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Uromastyx Moroccan: Species Profile, Prices, Basic Care

Uromastyx lizards, also known as spiny-tailed lizards, and they are a perfect reptile that you can keep as a pet. Uromastyx lizards belong to the same family as leopard gecko or bearded dragon but are not as common as other pet reptiles.

Furthermore, they are mostly vegetarian, and you don’t have to worry about feeding them with live food.

Uromastyx Moroccan Tail(spiny-tailed lizards)
Uromastyx Moroccan Tail(spiny-tailed lizards)

The Moroccan uromastyx (Uromastyx acanthinura) is popularly known as the Moroccan dab or eyed lizard in its homeland and Europe.

They inhabit the semi-arid to near-desert scrublands found in northern Africa. Moroccan uromastyx are relatively large and robust species of uromastyx that you can find out there.

In this article, we will breakdown everything you need to know about Uromastyx Moroccan from where they originate from and how to care for them.

What Are Uromastyx Moroccan?

What Are Uromastyx Moroccan?
What Are Uromastyx Moroccan?

What Is This Reptile?

Moroccan uromastyx are also known as the Moroccan Dabb or eyed lizard in its homeland and Europe.

They are a perfect pet choice if you look for a relatively large and robust species to keep.

Furthermore, they are hardy reptiles and need relatively easy care, which means they can thrive well in captivity.

Where Do Moroccan uromastyx Come From?

Moroccan uromastyx is widespread throughout the deserts of northern Africa.

They inhabit the Sahara desert from the Saharan Atlas (Tunisia, Morocco) to Sudan and from Mauritania to Egypt and Algeria.

However, the population density of Moroccan uros is low, and thinly spread over the areas they inhabit.

How Much Do Moroccan uromastyx Cost?

Moroccan uromastyx cost ranges from $100-$400
Moroccan uromastyx cost ranges from $100-$400

Although Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards are not that common, you can find them in pets stores both offline and online. They are not that expensive, Moroccan uromastyx cost ranges from $100-$400.

How Big Do Moroccan uromastyx Get?

Moroccan uromastyx is a medium to large species when compared to other species in their family.

They are large-sized lizards, and adult Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards can grow to around 35-40cm in total length.

Adult Moroccan uromastyx can weigh between 300g to 500g.

Care Level Required For Moroccan uromastyx

Moroccan uromastyx are intelligent reptiles, and you will love their personality.

It is quite easy and cheap to care for Moroccan uromastyx.

Furthermore, they originate from desert, and you need to ensure that their enclosure is hot in the day and has a mild temperature at night.

How Many Colors Of Uromastyx Moroccan Are There?

Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards may exhibit a wide range of colors. The scales of adult Moroccan uros are either mottled red, yellow, orange, bright green, or a combination of these colors. However, the basic color of the Moroccan uros is gray.

Juvenile Moroccan uromastyx color is mostly gray and brown. The color will reach its greatest intensity around four years of age at the time of sexual maturity.

Furthermore, the color of a Moroccan uros can change with stress level and body temperature.

How Much Does Uromastyx Moroccan Cost?

Although Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards are not that common, you can find them in pets stores both offline and online. They are not that expensive, and their cost ranges from $100-$400.

Reptiles n critters$239.99
Underground reptiles$149.99
Backwater reptiles$199.99
Ill exotics$249.99
Big apple herp$369.00
How Much Does Uromastyx Moroccan Cost?

Basic Care for Uromastyx Moroccan

Caring for uromastyx lizards is quite different from the care given to popular tropical lizards in the reptile trade.

However, it is quite easy to care for Moroccan uromastyx, and is beginner-friendly. Furthermore, Uromastyx Moroccan need a high temperature for their optimal growth.

It is important to keep them in an enclosure with high temperature because they originate from the deserts, and they prefer hot, dry, and arid climates.

You will also need to provide a basking area for your uros with a temperature of more than 120oF.

Uromastyx Moroccan Lifespan

It is usually quite hard to determine the average lifespan of spiny-tailed lizards in captivity.

However, they have an average lifespan between 15-20 years in captivity.

