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Do Axolotl Like Humans?

Do you also get confused regarding the personality of axolotls? You might be thinking what if you adopt an axolotl and they do not like you.

Many people search for the answer if axolotls are friendly or not or if they like humans.

If you are thinking of having an axolotl as a pet then you might also be thinking to know every small detail about their personality.

Today we will discuss if axolotl likes to be around humans or not. You will also get to know the other details like, how axolotls communicate, do they recognize their owners and much more.

Do Axolotl Like Humans?

Axolotl is lying on the hand
Axolotl is lying on the hand | Credit: Gary The Axolotl / YouTube.com

Axolotls actually do not have much interest in humans but it does not mean that they are not friendly.

The fact is axolotls are solitary animals that like to be in their own world. They do not even spend much time with their own kids unless they are breeding.

There is no proper way of knowing if your axolotl really likes you or not but they can show some signs of disliking like running away or getting scared when you approach them.

On the other hand, if they like you they do not get afraid of your presence or do not run away when you try to interact with them.

The friendliness of axolotls depends on how nice you are with them and how much time you spend interacting with them.

If you feed your axolotl daily then they might start interacting with you more due to the time you spend with them.

Are Axolotls Dangerous?

A girl is using a bowl to catch the axolotl
A girl is using a bowl to catch the axolotl | Credit: Zak Catchem / YouTube.com

For humans, axolotls are not a threat as they can not hurt them in any way. An axolotl can only be dangerous to humans when it carries a disease that can affect humans.

For example, if your axolotl has salmonella then chances are you might also catch the disease. 

So, it is recommended to wash your hands properly after coming in contact with an axolotl to protect yourself from the disease.

But to other axolotls they can be dangerous. Axolotls get aggressive and violent towards each other and they start attacking other axolotls by biting tails, gills and feet. 

Axolotls can also hurt other animals if you put them in the same tank. They are predators in their habitat and start attacking their tank mates in aggression.

They even start bullying their tank mates when they get stressed or unhappy for any reason. So it is advisable to put only those animals in their tank who can live peacefully with them.

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Do Axolotls Recognize Their Owners?

A hand that wants to touch the axolotl
A hand that wants to touch the axolotl | Credit: Gary The Axolotl / YouTube.com

Axolotls do not have a good vision and they can not recognize their owners. They start swimming or making sudden movements when you feed them as they get excited for food, that is how they react.

Axolotls get stressed when you touch them. Being a delicate creature, we should not touch them too often as they don’t have the protective layer on their skin.

Axolotl only has a slimy coat that protects them from the elements and constant handling wears away the coat leaving them with illness and injury.

If it is necessary to keep an axolotl for changing the tank or any other reason then make sure to wash your hands before holding them.

Dirty hands can transfer bacteria over to their bodies which may result in infections and various health problems.

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How Do Axolotls Communicate

A man is catching axolotl with his hands
A man is catching axolotl with his hands | Credit: The Regal Reptile / YouTube.com

Axolotls communicate through the visual cues and chemical cues while mating and there is no intraspecific communication at other times of the year.

When axolotls are not breeding, they do not talk to each other.

They are solitary species so frequent communication is not a natural behavior.

Even so, Axies still show some signs of happiness or stress. When the gills of your axolotl are curled outwards, towards the front of its face, it means they are stressed or unhappy.

You need to check the temperature of the water and if needed change the water. If your axolotl’s gills are still curved even after changing the water then do consult a specialist.

Loss of appetite is another sign of a stressed axolotl. Water temperature above 72°F in aquariums, aggressive tank mates, contaminated water, or an infection are some of the reasons your axolotl starts losing its appetite.

If your axolotl is happy then they start moving around the tank and its gills being left to flow freely without any worries.

They look healthy by the color of their skin, eat properly, and show energy when you approach their tank.

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The conclusion is axolotls are friendly interactive aquatic pets but they are not much fond of humans. 

They interact to an extent like when you approach them for feeding as they get used to you for spending time with them regularly. 

They are also not a threat to humans unless they can affect them with a disease.

But you need to be careful while putting them with other tank mates as they get aggressive and violent with other animals or their own species.

Taking care of an axolotl is not much complicated, you just need to follow the proper guideline to provide them the right living. 

An axolotl needs a proper diet, right water temperature to stay healthy and happy. 

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