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Best Incubator For Bearded Dragon Eggs

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Bearded Dragons are not too good when it comes to taking care of their young as they can eat up the eggs quickly. This makes choosing an incubator for your bearded dragon eggs become more important.

You need an incubator for high-quality hatching eggs which will give you the perfect results. The best sets of incubators for bearded dragons are excellent examples of this case. They are capable of delivering the highest rate of hatched bearded dragons without much manual action from you.

The challenge you might face, though, is choosing the best incubator for your bearded dragon eggs. This is not an easy task.

Best Bearded Dragon Incubator

breeding bearded dragon is easy
breeding bearded dragon is easy

Base on our 50 egg incubators reviews, this article will be a great help for you as you will be exposed to the basics you need to know to achieve good results.

New ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator 

This ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator is a quality incubator that will give you total satisfaction for its price. It can hatch a large number of bearded dragon eggs.

And you don’t even need to worry if you’re dealing with a huge number of dragon eggs. With its large size, you ‘re not going to have to split devices to incubate anymore. This Incubator saves you a lot of time and effort.

ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator - Best choice to breed bearded dragon
ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator

There are two shelves to help maximize incubation space, and it is also suitable for hibernating use. It also includes two easy-sliding adjustable shelves. This design helps you optimize your incubation space as much as possible. This incubator is built with a flexible adjustable temperature of 36 ° F to 140 ° F, which warms and cools the bearded dragon eggs.

The Incubator also includes an LED screen that lets you monitor the incubation process. You can also make your settings on this screen. With this, you can easily check on the incubation process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the bearded dragon eggs are protected.

What we like

  • The Incubator has a long life cycle as well as a stunning appearance. It can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Flexible temperature range from 36 ° F to 140 ° F.
  • LED screen for fast and proper surveillance

What we don’t like

  • This could be costly for small budgets. But what you’ll get in terms of value will worth the investment.

Zoo Med ReptiBator Digital Reptile Egg Incubator

ReptiBator Digital Reptile Egg Incubator by Zoo Med is one of the best incubators you can rely on for its outstanding features.

This incubator is the best match for the incubation of bearded dragons and other reptiles in general.

It comes with an LCD screen that helps you to track and get the most out of the entire incubation process.

And, it is also designed to effectively control temperature and humidity even without your supervision. This incubator is designed with temperatures ranging from 54 ° F to 104 ° F.

Additionally, the Incubator also comes with an LCD monitor and other warning signals to keep you informed of the incubation temperature.

In terms of size, it is big enough to accommodate a considerable amount of bearded dragon eggs and still hatch smoothly.

Zoo Med Reptibator Egg Incubator
Digital controller with LCD display and LED heat indicator light; Pulse proportional thermostat for stable temperature regulation


  • Constructed in memory stores settings in case of power failure.
  • Clear cover for easy inspection of eggs without disturbing the environment.
  • Pulse proportional thermostat for efficient temperature control.
  • The humidity indicator varies from 10% to 95% relative humidity.


  • Due to its closeness to the heating element, the thermostat is not 100% reliable and, unless you find a way to go about this problem, it will keep your eggs incubated at fatally low temperatures.

R-Com PX-R90 Juragon Pro 90 Digital Reptile Egg Incubator

In case you are a full-time reptile breeder and want to grow your enterprise, then this incubator is an awesome choice for you.

It can breed about ninety eggs at a time. In addition to this, its built-in unit with various settings is suitable for a extensive variety of reptiles, consisting of turtles and bearded dragons.

Furthermore, this great reptile incubator has a massive display screen on the lid from which you can view eggs and on occasion check the incubation process with much ease.

The foam tray inside this incubator helps you to add the substrate to foster the hatching procedure.

Besides, there’s a waterhole wherein water can be added to maintain the humidity of the incubator.

The R-Com reptile incubator also comes with an alarm to the user in case of any in temperature or humidity.

