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Uromastyx Watery Poop (Photos & What You Should Do)

Uromastyx watery poop, what could be the cause? What can I do if my pet uromastyx poop is watery? These and many more will be discussed in this article.

Uromastyx lizards are an ideal pet that you can buy as a beginner hobbyist due to their ease of care. Furthermore, they are a hardy lizard with a long lifespan if you provide them with proper care and a good home.

One of the great indicators of poor uromastyx lizard’s health is the state of their poop, and you can easily use this to detect if they have a health issue. A healthy uromastyx lizard poop is usually brown and white. However, it can be runny, watery, bloody, or yellow at times.

In this article, we will highlight everything you need to know about why your uromastyx lizard poop is watery and how you can treat a watery poop in uromastyx lizards.

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Uromastyx Watery Poop

Uromastyx lizard watery poop or runny poop means that your lizard has diarrhea, especially if it occurs frequently. Furthermore, a uromastyx lizard with watery poop can be severely dehydrated by this condition.

The major reason why a uromastyx lizard can suffer from watery poop is if there is a sudden diet change, parasite, bacterial or viral infections, food poisoning, toxins or you are giving it a bad diet. However, parasites can lead to a big health problem if you do not treat them quickly.

Vet comment: when changing diets for animals, it’s proper to mix the 30%of new meal with 70% of the old meal and transition the pet slowly.

Normal vs. Watery Poop

In this section, we will talk more about the difference between normal and watery poop in a uromastyx lizard.

What Does Normal Uromastyx Poop Look Like?

A normal uromastyx lizard poop usually comprises a well-shaped uniform brown feces with a white or yellowish part called urates. The urates are the solid form of pee. However, you may also see some liquid pee, and this depends on how hydrated your uromastyx is.

normal uromastyx poop
A normal uromastyx lizard poop usually comprises a well-shaped uniform
brown feces with a white or yellowish part called urates.

The liquid pee usually dries out quite fast, and you may not even notice it. The size of a uromastyx lizard is usually different according to your uromastyx lizard size. However, uromastyx lizard poop is usually thin and long.

What Does A Watery Uromastyx Poop Look Like?

A runny or watery poop means that your uromastyx lizard is suffering from diarrhea, especially if your uros are frequently going. A watery poop in uros usually comprises more water instead of the presence of brown feces with urates.

Uromastyx watery poop
Uromastyx watery poop

What Causes Watery Uromastyx Poop?

There are many reasons why your uromastyx lizard poop is watery such as parasites, diet changes, or even stress. However, a watery poop in a uromastyx lizard can be easily resolved based on what caused it.

Uromastyx lizards can have a runny poop for some days if you just introduce it to a new home. This is because introducing uros to a new environment can be quite stressful and can lead to a watery poop. However, this usually passes after your uros settle into the new environment.

A change in the diet of your uromastyx can also lead to a runny poop. Furthermore, a uromastyx lizard may have watery poop even when you make a small change to its diet, like giving it a snack. Your uros can have runny poop if you are feeding it with too many fruits high in fiber.

Uromastyx lizards can also have watery poop if it is infected with parasites. This can be fatal to your uromastyx if it is not treated quickly. This is why it is best to go for a fecal test if your uros have runny poop for more than a week without making any dietary change.

How Dangerous Is Uromastyx Watery Poop?

In this section, we will talk about how dangerous an uromastyx lizard watery poop can be.

How Dangerous Is Watery But Not Smelly Poop?

A watery poop that is not smelly is usually not that dangerous. This condition may indicate a change in the diet of your uromastyx and may resolve itself without having to provide treatment. 

However, you can take a watery but not smelly poop seriously if it does not improve after a few days.

How Dangerous Is Watery And Smelly Poop?

You should be more concerned if your uromastyx lizards have a watery poop with blood, pus, or a foul smell. Watery and smelly poop in uromastyx lizards may even occur with poor appetite, losing weight, or appearing sick.

This shows that your lizard is suffering from an illness, and you should treat it immediately. The best way to detect what causes a watery and smelly poop is by taking your uros to the vet for diagnosis and following all the recommended steps.

How To Prevent Watery Poop In Uromastyx?

Some of the ways that you can prevent watery poop in uromastyx lizards are stated below.

  • Avoid changing your uros diet more often.
  • Ensure the living condition in your uromastyx enclosure is at an optimal level.
  • Make sure you provide the adequate heat that your uros need.
  • Make sure your uromastyx enclosure is kept clean at all times.

Uromastyx Pooping Problems

Some of the other uromastyx pooping problems that you can be on the lookout for are stated below.

Uromastyx Lizard Poop Smells

Mostly, uromastyx lizard poop smells when it is still fresh and wet. However, the smell goes down dramatically after it dries up.

My Uromastyx Lizard Is Not Pooping

Uromastyx lizards usually poop 1-3 times per day. Your uromastyx lizards may not be pooping if they are suffering from a disease. Some of the reasons why your uromastyx lizard may not be pooping are impaction, constipation, low temperatures, and so on.

My Uromastyx Lizard Is Pooping Blood

There is an issue if your uromastyx lizard’s poop is red or bloody. Whenever you notice this, you should take your lizard’s poop to the vet immediately for diagnosis. However, you should not confuse blood with pigmentation.

Blood in poop usually indicates your lizard has serious health issues like internal bleeding, intestinal impaction, parasitic infection, etc.

Your uros’ poop may be pigmented if you feed it with red-colored fruits or berries.

My Lizard’s Poop Is White

A healthy uromastyx lizard’s poop usually comprises brown poop, urate, and some clear urine. However, there are times where your lizard may only excrete urates or both urates and waste.

When your lizard excretes little to no feces, then it may not have eaten much.

My Lizard’s Poop Is Yellow

This can be caused because of too much calcium in the diet of your uromastyx.

My Lizard’s Poop Is Green

Your uromastyx lizard’s poop may be green because of the diet that you give your lizard. However, if your lizard’s poop continues to be green, becomes bloody, runny, or super stinky, then you can do a fecal sample for more diagnosis.

Wrapping Up

One of the indicators of uromastyx lizard’s health is their poop. This is why it is best to know more about your pet’s poop schedule and its appearance to easily spot irregularities and determine how to resolve the issue quickly.

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