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Best Arboreal Snake Cages

Arboreal snakes are a type of snake that lives mostly in the trees instead of the ground as these snakes are adapted to climbing trees, and moving from branch to branch. We will discuss more about best arboreal snake cages.

There are both venomous and non-venomous species make up arboreal snakes and if you’re starting out, make sure to research about the arboreal snake you want to purchase.

It’s best for beginners to stay safe and get non-venomous arboreal snakes. Venomous arboreal snakes can potentially harm you with its venom, and in some cases kill you! 

Why need special Arboreal snake cages? 

Why Need Special Arboreal Snake Cages?
Why Need Special Arboreal Snake Cages? 

Arboreal snakes require cages that have ample space for climbing. There are multiple ways to satisfy this climbing need – which can be done by mounting branches in their habitat.

Because of this requirement, most regular plastic snake cages will not satisfy the snake’s needs as it’ll be difficult to design a terrarium with areas for climbing with boxes less than 24 inches in height. 

Best Arboreal Snake Cages

Best Arboreal Snake Cages
Best Arboreal Snake Cages

Exo Terra Small Tall Terrarium 

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Review of: Exo Terra Small Tall Terrarium  Category: Arboreal Snake Cage 
Value for Money Build Quality Features Overall 
Excellent price for features it offers High-quality materials Basic features, but could use more volume Excellent starter cage, but okay for professionals. 

Price: $189.99 

What I likeWhat I don’t like
• Included synthetic rock-wall – allowing easy attachment for branches and other decorations 
• Inlets on the backsides to allow easy entry for wires
• Elevated bottom for substrate heater (substrate heater not included) 
• High basin height makes pool design easier 
Flimsy wire-mesh cover cannot support heavy weights 

Tips: You can fill only one or two weak points

Arboreal Snake Cage
Arboreal Snake Cage: Exo Terra Small Tall Terrarium 

The Exo Terra Allglass Terrarium was first released back in 2013. This terrarium is designed for smaller budgets in mind – costing only $180. It’s design allows you to make deep pools for your enclosure – perfect for some arboreal snakes. 

Who is this product for?

This product is  for beginner snake owners. This enclosure is for snake owners who want to own their first small arboreal snake. With its tall height, this enclosure is perfect for experimenting with vertical enclosure designs. 

What’s included

The terrarium comes with several pieces. Firstly, the glass walls and base that comprise the terrarium – the dimensions in total being 18 x 18 x 24. One of these glass walls has two pivoting doors for entry into the enclosure. The top is capped off with a wire mesh cover, and the final thing that this product comes with is a rock wall cover that you can use (but is entirely optional). 

Overview of features

The Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium is designed for small arboreal snakes in mind. Its 18 x 18 x 24 provides enough verticality for arboreal snakes to climb around in and enjoy. 

The heating elements, the elevated base can allow you to make use of a substrate heater and for other electronic devices such as humidifiers and lights, wires can be accessed through the top through 4 built-in wire holes. 

Due to this product’s height of 24 inches, you can get very creative with building hanging branches. This is especially made easier thanks to the synthetic rock wall the terrarium ships with. 

The terrarium‘s large height also means you can include pools in the terrarium. Designing pools in your terrarium can be essential for snakes that enjoy swimming e.g mangrove snakes. 

How to get the most out of it

Exo Terra ships this product with all the parts alongside an instruction manual. Assembly isn’t too hard – and will just need one screwdriver. 

Once assembly is done, there’s a couple of ways to design the terrarium. Putting substrate on the bottom and putting in branches is a simple but effective design. Adding in branches is also easy, as one can glue and secure them onto the synthetic rock wall.

Emerald Boa Snake
Emerald Boa Snake

Snakes such as the Emerald Boa require branches in their enclosure 

If you’re willing to put in more effort, you can make a pool at the bottom of your terrarium. Just keep in mind if you do so, using a substrate heater cannot be used as a heater. 


In fact – it’s  features are mostly excellent. However there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, you cannot stack multiples of these products on top of another. If you want to put all your tanks in one location, you will be needing a custom designed shelf. 

One feature that can use improvement or replacement would be the top cover. The wire mesh cannot handle heavy weight and will bend. So if you want to hang lights or branches from the terrarium ceiling, find another cover. 

For an alternate cover, you can order custom designs from your local metalworker/carpenter. 

