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8 Step By Step to clean a snake cage

Snake cage/enclosure/tub can be made from different materials with different sizes. Well, our unique pets are big and robust creatures, so choosing the right home for your pet snake is very important for their safety. Snakes urinate and defecate anywhere. We will discuss the step by step to clean a snake cage.

We will talk about cleaning a snake cage in general, for the enclosures or the small tubs. It will be the same for almost all of the types.

Thus, the perfect cage must be made from a material that should withstand this without getting smelly, rotten, or rusty. And a proper cleaning routine can prevent germs from growing and keep your snake healthy.

Materials Of Snake Cage

Materials Of Snake Cage
Materials Of Snake Cage


I don’t recommend building the snake home from wood. As it may get smelly or rot due to the urine and moisture.it is also hard to be cleaned.

So, I don’t recommend it. However, you can use the waterproofed wood if you want to buy a wooden cage.


Firstly, the metal may rust due to moisture. Metal, like wood, can’t stand water, and it can be harmful to your snake because it can easily rust. So, we don’t recommend metal cages.


Glass is considered to be the most suitable container for snakes, especially for starter keepers. It is easy to be cleaned.

However, it doesn’t keep the temperature too long. It may also cause stress to the snakes as it is revealing and not opaque.


Plastic is much lighter than other cages, but, I think that weight doesn’t matter much. It makes it easier to be moved or relocated.

A plastic cage also has a good appearance and also maintains the temperature well.

Plastic tubs are the perfect choice for experts.

Cleaning the snake cage

Cleaning The Snake Cage
Cleaning The Snake Cage

The steps are almost the same for all the materials. Here’s the step by step to clean a snake cage.

Tools used to clean the cage

  • Pet smart perks card
  • Litter scoop
  • Paper towel
  • Brushes; brushes are suitable for corners 
  • Rubber gloves
  • Protective goggles
  • Sand-sifter to filter the sand from feces or any dirty substances 
  • A Spray bottle that contains diluted bleach of a 10% concentration.

How to clean the snake cages?

Weekly cleaning routine

The first step is to transfer your snake to another tub or place
Step By Step To Clean A Snake Cage
move snakes to the tubs before cleaning

As a snake owner, you should make a spare container or place to put your snake in while cleaning the cage. 

Then you should remove all the decorations from the cage.

All the decoration should be removed, including; the water and food dishes. If they need to be cleaned, clean them using water, and dry them with the paper towel.

If you want to sterile any decorations, boil them in water for 30 minutes.  When you buy any decorations, try to pick the decorations that are easy to be cleaned.

To barren wood branches, clean them. Then put it inside the over for 30 minutes at 200F.

Remove the substrate or the sand you use to floor the cage with. 

The litter scoop is the perfect tool to remove the floor substrate; this substrate is used to absorb the dirty smell of urine and may be full of the snake feces.

substrate need to be removed during cleaning
substrate need to be removed during cleaning

Leave some side to put it back after the cleaning to help the snake identify the cage and adapt again after the cleaning process. 

Clean the whole cage with soap and hot water 

Food and feces residues may interfere with the antibacterial effect of the bleach.

So, before applying the bleach, we should clean the cage with soap and hot water. Then rinse it well.

Spray all over the cage with the diluted bleach and let it sit for a while to kill all the bacteria and germs inside the cage

Snakes are susceptible to skin infections. So, sterilization is a must.

Bleach is a potent bactericide and germicide even after being diluted. So, it is perfect to kill any germs to keep your snake healthy and keep away any disease. 

Use a clean paper towel to wipe the bleach

Use a clean paper towel to wipe down the bleach from all the surfaces that you have sprayed the bleached on.

Spray some clean water over the same area to remove any remaining bleach. 

The bleach may harm your snake, so you have to make sure that you completely remove it. Clean water will help in removing any remaining bleach residues.

Put back the decoration after cleaning and drying it and put sand or floor substrate over the floor 

Put back some of the floor substrates that you have removed. Choose the cleanest substrate to put it back. If you use sand, you can clean it using the sand-sifter to make the cage smell like before. So, the snake feels home again. 

Put back the decorations again

After cleaning and drying the decoration, put them back inside the cage. If you decided to sterilize the honor with the bleach, make sure that you thoroughly rinse them with water.

 Put your snake back inside the cage

It is recommended to bathe your snake before putting it inside the cleaned cage.

Daily cleaning routine includes

  • Removing all the wastes; remaining food, shed skin, and feces
  • Dry any spilled water or urine
  • Remove food and water dishes with soap and water. Then let them dry
  • If you feel that you need to clean the cage, remove your snake to another container. And clean the cage with a cleaning solution. Make sure to dry it thoroughly. (This is optional).
  • Notice any signs such as the amount of eaten food, shedding skin, blood, and any change in the urine and feces.
  • Notice the skin and the movement of your snake and any signs of mites and ticks.

Tips for cleaning snake cage

  • Make sure you wear goggles and gloves
  • Clean the hard to reach areas using a brush or a pet smart perk card
  • Clean the hard spots with a cleaning solution
  • Keep your tools always clean and clear from any germs 
  • Maintain the cage and search for any break or fissure.
  • Replace the decoration that needs to be replaced
  • Make a schedule for your cleaning process.
goggles to clean snake cage for starter.

Once you decided to take care of a snake, you took the responsibility to keep it healthy and safe.

Cleaning the snake cage is a must to stay away from any disease. And make a cleaning schedule to remind you of the cleaning times.

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This conclude the topic step by step to clean a snake cage. Remember to follow the tips on how to properly clean the cage and always follow the safety precaution to prevent snakebite.

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