R-Com PX-R90 Juragon Pro 90 Digital Reptile Egg Incubator
Approx 90 eggs (depending on the species of egg); Automatic Temperature and Humidity setting and control


  • User-friendly features
  • Can hold up to ninety eggs
  • Large LCD show with incubation information
  • Low water alarm
  • 1-yr product guarantee

ARKSEN Automatic 96 Egg Incubator

That is some other first-rate incubator by Aksen which could hold a large number of eggs. In addition, it hatches flawlessly the eggs of lizards, bearded dragons, snakes, and other reptiles.

It’s also ideal for hatching the eggs of turtles, turkey, and chicken.

It is ideal for incubating several dozens of eggs of reptiles.

This incubator can maintain a maximum of 96 eggs at a time for incubation. Arksen automatic incubator features automated temperature and humidity control.

It makes it ideal for specific temperature settings. It’s designed to routinely modify the temperature in the incubator in line with your temperature requirement. With its easy to operate temperature function coupled with the LCD, you can track the incubation information with fewer efforts.

The digital monitor on this reptile incubator displays details such as temperature, humidity, and day of hatching. The incubator has dimensions of 19x18x14.75 inches.

ARKSEN Automatic 96 Egg Incubator, Digital Temp Control, Poultry Hatcher, Auto Turner-110v
Our egg incubator holds 96 standard eggs such as chicken, duck, goose, turkey and more; Digital temperature controls allows for accurate temperature settings and easy operation


  • Automatic temperature and humidity regulator
  • Holds more than 90 eggs
  • Wide LCD monitor with incubation information
  • User-friendly features and easy to operate

Exo Terra PT2445 Reptile Egg Incubator

Exo Terra PT2445 Incubator is another common bearded dragon egg incubator.

It’s got some great and unique features that you might want to consider when buying the best dragon egg incubator.

Furthermore, it comes with digital temperature control from 36 to 140 ° F. This feature helps you to easily regulate the temperature using digital sensors.

Besides, unlike some traditional incubators, this incubator begins automatic cooling when the temperature reaches the specified incubation temperature.

It also automatically heat when the temperature drops below the specified incubation point.

Additionally, water can be applied to the slide-out tray at the bottom to control humidity.

Exo Terra PT2445 Reptile Egg Incubator,White
Dual slide-out shelves, to maximize incubation space


  • Flexible temperature range from 36 ° F to 140 ° F.
  • LED screen for fast and proper surveillance
  • Digital temperature and humidity control
  • Automatically cooling and heating when necessary


If size is a deciding factor for you, this mini scientific incubator by IVYX is perfect for you. It’s built-in 8 x 11 in x 12 inches. This mini incubator does not take up valuable space.

This incubator acts as a refrigerator or hot incubator using a thermoelectric device. The required temperature is set on the digital LED display and the incubator automatically begin heating or cooling while measuring the temperature inside and showing it on the LED screen.

It’s important to note that there is a temperature gradient within the unit, but the temperature is constant within each shelf.

The incubator can heat eggs to a temperature of 65 ° C and only use 46W at 110V. There is a temperature difference within the chamber: the temperature at the top shelf is higher than at the bottom shelf. The temperature fluctuates only by 0.5 ° C within each shelf.

This mini incubator can also cool down to about 23 ° C below room temperature, using just 54W at 110V. Technically, it can be set to-18 ° C, but at normal room temperature, it will fall to-3 ° C.

IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator - Precise Temperature Control from 0°C to +65°C, 12V/110V
VERSATILE: Can be set as a refrigerator or warm incubator


  • The incubator is easy to move about at just 9 lbs. A 12V DC power cord helps the device to heat or cool your eggs on the go.
  • It’s flexible, it can be set as a refrigerator or a hot incubator.
  • Precise temperature control from 0°C to +65°C in increments of 1°C. When held on the same shelf, temperature variations of 0.5 ° C are observed.
  • It can both heat and cool down at temperatures up to 65 ° C and about 23 ° C below room temperature, respectively.
  • It has a dimension of 8x11x12 inches, an internal dimension of 6x6x10 inches. The capacity of 5L though weighing just 9 lbs.
  • It is compact with a regular 110V power cord included, as well as a 12V car adapter allowing it to run on the go.

