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Uromastyx As Pets: Is a Uromastyx the RIGHT Pet for You?

The Uromastyx lizard belongs to the agamid family, which comprises a group of lizards like a bearded dragon and lots more. Uromastyx lizards are also called the spiny-tailed lizard, and some of the other popular nicknames are dab lizards and mastigures.

Uromastyx lizards are known as a small-sized lizard, and there are several things to consider before getting one. However, some subspecies are large in size, but most will grow to manageable sizes. Although many recommended that Uromastyx is not a pet for beginners, this is quite not true.

In this article, we will talk about why the Uromastyx lizard is a perfect pet for you.

Are Uromastyx Good as Pets?

Uromastyx are a great pet that you can keep at home. They are usually curious, friendly, active, and beautiful. Another thing is that they are vegetarian and it is quite easy to care for them.

6 Reasons Make Uromastyx Good Pets

Uromastyx lizards will make good pets
Uromastyx lizards will make good pets

Here are some of the reasons why Uromastyx lizards will make good pets.

Spiny-tailed lizards have docile temperaments and amazing personalities.

Uros has a fantastic personality that will always keep you amazed and entertained when you are with them. However, it can take a while before some uromastyx can trust you. But once they tame out, you can handle them, and they can even eat from your hand.

Another great thing about Uromastyx is that they are curious animals and will wander around to learn about everything around them. They also have a docile temperament and are unlikely to bite even when threatened.

Uros are vegetarian

One of the best things that most keepers, especially the beginners, love about Uros are because they are entirely vegetarian. This is because many hobbyists do not like dealing with live bugs, keeping insects in the house, and gut-loading insects.

However, Uros are herbivorous animals and will eat veggies, legumes, greens, seeds, etc. They can also eat insects but only as a treat.

They have a long lifespan.

Under good care, most Uromastyx can live for a long time. They are among the animals with a long lifespan as they can live for 15-20 years. They can even live up to about 25 years if you keep them in good condition.

This shows Uros are the perfect family pet as they can stay with you for a long time to be part of the family.

They come in several mind-blowing colors

Uromastyx comes in different colors according to their species. Furthermore, some species like Ocellata, Ornates, and Thomasi are born with some coloration that will develop as they age. However, species like Mali and Moroccan Uros usually have beige color and then develop color after 2-3 years.

Moreover, Egyptian Uros are usually beige or yellowish in color throughout their lifetime. Apart from their color, Uros looks like little dinosaurs, and you will love their lovely eyes and gorgeous spiny tail. Some people also believe that their heads are similar to that of tortoises or dinosaurs.

Uros are moderately active and are diurnal.

Spiny-tailed lizards are known to be moderately active throughout their lifetime, and they love to dig and climb. However, baby Uros are usually more active and faster, and they love digging and climbing high in the tank. 

The best thing is that they are diurnal; that is, they are active during the day and sleep at night. This means you can interact and watch them while exploring their tank in the days without having to stay up late in the night. 

Uros usually love climbing high up their tank to look outside and see what is going on there. However, Uros can also hide in narrow spaces and dig into the substrate.

Uromastyx is available in different sizes and species.

Another mind-blowing thing about Uromastyx is that they are available in several species. All these species have different colorations, sizes, and activity levels. This means you can choose one that you prefer among them.

The smaller Uromastyx species like the Uromastyx geyri can grow to about 10-14 inches, while the largest species, Uromastyx Egyptian, can grow to about 30-36 inches.

Why Uromastyx May Not Be A Good Pet For You

Here are some of the reasons why uromastyx may not be the perfect pet for you

It takes long for Uros to trust their Owners

Although uromastyx have a docile temperament and rarely bite, it can take much longer before they start trusting their owners. They may be skittish when you try to handle them, and you need a long time and patience before you can earn their trust.

Some species can even stay skittish after a year or two, and you may have to handle them less. However, some species can acclimatize and become docile after a few weeks. 

This means if you want a pet lizard that you can handle, Uros may not be the best option unless the seller assures you that it is docile and enjoys handling. However, young Uros may not tolerate handling, and they are not usually happy with the handling.

You need to provide your Uros with high temperatures.

Uromastyx needs a high temperature in their tank to keep them active, happy, and healthy. You will also need to provide a basking spot in their tank with a temperature between 120-140 Fahrenheit. 

Whereas the background temperature should be 80-100 Fahrenheit while the cool side should be around 80-86F. Uromastyx needs high temperatures because they originate from hot and dry areas. 

However, it can be quite hard to achieve those temperatures using one 100-150watt basking bulb in a large tank. It is also best to use a wooden tank instead of a glass tank to easily reach and maintain the high temperatures.

They are hard to get and more expensive than other common pet lizards.

Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos, etc., Uromastyx is not widely available. This means you will need to contact local shops and private breeders very often before you can get one. 

However, many Uros that you find for sale are wild caught, and it may take longer for them to settle and can have parasites.

You should avoid getting a wildly caught animal if you are not an experienced keeper. As a beginner hobbyist, it is best to go for a few months old healthy captive bred baby Uros. Or you can go for a 1-2 years-old sub-adult that is known to be docile and healthy.

Furthermore, Uros are expensive, and you can get one for about $150 or more. Spiny-tailed lizards are also not that common, and you will find one for sale after some search.

Frequently Asked questions

Are uromastyx good for beginner keepers?

Beginners can have Uromastyx as their first pet lizard if they have done all the research about them. The main things needed for keeping spiny-tailed lizards are high heating and lighting.

Are uromastyx friendly?

Uromastyx are docile and friendly lizards, but this depends on their personality and how they have acclimatized. However, some can be a bit skittish but don’t bite.

Wrapping Up Uromastyx As Pets

The spiny-tailed lizards will make a great pet lizard for all kinds of hobbyists. They have curious eyes, beautiful looks, and fascinating behaviors that will prick your interest. Furthermore, it is quite easy to keep them, and you don’t have to worry about feeding them with live bugs.

However, you should keep in mind that it takes months before Uromastyx can get used to you and trust you.

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