing them every week.

Wrapping Up

French dogs are some of the most fantastic dogs you can ever buy. 

They have different characteristics, and taking care of them requires patience and dedication. 

Although not all French dogs are friendly with kids, regular training makes them the best companion and pet dog. 

So next time when you are looking for a friendly, lively, and down to earth French dog, you can go through our list, and you can get yourself a great pet.

On the other hand, should you want to keep more than one species (breeds) of small dogs. A fluffy breed would be a nice choice, you can read one of our articles about other types of small fluffy dogs.

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