Furthermore, Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards will become sexually mature when they are over 18-24 months old.

Does Uromastyx Moroccan Require Any Special Care Compared To Other Uromastyx?

Uromastyx spiny-tailed lizards originate from the extremely hot region, and Moroccan uros do not need any special care compared to other Uromastyx species.

Tank Requirement For Uromastyx Moroccan

Uromastyx lizards are terrestrial animals, and they love digging. They are usually very active, and you will need to keep them in an enclosure with large floor space.

You will need to keep them in a wooden vivarium if you live in a cold and humid place.

You can keep hatchling Moroccan uros in a 20-gallon long aquarium, but you will provide a large tank as they grow.

Adult Moroccan uromastyx should be kept in a 40-gallon breeder tank. Their enclosure should be able to withstand intense heat.

Uromastyx Moroccan Diet

Moroccan uromastyx are omnivorous animals, and this means they can eat varied diets of vegetables and insects. However, they are usually fed with fresh salad daily and a bowl of dry seeds. Furthermore, live foods are only offered as a treat to Uros.

You can feed your Moroccan uromastyx with dark, leafy greens and grasses like spring salad mix and bok choy. You can also mix salad greens with vegetables such as squash, sweet potato, corn, green peppers, carrots, cucumber, parsley, beans, and so on.

Moroccan uromastyx will also eat fruits such as berries or melons, and you can use blossoms like flowers, hibiscus leaves as an occasional treat. You should also dust a non-breeding adult’s diet with supplement once every week.

How often should you feed Moroccan uromastyx?

  • Feed your uros with leafy greens every day
  • Feed your uros with vegetable four days a week
  • Feed your uros with fruits only as a treat
  • Feed your uros with seeds six days a week
  • Feed your uros with insects only as a treat.

Any difference between baby & adult diet? You can feed hatchling Moroccan uros the same diet as adult uros. However, their food should be chopped into smaller portions to help avoid impaction.

Do Uromastyx Mali Need Water To Drink?

Moroccan uromastyx, same as all uros pet lizards), get most of their water from their diet, and you don’t have to give them water.

However, some people prefer to leave a small dish of water in their enclosure. This is important for young uromastyx, sick lizards, and breeding females.

For you to provide your uromastyx the optimal care it deserves, you need every information you can get. This is to imply that this short article will not give you all the information you’ll need to care for your pet uros, especially if you’re a beginner. On this note, we recommend for further reading Uromastyx: Natural History, Captive Care, Breeding (Spiny-Tailed Lizards) by Thomas Wilms.

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Do You Need to Bathe Your Uromastyx Moroccan?

Avoid bathing your uromastyx species. This is because they originated from an area with low humidity, and they need low humidity for their growth.

Furthermore, high humidity can cause medical conditions like respiratory infections and tail rot for Moroccan uromastyx.

Common Diseases of Uromastyx Moroccan

Uromastyx Morocco is a hardy species, and they don’t fall sick very easily. Some of the common diseases that can occur to your uros are stated below.

Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD): this is used for describing types of disorders relating to weakening of the bones. MBD is caused by the imbalance of calcium, phosphorus, or vitamin D3 in your uromastyx lizard diet.

Tail Rot: this is known as a health condition where your lizard’s tail turns dark and can fall off if it is not treated. Tail rot is a bacterial or fungal infection, and it occurs when your uromastyx tank is too humid, or you did not dry your uros off after a soak.

Impaction: this is a health condition where foreign objects or undigested food block the digestive system of your lizard. Some of the signs that your uromastyx is suffering from impaction are lethargy, inability to defecate, loss of appetite, etc.

Retained shed skin on the tail or the toes can also be an indicator of ill health. You can then give your uros a warm water soaking then gently remove the stuck skin. However, if the skin looks compromised, you can then consult your vet.

Wrapping Up

Moroccan uromastyx is a magnificent little lizard found in Africa. It is a fun and fascinating reptile that you can keep as a pet.

They are also getting popular due to their relative ease of care, and you can easily source their food.

Keeping uromastyx species happy and healthy is straightforward, and you can do this by providing good housing, proper diet, and care.

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