10 Harmless Snakes For Pets

Harmless snakes are also known as non-venomous or non-poisonous snakes. They have teeth and they bite in the same way as other snake does but the danger is less in case of attacking.

So if someone is bitten by a harmless snake one should have to keep watch for infections only.

List of Harmless snakes For Pets

Harmless Snakes for petsSizeFood
Northern Water Snake
up to 135 cmfish, mice turtles and insects
Four-lined Snake 1.8 metersmice, lizards and rats.
Eastern Garter Snake up to 20-34 inchesworms. frogs, toads, minnows and salamanders.
Emerald Tree Boa

1.5 to 2 meters long.birds, amphibians,mammals, reptiles
Rough Green Snake 45 inches.grass hoppers, frogs and spider.
Bull Snake 40-72 inches.They usually rodent crops.
Black Rat Snake  4-6 feet.rats, small birds, lizards, crops
Milk Snake 14 to 69 inchesearthworms, slugs and insects.
Python 18.5–18.8 ft small mammals, pigs, deer and mice.
Anaconda 20-30 ft longfish, turtles, pigs and caimans.
Harmless Snakes For Pets

Northern Water Snake

The Northern Water Snake or water snakes are grey and brown in color.

Harmless Northern Water snakes for pets
Harmless Northern Water snakes for pets

They use to live in aquatic habitats such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and marshes. This snake resembles to rattlesnake so people usually are mistaken and kill them. But they are harmless snakes.

If they are disturbed they will bite you for sure because they have aggressive nature.

They release foul smell, in spring and fall season they are seen in groups

Four-lined Snake

Harmless Four-lined Snakes for pets
Harmless Four-lined Snakes for pets

The four-lined snake has four dark stripes on its yellowish-brown body. They can be seen in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia. this is one of the species of rat snake which is found in Europe.

Eastern Garter Snake

eastern garter snake
Eastern Garter Snake

These harmless snake species appear in dark green to black with three yellow stripes.

They strike if disturbed or feel to get hunted, they give allergic to humans Eastern Garter snake also resembles queen snakes because of two yellow stripes on their back.

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald Tree Boa
Emerald Tree Boa

The Emerald Tree Boas are found in light green color with white zigzag stripes. They are also known as green tree boas.

Their strong tail helps them to move from branches to branches. They have large front teeth

Rough Green Snake

Rough Green Snake Is Harmless
Rough Green Snake Is Harmless

The Rough green snake is in green color with a yellow belly.

They have a thin body structure and they usually spend their time on trees and bushes in search of food. Their body color allows them to camouflage in green plants.

Bull Snake

Bullsnake is also known as “Gopher snake” in the US. They have a yellowish pale brown body with dark blotches and they hiss loudly. They are found in the open country and pine barren.

Black Rat Snake

Black Rat Snake Is Harmless
Black Rat Snake Is Harmless

Black rat snakes are black in color and have an aggressive attitude. They are more in mountains and hilly slopes. They are cropped rodent and usually make threaten posture by wrinkling and twisting their selves.

Milk Snake: A great harmless snake

Milk Snake

They are the most colorful snakes, they have redheads with black, yellow, and black patterns. There are over 15 milk snake morphs around the world out of 3000 snake species. These snakes most resemble the coral venomous snakes.


python in general is harmless snake
python in general is harmless snake

Pythons are one of the most powerful snakes, there are 26 species of pythons in the world. They have the same color as their habitat which helps the snake to hide from prey. A ball python easily get to know about the presence of prey because they have strong sense organs. They wrap themselves around the prey until it suffocates or dies.


Anaconda snake is harmless as a pet

Anacondas are the heaviest as well as largest snakes on the earth.

They have 4 types in all which include green, yellow, dark-spotted, and Bolivian Anacondas.

Anacondas are non-venomous so people like to keep them as a pet and they attack rarely.

They possess the constriction method to kill their prey.

Care sheet for harmless snakes as Pets

Feeding for harmless snakes

Snakes are carnivores

One thing you have to know that all snakes are carnivores.