The one issue I have with this product is its size. This product will work well for the smaller species of snakes. However keep in mind snakes keep growing and may potentially outgrow their habitats. Thus this product is limited for smaller species like carpet pythons.


For those getting started in arboreal snake keeping, this product is great for you! The design will fit the height requirements of arboreal snakes, and has enough room for creativity. 

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

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Review of: REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium,Double Hinge Door with Screen Ventilation Reptile Terrarium Category: Arboreal Snake Cage 

Price: $279.99

Value for Money Build Quality Features Overall 
Comes with good volume, and fantastic features Excellent, strong and sturdy materials Good for large snakes, and secure Overall great for intermediate to advanced arboreal snake owners 
What I likeWhat I don’t like
• Two built-in holes with grommets – to allow easy entry for wiring • Two large hinged doors with safety lock
• Cover made of strong wire-mesh for air ventilation • Elevated bottom for substrate heater (substrate heater not included)  

No surfaces  for easy mounting 

Tips: You can fill only one or two weak points

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium

Last update on 2022-12-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Next on our list we have the Repti Zoo Reptile Glass Terrarium. For owners with much larger arboreal snakes, this product is excellent. With a large volume of 36 x 18 x 24, this product can accommodate large arboreal snakes. 

Who is this product for?

This product is for long-time snake owners, who are just interested in keeping their snakes for display in the living room or their house. These are for owners who have big budgets and long expertise for caring for snakes. Due to the size of this terrarium, this product is best for medium and large sized arboreal snakes. 

What’s included

The Terrarium comes disassembled, with various parts that come together to build an excellent product. The terrarium comes with the 4 glass walls ( 2 28x 36 and 2 18 x 18), two of which have sliding doors for easy access into the terrarium. 

The smaller 18 x 18 glass side-walls come pre-punched with a glass hole for wires. To secure these entry ways, the Repti Zoo Terrarium comes with plastic grommets that seal these entry ways. These grommets are made of a durable ABS plastic – and locks securely in place to make sure 

The terrarium’s base is made out of a sturdy, elevated glass panel – with enough room to fit in an electronic substrate heater (which is sadly not included). 

Overview of features

The Terrarium, for its price and design, come with an excellent array of features to provide an excellent habitat for your pet arboreal snake.

For one, adding in humidifiers, waterfalls, heating etc. is made easy thanks to the pre-punch side holes. The included plastic grommets will make sure that your wires are secure, and will make sure that your pet snake won’t escape. 

There are multiple ways to access the enclosure with this arboreal snake cage. The “front” of the cage has two glass doors that open side wards, separated from a small glass wall on the bottom which holds substrate.

Alternatively, you can access the enclosure’s contents from the top by removing the detachable wire-mesh cover. These multiple entry ways make feeding your snake and cleaning the enclosure easy. 

The front glass doors also come with a safety lock and key, to make sure that it’s locked secure and won’t be easily opened by any kids in the house (if you have any). 

To provide options for heating, the tank has its base slightly elevated. This allows reptile owners to make use of specially designed substrate heaters. 

Tutorial/how to use/install/get the most out of it

Thankfully, the instructions manual of this product provides a step-by-step guide on how to set up the product. You won’t need any complicated tools – just a single Philips Screw driver.

To get the most out of this product, purchasing a substrate heater on the bottom will help increase temperature to fit your reptile’s needs. For lighting and humidifiers, one can make use of the pre-punched side holes for clean easy access to wiring. 

If you plan to purchase multiples of the Repti Zoo Glass Terrarium, keep in mind the tanks are stackable! To put them on top of another though, you’re going to need to purchase separately sold terrarium stackers. 


Example of a rock wall needed in this product
Example of a rock wall needed in this product 

Now there are a couple of features I wish this product has. For one, attaching elevated branches is difficult you could glue branches onto the glass wall but will be hard to remove and might damage the glass so it’s highly recommended you purchase a separate, synthetic rock wall to act as a base. 

Second, another issue I have with this product is that it’s a horizontal, and not a vertical terrarium. Due to the way it’s designed you cannot lay the product on its smaller side and have it standing. 


If you’re looking for an excellent arboreal snake cage, this one’s for you. The cage features make it easy to set up and use for medium to large snakes. You can buy these cages from different pet shops around you.

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