Buyers Guide When Choosing A Bearded Dragon Incubator

The process of incubating bearded dragon eggs isn’t difficult. Yet you must pay close attention to your eggs as they grow.

What To Look For In The Incubator For Bearded Dragon?

Most reptile incubators available on the market are not efficient so it is more difficult to have to deal with preserving the eggs’ viability. Here’s a list of essential things to look for when you make the purchase.

What to look for when buying a bearded dragon incubator
What to look for when buying a bearded dragon incubator


The size of the incubator depends on the number of dragon eggs you ‘re dealing with. Very small incubators can be very limited in terms of the number of eggs they can hold at a time.

But there are other risks associated with a big incubator. For example, if you put all your eggs in a single incubator and something goes wrong, the loss can be devastating. You can handle this risk by having more than one small to a medium-sized incubator.

Humidity and temperature

Bearded dragon eggs require a certain degree of humidity and temperature of 80% and 84 ° F respectively, to be properly incubated.

The incubator for the bearded dragon you are about to buy should be able to perfectly suit the natural environment of the dragon without much difference.

This is important, If you can not prove that the temperature and humidity levels are stable, avoid such incubators because changes in temperature and humidity will leave you with disastrous results.

Thermostat Accuracy

This feature works following temperature and humidity.

To maintain a constant temperature, you must be sure that the thermostat that comes with the incubator is very strong and accurate.

This would help to mitigate the horrific experience of losing hundreds of bearded dragon eggs because the thermostat failed overnight without your notice, and the temperature had risen to a catastrophic degree.

Thanks to advancements in technology, bearded dragon incubators now come with a thermometer to keep the user aware of the incubation temperature.

Some incubators are designed to be turned off automatically if the temperature reaches the set limit.

What Is The Ideal Temperature & Humidity Of The Bearded Dragon Incubation?


The temperature of the incubation may be the most important factor determining how long the bearded dragon eggs will take to hatch.

Since the natural habitat of the bearded dragons is a hot desert, except that the indoor climate of your house matches this natural climate, you will need an incubator to complement this habitat.

The optimal average temperature recommended by experienced breeders is 29 ° C/84 ° F.

Every egg incubator for a bearded dragon must be maintained at this temperature to ensure the most efficient hatching rate.

If the incubation temperature is higher than this, the incubation period will be shorter and the bearded dragon’s eggs will have a high chance of being a male bearded dragon.

On the other hand, if the temperature is lower, the incubation period will be longer and the eggs will have a higher chance of being female. Average temperatures above 32 ° C/90 ° F will rapidly kill developing embryos.


It is widely believed that bearded dragon eggs should be incubated with a high average moisture content.

Although not always easy to maintain without careful handling, the average bearded dragon egg incubation moisture should be about 70-80 percent. Average humidity between 40 and 50 percent is also acceptable.

If the humidity of the incubation is consistently too low (somewhere below 40%), the eggs run the risk of drying out and begin to shrink and decay – allowing embryos to die.

Humidity above 85% is a very serious number, as this can lead to an increase in mold and bacterial production.

In short, bearded dragon keepers need to check the eggs periodically until the hatching finish.

The temperature inside the incubator, as well as the humidity, should be checked regularly; at least once or twice a week.

Condensation of the lids in the egg containers can imply a lot of moisture. In this case, we should remove the lid for 24 hours to allow the vermiculite to dry out a little.

However, if the eggs look dimpled, as well as begin to fall, this can also mean that they are dry.

If you should notice this, manually check the amount of vermiculite moisture by hand. If it seems quite dry, water can be carefully applied to the vermiculite.

A important note is you need to keep the eggs dry during the process. Otherwise you will lose all your effort.


Breeding for bearded dragons is easy and a lot more fun to raise if you are cautious enough to follow the guidelines. You‘re likely to have fun and a lot of success if you see it as an enticing and successful hobby.

To help your bearded dragons and maximize their eggs, you need the best incubator for your bearded dragon to increase a successful hatching rate. This article is going to be a great assistant to you.


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