Try to feed your snake dead or frozen prey because pet snakes should be trained in this way so it would be easy for you to feed them.

Dead prey is easily available in pet stores and it will cost you less. if a snake will hunt a live prey so it might cause injuries and danger to your snake and it would be inhuman to the prey.

Snakes eat in vary amount – depend on size and age

Smaller snakes eat twice a week other than that an adult snake may have food once in a week, it completely depends on the age, size and weight of your pet.

If your snake is not hungry it will not eat, if he eats so it tells us that he wanted to get fed. You have to give privacy and a peaceful environment to your snake, this way your snake will eat properly.

Moreover, your snake might leave eating in the shedding period because this period is difficult for your snake.

This period comes in a year for every snake, their new skin grows and the old one gets off. This is a natural process so it happens to every snake. Few snakes eat 10% of a meal of their average body weight. 

A liquid vitamin is an excellent supplement for carnivores, it provides electrolytes and vitamins to the animal.

A large ceramic bowl with one inch of clean water in terrarium all the time is awesome for them. It looks like rock stone and it would be difficult for your snake to spilled water all over the terrarium.

Temperature for harmless snake

Temperature plays a helpful role in the snake’s health. Snakes like heat and it also needs to regulate their metabolism.

The enclosure should have natural light but if there is no passage for sunlight you don’t have to worry about.

You can place a low-watt bulb in the enclosure, part hours and try to switch on the bulb for 12 hours and the same will be followed to provide the cool temperature.

The maximum level of heat preference is  20-30⁰ C.

Remember that animal needs a day and light cycle. You can also place heating mats inside your pet’s terrarium and these mats are easily available at the pet’s stores.

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If you have a nocturnal animal then you have to place a red bulb in a terrarium for the whole night, to see your animal without disturbing his night cycle.

In most regions where the climate is too hot so in this case, the snake feels comfortable to keep themselves in burrows. Because this part is the coolest in hot weather and at the same time if snakes want to get warm so he likes to come out and absorb sunlight.

If your snake spends too much time in soaking, it clearly tells that it feels too hot and it is normal.

Humidity testers are also available in the markets to balance the temperature because too dry climate can cause respiratory issues to some pet.

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What are the best harmless snakes for a beginner?

Ball python and corn snake are the best snakes for a beginner because they are easy to handle. But you have to be ready for bites and minor injuries when keeping these pets.

Ball pythons grow 3-5 feet long and their minimum age is 10 years. Some species can live more than 20 years.

The main fact about the ball python is that when he got threatened by a predator so he uses to roll his neck and held tightly. They are non-venomous so they kill their prey by constriction.

The space of 3-6 feet should is good for your ball python but tall height is not required.

You have to keep an eye on every activity of your pet, a substrate is also a basic need. Measure the temperature of your snake terrarium.

If you provide a cold environment to your snake it would stop eating.

Corn snakes are also best for beginners because it will cost you 50$ if you are looking for a younger one. They usually spend their time sleeping or resting, one fact about corn snakes is when they are afraid their tail starts to vibrate.

Corn snake refuses to eat in their shedding period or in their reproductive periods, so if your snake stops taking for one or two meals don’t get stressed.

Avoid fed lizards and frogs to corn snakes because they can transmit parasites to their bodies.

The plastic enclosure is good enough for corn snakes because it has an opaque structure and your pet will have a comfortable zone and can be hidden to relax in this way, this type of enclosures are easy to maintain and clean.

Wrapping Up

These non-venomous snakes are most friendly and they need care, a beginner should keep their enclosure clean every single day.

It will keep them healthy and active. Most snakes are always active at day and night both.

You should know these facts about a non-venomous snake if you want to keep one.

If you follow the basic things so you will get the best results and experience as well.

In case you feel that you are unable to recognize the illness or problem of your snake then try to consult a vet or experienced person, try to provide your pet in a damp area in his enclosure where your pet could get relaxation.

If you keep a pet so the experience will teach you a lot more day by day.

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