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11 Different Ideas to DIY Decor Your Bearded Dragon Tank

It is a little challenging for those owners to design the cage of their lovely bearded dragon reptile pets. Using UV light in order to create their habitat and also decorate their tank is a nice choice.

Bearded dragons are mostly sociable animals. They are available in several unique colors and sizes. You can also create a unique and colorful design for their cage.

Baby bearded dragons will not need too much space. You can give them a 20-gallon tank with simple decor.

Juvenile and adult bearded dragons need larger spaces since they get bigger. Getting proper tank size and decor at the juvenile stage is a good idea.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Ideas

Bearded dragon Tank Décor Ideas
Bearded dragon Tank Decor Ideas

Nobody wants to just put their reptile pets in an uncomfortable tank.

You have to bear in mind that your bearded dragon also needs sufficient temperatures.

When it comes to DIY decorating your reptile habitat with ornaments whether it be a cave, decorations, or some sort of basking platform, It can be difficult and expensive to find what is best for your pets.

We collect some easy and unique DIY bearded dragon tank decor ideas for you to create bearded dragon habitat.

DIY Reptile Cave

DIY Large Cave For Bearded Dragons
DIY Large Cave For Bearded Dragons

When it comes to your reptile pets, do you want a more naturalistic feel for their enclosures? It is hard to find that in-store without spending a whole lot of money.

Create a unique giant cave with a set of stairs that they can climb or hide. It is really nice to give your bearded dragons a place they can have fun and roam around.

You can create your own style or imitate other DIY caves by watching some videos on YouTube.

Check out the clip to see how to make it.

Where to buy it?

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Terrarium: The little cove

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This “terrarium” is not that big, yet provides coziness and warmth; perfect for your bearded dragon’s comfort.

Like its size, this terrarium won’t take too much tank space. Space is enough to move him around and give him the idea to explore more.

Additionally, if you can have a source of light and a shady area, it will give your beardie a much more comfortable habitat.

Jungle Inspired Cage

If you prefer something more realistic, you can make a DIY green jungle for your lovely bearded dragons.

The DIY idea gives your beardies a more clean and cooler environment. It is easy for you to clean as well, compared to other themes that have rock staircase and dark paints.

The idea is plain and natural although climbing is not possible here.

You can put a piece of wood or branch to have realistic look but make sure they have enough space to roam.

Another consideration is that not all types of wood are good for your beardies. Some pieces of wood from the wild will bring your beardies disease.


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This is another great idea for your beardies. The bridge can be a replacement for the hammock that everybody is using.

A variety of styles and sizes are available.

Just make sure that it is safe for the beardie.


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This kind of reptile loves to stay in hammocks.

Putting this in their cage can be a great spot for basking. Remember that you have to insert this but not too high so that they can climb safely.

I highly suggest choosing hammock fabric so that it won’t give them a hard time to climb and it won’t hook their nails.

Old large rocks

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This is the most affordable and easiest way to create a lovely and realistic habitat for your bearded dragon because you can find this in your backyard. They are perfectly safe on these rocks.

They will be able to hide, climb, bask as well as help them to file down their nails.

When finding a good rock, pick a not sharp and not crumbly type of rock for them to have a safety cage.

Also, you need to sanitize the rocks in order to prevent bacteria, pesticides, and other chemicals that we might not be aware of prior to placing them in their cage.

Round deep dish or basin

This would help you a lot in order to keep your bearded dragon’s cage clean.

It is not only for design purposes but you can also make salads like sweet potato, green leafy veggies such as parsley, and kale, making it easier for you to feed them.

It is available in different styles and sizes.

Real or Fake Plants (foliage)

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I highly recommend choosing foliage to create a naturalistic tone.

Whether it is fake or real you can introduce it to your bearded dragon to provide them a good habitat.

It makes them happier to roam around and hide under the plants.

A piece of wood

This is another option for a perfect tank decor for your bearded dragon. Just make sure that it is free from termites or other insects living on it.

This is perfect for your dragon to climb or hide under. Also, pick one that is not so big in order to give them space to breathe and move.

Infrared Spot Lamp

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Of course, your bearded dragons need exposure to sunlight outside to keep them warm.

You can buy an Infrared Spot Lamp from the store to keep them warm and give them a healthy and comfortable living environment. It is not only for decoration. You can choose different wattages also.

Basking Ramp

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Bearded dragons love to bask in the sun. This is another idea to decorate your dragon’s cage where your pets can take a rest.

I highly recommend this addition to their cage. You can buy it in the store and it comes in two different models: a bridge they can practice their skills in climbing and a platform on the edge of the terrarium.

Things to remember in raising a bearded dragon

  • The enclosure size should be four times the length and width of your dragon: Because of its fast growth. They just need a well-ventilated habitat enough for them to move.
  • When it comes to humidity, it should be monitored by a humidity checker or a hygrometer. A level between 20-40 percent is the perfect one for them. They need low humidity because they are desert reptiles.
  • Children need supervision when they are playing with their bearded dragons. For the new ones, give them at least three to four days to adjust to the new environment. Don’t carry them by their tail.
  • Bearded dragons require a diet. They are omnivorous. Provide the adult beardies a 70 percent veggie and 25 percent insects daily. Young dragons should consist of at least 50 percent insects because they require more protein.
  • Never use sand even the biodegradable calcium-based one, gravel, or wood chips for the bottom of the enclosure. Bearded dragons eat bedding made of these things. It should be protected with clean and safe materials like newspapers, reptile carpets, or paper towels.
  • Maintain cleanliness of the enclosure. Clean their cage daily. Remove and replenish the cover at the bottom of the enclosure to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. Sanitize the enclosure with concentrated soap or bleach and rinse well. Wash your hands before and after cleaning the cage and accessories.
  • All reptiles are possible carriers of infectious diseases including Salmonella. Bear in mind that all pets could possibly bite or scratch you which could easily transmit diseases to people. Always sanitize your hands before and after handling your pets and clean their cage to avoid spreading the diseases. People who have a higher risk of infection such as children below the age of 5, infants, pregnant women, people who have a weaker immune system and the elderly should be careful when interacting with the dragons.

This article gave you an idea of how to raise your bearded dragons well. Especially by providing them a good unique habitat.

Decorations can be fascinating but you also need to consider the benefit that they get from them. Some are just for fun and the design of the enclosure.

Don’t put too much décor as they can’t move around.

If it is not necessary, then remove it from their cage.

Be naturalistic. You can make a colorful and unique tank or buy one in the store


You can check Amazon to buy accessories if you’re looking for one. I hope this will help you a lot and make your pet’s happiness.

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